Justice System in Singapore

The recent saga on the acquittal of a maid, Parti Liyani, has sent shockwaves throughout the Nation on the severe state of our Justice system which is in need of urgent reforms. We have always pride ourselves, as MP Jamus Lim puts it, on efficiency and not compassion or the quest for truth. Hence, the situation we are facing now is dire and fast slipping into a scenario similar to Najib Razak’s Malaysia. I wish these issues had surfaced before the elections! Is it too late now, only the PSP and WP MPs will know?

I’m unsure why people are so uptight about this case in the first place when things like that are bound to happen in a system built upon cronyism. All power leads to single source, where even the PM’s own estranged siblings are unable to hold their brother accountable. Instead, what the system does is to ransack the homes of the 2 journalist who reported extensively on it and charge them for disseminating the allegations to a larger audience.

One of them I understand, is facing an extra charge of “sending an email without authorisation” from a friend who previously allowed him to write tons of articles on it. This is the real sorrowful state of the Justice system here, wake up to reality folks!

Separately, just sharing what journalists of other countries report can land you a civil defamation suit which upcoming trial is on 6 Oct. We should pay attention to this crucial one, where a possible precedence could be set for the further curtailing of speech in Singapore, surrounded by a host of other such laws passed in our 1 party parliament without much challenge.

The end result to all these undue actions will be paralysis in checks and balances, allowing the rulers a free rein without dissent! We could also be losing 2 of our token Opposition MPs as Judicial decisions are uncheckable ones. The decadence did not happen overnight but slowly through the years of our voting patterns for an efficient but unaccountable government. We have surrendered much of our civil liberties in exchange for efficiency which has lead us nowhere except on autopilot mode.

Overseas investors are closely watching our rule of law situation and will likely not want to start-up in Singapore, if our system is similar to the one in HK. What can we do to shape our political system and how are we to emerge from here, I leave it to the imagination of fellow Singaporeans, For Country, For People!


Matt Yap





19 Responses to “Justice System in Singapore”

  • OYK talking cock AGAIN:

    Straits Times: Retrenched SIA workers will get help to find new jobs: Ong Ye Kung

    The Singapore Airlines Staff Union will help affected employees look for other jobs, and it will help foreign staff in areas such as getting them home.


    OYK does not need to help retrenched SIA employees to LOOK FOR other jobs. What he has to do is to “CREATE” jobs vacancies for them by cancelling the work visa of foreigners in Singapore to force them to go home. He has the power (and certainly being paid $ millions) to do it.

    In a downturn there are more jobs seekers than jobs available, “helping to look” is just more PAP “cheap talk”.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times : Quote -”PUBLISHEDSEP 10, 2020, 4:31 PM SGT
    KUALA LUMPUR (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) – The trial involving former Malaysian premier Najib Razak has been regarded as “the worst kind” of abuse of position, criminal breach of trust (CBT) and money laundering by the High Court judge who convicted the former prime minister.

    Justice Mohd Nazlan Mohd Ghazali remarked that Najib did not express any remorse after he was found guilty on July 28 of seven counts of corruption in the case involving RM42 million (S$13.8 million) that was deposited into his personal bank accounts. The funds belonged to SRC International, a former unit of state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad.

    The judge made his remarks in a 801-page grounds of his judgment, with the report dated Aug 21. The judgment, sighted by The Star, formed part of the appeal record sent to the Court of Appeal.

    Mr Nazlan said based on how the crimes were committed, the huge sum involved and its public impact, he would not hesitate to characterise the case as “the worst kind” of abuse of position, CBT and money laundering.

    “And perhaps most importantly, it involved the person who at the material time, was in the highest ranking authority in the government,” he wrote.

    Justice Nazlan sentenced Najib to 12 years in jail and a fine of RM210 million, in default of five years’ jail for the single count of abuse of power.

    Najib was sentenced to 10 years’ jail each for the three counts of CBT and three counts of money laundering.

    All jail time was ordered to run concurrently….”Unquote .

