Who’s the real ‘free rider’?

Lee Hsien Loong called Singaporeans who support the opposition “free riders”. He also disagreed with Pritam Singh’s suggestion of using more reserves for healthcare and retirement.

Hsien Loong says we need to only spend what we can earn.

But of the reserves the PAP has taken Singaporeans’ monies to earn, do you know that:

- Singaporeans can only use 1% of the total CPF and Medisave they have paid for retirement and healthcare.
- This means the PAP has taken enough money from Singaporeans to fund the retirement and healthcare payouts for the next 100 years.
- In fact, the reserves the PAP has taken from Singaporeans can pay for the new HDB flats of Singaporeans for the next 90 years.

Who is the real free rider now? Why is the PAP taking so much money from Singaporeans, when many Singaporeans are living in poverty?

Read the above-linkled article for the statistics.



Roy Ngerng





21 Responses to “Who’s the real ‘free rider’?”

  • xoxo:

    He rode on LKY’s death in 2015.
    He thought he could ride on CORONA KING WITH $100 BILLION LOOT.

    Alas, it was his LOW POINT in percentage votes?
    So,he claims victory becos got majority numbet of seats?
    Again,it becos of G.R.C.

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  • blueview:

    LHL is a really blo*dy s*ake with dual twisted tongues!!!

    What did he say soon after the election? He said he will not hatam Singaporeans who voted for oppositions right? NOW he change is mind and openly accusing Singaporeans for voting for oppositions.

    He is also against locals getting jobs and still very much prefer FTs.

    Singaporeans you better wake up! Also he lay down rules for his MPs to be humble and not to sound arrogant and condensing……..BLO*DY H*LL what is this he is sprewing now.

    If he cannot be loyal to Sporeans then resign la! Why talk down to us and call us free riders…….wahao la weh. This is seriously way tooooo Much!!!


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  • Harder Truths:

    What has the Clown Circus actually done for anyone other than themselves? High salaries, positions on company boards, royalty treatment, pensions, never worked a day in their lives – exactly who are the free riders?

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  • opposition dude:

    His free rider comment brought a lot of discussion and a good amount of vitriol as well to no one’s surprise. Voters who are already unhappy with how PAP does things naturally won’t like being insulted for sure and so the retaliation is swift. Hey, if you can dish it out you better bloody well be able to take it too.

    Just wait for more from this bunch of monkeys, you know more of such statements will be coming before you know it. I’m surprised PAP hasn’t labelled opposition voters as losers, over the hill and all other negative words you can think of.

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  • Uselesstankl:

    Ms Gan said: “Businesses have been challenged and there is a recession. There is a very real risk that if we were to introduce minimum wage or universal minimum wage across all sectors, I think many of our low-wage workers may lose their jobs.


    Pls elaborate….
    Give us your points that the scenerios of adverse situations arising.

    How are low wage job being lost, when even prior to covid 19, PMETS HAD LOST JOBS TO FT’s ???

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  • Uselesstankl:

    A single minimum wage level set across all sectors will not work out, considering that security guards are already paid more than cleaners, for example, Mr Zaqy said. There is also value in taking a sectoral look at minimum wages, with unions, the Government and employers coming to the table.


    Why, pls explain.
    When security guard’s pay iz more than a clearner, what are the working hours being produce. Responsibility.

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  • bullying is in PAPs DNA:

    despicable behaviour of the pm and his goons vs the new wp mps.
    why must give them such a hard time?
    cant the pap and wp work together amicably for the good of all?
    it seems like lhl and his yesmen are like a pack of wolves hunting n bringing down a herd of lambs!
    why must it be this way? why?
    PAPs are such bullies.

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  • I Ride On Dad's Coattail:

    Is riding on papa’s coattail also considered as “free rider?”

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  • Ahpoh:

    No need too concern.human don’t win gamble
    Because our time has a final.

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    There are free riders and there are rough riders.

    Does free riders refer to those who use other people’s money?

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  • Do more:

    Do more for the poor and needy,especially the elderly poor.
    Only right thing to do…

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  • oxygen:

    PROFESSOR J. LIM opening address (on the subject of minimum wage/welfare) got robust fightback from PAPpypolitics riddled with empty PAPpynomics. PAPpypolitics even resorted to personal attack including from Botak instead of rebutting or attempting to rebut on economic principles.


    No PAPpypolitics admits or at least pretend to recall Lim Hn Khiang warning of non-sustainability of LEE-jiapore economic model of first world economy living on Third World wages.

    Singapore ‘can’t have First World economy, Third World costs’: Lim Hng Kiang

    IT IS FROM PAPpynews publishing too.

    No minimum wages + Population White Paper of unlimited foreign influx has got to be the MOST TOXIC FAILED ECONOMIC FORMULAE invented by PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomics’ stupidity for LEE-jiapore.

    The basic formulae for GDP growth is

    Population + productvity = GDP growth.

