445,536 lower-income workers’ incomes decline more than 50%

Average assistance payout to 60,000 – about $1,500 per worker.

(ST, Aug 25) “More social support will be given to S’poreans amid greater uncertainty and disruption, says President Halimah as Parliament opens”

“In her traditional address at the opening of Parliament, President Halimah said Singapore began strengthening its social safety nets more than a decade ago, and has rolled out many emergency measures amid the Covid-19 crisis to help Singaporeans cope.

These include the Covid-19 Support Grant and the Temporary Relief Fund, which provided financial assistance to those whose jobs or income were affected by the crisis.”

445,536 lower-income workers’ incomes decline more than 50%.

“Workers aged 35 to 44 and lower-income earners hit hardest by pay cuts due to Covid-19: DBS report” (ST, Aug 18) – “The report also found that lower-income workers – those who earn less than $3,000 per month – make up almost half of customers who have experienced a fall in salaries. Within this group, 51% saw their incomes decline by more than half.”

As there are 873,600 resident (S’porean & PR) lower-income workers who earn less than $3,000 per month, excluding the unemployed (Yearbook of Manpower Statistics 2020) – does it mean that about 445,536 workers (873,600 x 51%) “saw their incomes decline by more than half”?

In this connection – “the extension of the COVID-19 Support Grant (CSG) until December 2020.

The grant was introduced in May to help Singaporeans and permanent residents who are unemployed or have suffered significant income loss. So far, more than S$90 million has been disbursed to over 60,000 people” (“Extension of Jobs Support Scheme among S$8 billion worth of measures”, CNA, Aug 17)

As “Full-time or part-time employees affected by the economic impact of the COVID-19 situation (loss of job/income or start of involuntary no-pay leave should have occurred after 23 Jan 2020)” (MSF Assistance) – does it mean that after more than 6 months (from 23 Jan) – the average payout per person is about $1,500 ($90m divided by 60,000)?


Leong Sze Hian





3 Responses to “445,536 lower-income workers’ incomes decline more than 50%”

  • Uselesstankl:

    ahyo, leong kor, DREAM ON….

    your average payout is from MARS….


    ALWAYS A ” SCAM ” WHEN ITS RUN BY PAP , MOM, AND BY MALAYSIAN’s ( as malaysians always for malaysians) !!!

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    How about the PG & MG not working???…peanuts to feed the MONKEYS when even peanut price had GONE sky-high and hawker prices are on the RISE!!!

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  • when gov gives money be afraid:

    after all these $$payouts..the blood sucking begins.
    they always say ” no free lunch”.
    oredy erp charges up on some gantries.
    expect the full slew of $increases after CNY..
    oredy an annual pattern.
    thank the daft selfish 61% .
    so tighten your belts and pay choice.

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