    Response : So how old will Najib be when he get out of jail ? Over 100 years old ???? Is Najib still on bail ? Will Najib really serve jail ? I really don’t think so .Singapore justice is a con people thing .Is Malaysia justice any better especially when Dr M say Malaysians malay are potentially corrupted ,right ?

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  • oxygen:

    THE EXTENT AND MAGNITUDE OF ERRORS in the ARREST, FALSE IMPRISONMENT AND FLAWED CONVICTION of Parti Liyani brought a tidal wave of anger in our society.

    She survived an ordeal – the evidence presented against her is almost whimsical of comical public curiosity.

    A cynical mind will think it is almost like medieval law of trial by ordeal.

    “In trial by cold water ordeal, the accused was thrown into a pool of water bound. If he sank and drowned he was innocent (and conveniently dead). If he floated and did not sink, he was taken to have been “rejected” by the water and must necessarily be guilty.”


    It is VERY DISTURBING that officialdom/corporate is talking down the gravity of consequences WHILST FOREIGN INVESTORS ARE WATCHING US of conduct.

    What has gone so badly wrong from the cycle of her ambushed Changi Airport arrest, detention in loss of freedom of movement, stay and work and her initial conviction?

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  • pap fixing OPPO manual:

    pap liew mun leong lied to pap police lied to pap agc lied to pap judge in order to fix his low wage maid.

    liew mun leong lied, spelled lied.

    pap liew mun leong lying is a sin. pap lying is a sin. pap white lie is a sin. pap half truth is a sin.

    but when pap liew mun leong has no choice but to forego all the pap positions bestowed on him, all the pap machinery has come out to praise liew mun leong for all the good things liew mun leong has done for the pap companies.

    so what are we teaching our children?

    that a liar like liew mun leong can lie all he can and still be praised to pap levels by pap machinery?

    is this the kind of future we want for our next generation?

    a little yeast leavens the whole dough.

    a little of pap liew mun leong ruins the moral of the whole of next generation.

    let us not forget. this same liar liew mun leong is teaching in pap tertiary institutions. what kind of a product will such a liar produce?

    we tell you.

    just like pap master liar lee kuan yew who produce a lying pap clown, so pap liew mun leong lying lies shall produce nothing less.

    it is pure bad practice for pap machinery to continue practicing its clan member caught lying red handed. it is bad example. it is despicable. it must not be permitted.

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  • in their bathroom mirror:

    //I’m unsure why people are so uptight about this case in the first place when things like that are bound to happen in a system built upon cronyism.//

    sometimes hor (many things are unpredictable), certain thing (case) just ‘explode’ suddenly even though a lot of such cases may have happened in the past ????? just like some you-or-me-tube ‘nobody’ suddenly becoming somebody (famous) because of one song / performance even though there are many many similar copycats ????

    and in sinkie land and because of many wayangs by the white monkey idiots, many things may come back to haunt them ??

    not that daft sinkies find joy that it may happen but because the white monkey idiots have sowed the seeds of wayang conditions for many things just to happen ??

    sometimes, the white monkey idiots spend so much time & energy trying to perfect their wayangs that one fine day they may suddenly realize that they are actually looking at the face of a wayang in their bathroom mirror ????

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  • Ahpoh:

    CP (court proceedings)
    CP (commissioner police)
    CP (cesspool)

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  • TumasikPatriot:

    Overseas Investors and Scoundrels Parking their $$$ HERE in SINgapore are NOT concern over a Maid and Righteous Judge…

    NOT TRUE??? ask Robert Mugabe & the Bastard when they are searching for FOOD in August and request for Hell Notes too

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  • Why pofma?:

    Why pap is so afraid that its pack of CNC suckers aren’t sufficient to protect n shield that they need to pofma? Look at their counterpart n pack alike, Trump, so many adversaries talking, screwing him over media nationally n internationally, he stands high n firm like what oldies in Singaporeans found nostalgia. R they hiding worser things that trump critics r bombarding him with that they need such light tight blach hole to do their great things for SIN? Singaporeans sine dafts r wondering?
    The current great achiever according to his defending champions should have nothing to worry about except those who back him along r now going to the alter to seek salvation for their evil to put him on the of lesser beasts?