    In PAPpypolitics/PAPpynonomics model, it runs like this

    Population + foreign population = GDP growth.


    IT IS UNSUSTAINABLE BECAUSE CHEAPER FOREIGN LABOR does NOT add or drive pressure for productivity – in fact, productivity SIMPLY GOT BURIED by cheaper foreign labor.

    Foreign labor added to infrastructural burden of more dorms, public transport, health care eexpenses – ANOTHER DRAG ON GDP GROWTH which it displaced (of productivity) instead.

    Without minimum wage pressure on improving productivity, HOW CAN LEE-jiapore survive and compete in the world when it is cheaper labor everywhere else except First World economies?

    PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomics are USELESS MOB of economic managers or idiots of glaring intellectual voids.

    How many display economics savvy acumen in their lousy effort of attempting to rebuff Professor Lim’s address??


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  • LHL is The free rider:

    LHL “rode on” his father’s name. He took his wife Ho Ching along for the “free ride”. Now both makes millions each year without real accountability because the PAP is full of well-paid, self-serving, spineless “useful idiots”.

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  • PAP is "Singaporean-blind":

    Straits Times: Race-blind society: Premature to say S’pore has arrived, say ministers

    “Race-blindness” in Singapore is red-herring issue raised by PAP to distract the real “blindness” in Singapore.

    What is CERTAIN (i.e., BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT) is the the PAP is “Singaporean-blind” proven when it “tilted’ the job market in favour of foreigners (by exempting them from CPF). Since it started thousands of Singaporean PMETs have lost (and continue to lose) their job.

    And what does LHL, the No.1 free rider in Singapore, say about the above issue? He said “must not send the wrong signal to foreigners that they are not welcome”. He stupidly does not realize that the other side of this “dirty coin” is that Singaporeans should be considered 2nd class citizens in their own country. The proof is the thousands of unemployed / under-employed Singaporeans PMETs.

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  • CCS talking cock again:

    Straits Times: WP MP’s claim that PAP team pulled down posters must be backed up with evidence: Chan Chun Sing

    Another red-herring from PAP. Stupid to waste time talking about election posters.

    Also CCS should not really talk about “evidence”. He claims remaining “open” (to foreigners) will benefit Singapore. Where is his proof, evidence that this is true?

    Singapore was “thrown wide open” by LHL (but kept he secret because he knew he was screwing Singaporeans but was exposed by Woody go during the campaigning for GE2011). After this thousands of Singaporean PMETs lost their job to foreigners. This is a FACT. CCS should explain why this “benefits” Singapore.

    CCS should “PUT UP OR SHUT UP”

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  • Agreed:

    Agreed with you Roy.

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  • Asd:

    I think free rider are people who rig the system as they are unable to contest 1 to 1 but to crawl under the back door to get in on fours

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  • pot calling the kettle black:

    LHL and his pack of goons are the real free riders..
    the FTs and PRs are the free loaders on our island, compliments of the ‘Establishment’.

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  • competing interested parties:

    //PROFESSOR J. LIM opening address (on the subject of minimum wage/welfare) got robust fightback from PAPpypolitics riddled with empty PAPpynomics. PAPpypolitics even resorted to personal attack including from Botak instead of rebutting or attempting to rebut on economic principles.//

    if monkey idiots and gang need min floor price (or reserved price) for their provision of services and product ? cost recovery right as the white monkey idiots would say ??

    it is always push and pull between / among competing interested parties since time immemorial just that our white monkey idiots prefer to stand with the powerful business interests as they themselves are also much into business themselves instead of standing more on the side of moderating / relating businesses ???

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  • Emperor don't want no cockles?:

    Errr, but the Crocodilo wants to ravage your CPF (a.k.a. Crony Provision Funds). It’s anything but a citizens’ retirement savings plan no more… call it a public real estate (?) payment scheme or name it a medical hospitalization scheme (?) What the heck! anyhow you look at it it has been the sovereign’s treasure chest from sheeples and they’re sure having fun collecting secret rewards and remunerations …. seriously folks.

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  • Hard and ugly truths:

    The sad thing is the FOUNDING PM himself WAS A FREE RIDER.When he was bed ridden and was getting a full mp allowance was he not a FREE RIDER? When he bought two condominium at a discounted price which was not available to the public not a FREE RIDE.
    The GRC system which was his brain child was a free riding system.One heavy weight minister carrying 4 to 5 other less candidates.These other candidates would most likely loose in a one one fight.Are these candidates not FREE RIDERS.LHL himself is have FREE RIDERS in his CRC makeup.
    For him to call voters who have voted for opposition is a very shallow argument and holds no water.These people pay taxes too and there is nothing free about that.
    A PM is supposed to unite the people and really them towards a common goal.LHL like Goh CT who called people quitters and stayers are labelling the citizens in dragatory terms.Old fart used to call us DAFT who needed spurs in our hide.
    Those who live in glass houses should not be throwing stones.

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