    He should be more arrogant with so many praying for salvation ( his or theirs only they will know). Popi kawnyinpusat. Save the sinner, virgin mother n crucified son. Allah tolong lah…….. oldies should find it nostagic reflecting the monk, bishop …. autostartded to do their job everytime the bg gun mounted the big bird to shit elsewhere!

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  • From the Quran:

    In the Name of God Most Compassionate Most Merciful

    By the passage of Time,
    Mankind is in a state of degradation,
    Except for the people of faithfulness and the doers of good,
    And those who mutually enjoin one another in seeking Truth and in practicing Equanimity.

    Chapter 112: “The Sincerity”

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  • Matt Yap r u pofmaing.:

    Foreign investors r essentially hunting for selective legal system SHs not Trumpic SHs to lay their oily channels to facilitate their own! Think more profoundly if this is not so, why all the efforts to unlaw the laws n pofmationary meaures.

    Be SH wise n you shall be wiser n can differentiate democrazy from democracy!

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  • Great Asia:

    “I wish these issues had surfaced before the elections!”

    You knew this was not possible, right?

    Singapore is a Lee Kuan Yew feudal system lah!

    This monkey court is still trying to fix AHTC!

    You didn’t take notice of it?

    Ha ha ha!

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  • Cronyism:

    Simply put:

    The misfit judge will misjudge that leads to miscarriage of justice!

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  • Ah-Ong:

    There is always two set of law, one for those cannot afford, and another for those who can. Armed with the those who “enforce” the “law” then to for those whose “judge”.

    One critical person we must not forget for this saga. An old hand judge who has the integrity! Justice Chan Seng Onn thank you for holding on to that last bit of justice for us all.

    It’s a pity that you are retiring soon next year in 2021.
    And hold someone will continue to hold the light of justice when you left.

    Thank you

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  • "One country, two systems":

    The maid saga is Singapore’s version of “one country, two system” (of justice). Those who are part of “PAP” (Power And Privilege”) get a free-ride on the judicial system. Fortunately, one judge with a spine exposed the hypocrisy of the “PAP” members. May his numbers increase.

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  • Based on Justice But Equality?:

    Based on Justice. But Equality??

    How much Justice can you Afford vs the elites?

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  • Uselesstankl:



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  • Realistically:

    @ Matt Yap

    >>The recent saga on the acquittal of a maid, Parti Liyani, has sent shockwaves throughout the Nation on the severe state of our Justice system which is in need of urgent reforms. We have always pride ourselves, as MP Jamus Lim puts it, on efficiency and not compassion or the quest for truth.<<

    I don't think the perverting the course of justice in the Liyani case following Liew Mun Leong's Police Report which the High Court judge hearing her appeal as "improper motive", as one commenter has articulated in another thread has ANYTHING to do with efficiency.

    As Law Minister Shanmugam has admitted, ""Something has gone wrong in the chain of events. We have to look at that, and deal with what went wrong,"

    I don't see "efficiency" in the context of Jamus Lim's speech has ANYTHING to do with the ""Something has gone wrong in the chain of events."

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  • NotMyProblem:

    OYK talking cock AGAIN:
    Straits Times: Retrenched SIA workers will get help to find new jobs: Ong Ye Kung

    In a downturn there are more jobs seekers than jobs available, “helping to look” is just more PAP “cheap talk”.

    “Helping to look” means allow more licenses for PHV, delivery, property salepersons, security, attachment, etc. Also retraining and reskilling courses.

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  • Pathetic:

    The late LKY must be applauded for so skillfully hookwinked n with his fury on dare to challenged my power threats to wayward foreigne media. A number of foreign media have crossed sword n warded away muted possibly disgusted of contributing to LKY charity which Jeya n Chee plus a few other knew well. It is pathrtic that Singapore, a much admired harmonious multiracial n multi preligious nation, was so badly screwed up by the FGPAP n Things seem to seep out badly

    As the saying goes, there is no perfection of leakproof. Itism a matter of tie, n the fescalationof greeds noy just monetary but every little things Once a fissure, the propation picks upliketheCaliforia fire

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