For a President who’s not a puppet, how about Justice Chan Seng Onn?

Justice Chan Seng Onn

We can trust him with veto powers over the use of national reserves and the appointments of key positions in the civil service and statutory boards. We can look to him to be the People’s President.

If we want a non-puppet for President, Justice Chan Seng Onn is the man.

In acquitting Parti Liyani of theft at the home of Liew Mun Leong, Justice Ong was without fear or favour. His 104-page judgement was scathing of the Liew family and scathing of how the case was handled.

Justice Chan was among the class of 1972 President’s Scholars – the year that produced many well-known personalities. His fellow scholars that year included Senior Minister Teo Chee Hean, former Ministers George Yeo and Lim Hng Kiang and Lee Wei Ling, estranged sister of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Wei Ling wrote about it in one of her newspaper columns: “I was among 11 students in the class of 1972 who received the scholarship . . . Three – Teo Chee Hean, George Yeo and Lim Hng Kiang – were also Singapore Armed Forces scholars. As many Singaporeans know, the trio became household names after they entered politics and rose to become senior Cabinet ministers. A fourth boy, Chan Seng Onn, is currently a Supreme Court justice.”

Justice Chan came from a poor family. His father was a sewage pump attendant and his mother a housewife.

He once said of his parents: “Even though they were not very well educated and were financially constrained, they had a strong sense of right and wrong. They imparted the right values to us.”

Incidentally, the trio of Justice Chan, Anil Balchandani, defence counsel for Parti Liyani, and Liew Mun Leong have something in common: they are all engineers by training.

Justice Chan and Balchandani both switched mid-career to law while Liew turned businessman. The difference is that while two of them engineered their rise to public acclaim, the third one engineered his own downfall.

Anyway, who better than the man of the moment to be the next President of our country?

When the time comes, just remember to give it a shout – Justice Chan Seng Onn for President. The people ought to have a say.


Augustine Low




20 Responses to “For a President who’s not a puppet, how about Justice Chan Seng Onn?”

  • NotMyProblem:

    Justine Chan should remain in the high court for as long as PAP does not “retire” him for “health reason”.

    It is more important to have judges like Justine Chan in our court. There is not many like him in our court. With more judges like him, Lee Shengwu may be proven wrong about our court!!

    After President Ong, everyone sitting in the Istana seems to has an orchiectomy, including the current one, eventhough she doesn’t need to by default!!

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  • TumasikPatriot:

    cannot lah!!! they will DISQUALIFY him on grounds of being a JUDGE having Judge Fairly in favor of a maid… instead they will propose a Female Judge Belinda Ang who judged in favor of the Bastard against Dr Chee

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  • Realist:

    Realistically speaking, a good idea

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  • only if PAP is no more:

    Not if PAP is still in power controlling everything under our SG sky..
    whats the use of him just being ja puppet?
    it’ll be a waste of his talents and integrity..
    i doubt if Justice Chan will agree to take up the post under such conditions..

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  • Alan:

    The People’s Choice to be the People’s President. Bring it on — we haven’t had a proper elected president since Ong Teng Cheong.

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  • Billy:

    PAP picks and chooses a puppet President ever since the scare with Ong Teng Cheong. That’s why they did everything in their power to stop Dr Tan Cheng Bock. And they will do the same to anybody who tries . . . anybody who is not chosen by them to be the puppet will be denied by HOOK OR BY CROOK.

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  • Not qualified:

    You sure he can meet the condition to be candidate for the president ?
    Not anyone can be president even if he has judge Bao quality OK….
    Only the best like our present President will do…

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  • Cynical pioneer speaks:

    in a way I fear for chan seng onn!s future,he is entering dangerous area with landmines,
    People may disagree with me but if it were me as justice chan I would upheld original verdict but reduce sentence to say 1 month,
    After all ms parti is not president of Indonesia she must have had a hard life in Indonesia so if she spent one month in spore prison the difference in quality of life cannot be that great,in doing so I don’t
    Upset Olivia lum!s future as judge and don’t upset mr liew!s career n standing,
    In doing so Ialso avoid being target of possible dangers to my own career,
    I would make that decision for my family sake,screw conscience and ethics these are relative values buried in sands of time,after few yrs people forget and could not care less,

    Other option is to play chinese taichi and push this case for other judges who are more politically astute and more grooved in to handle,
    I have long time realise personal conscience and morals are relative,whats right today was considered wrong yesterday and what’s wrong today may be right tomorrow,call me a cynical sour and world weary Oldman,what do your readers think?

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  • LO for President!:

    A great void to be filled at the top.

    All because of PAP’s very unreasonable and illogical fences around who can run for President.

    e.g. need billion dollar company experience, but speaker with absolutely zero dollar company experience also can. What is this?

    Heh, minister qualify, how about Leader of the Opposition? Other countries pay their Leader of the Opposition a minister pay. That means they are on the same level. Can Pritnam qualify for President?

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  • xoxo:

    Chan Seng Onn is a wise and just judge.
    Justices should be of such integrity when serving justice.

    A modern day BAO KUNG of Sg.
    Young judicial aspirants should learn from him.
    All judges have legal knowledge but Chan Seng Onn has more,WISDOM.


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  • Josephine Teo failed again:

    Straits Times: 1 maid, 2 jobs: Maids made to clean more than one home rarely complain

    “Maids deployed illegally – it’s a barely hidden reality here, with MOM getting an average of 550 complaints a year. There are many others who do not speak up.”

    Illegal deployment is so widespread because MOM (Josephine Teo again) is not doing its job properly.

    Three reasons why illegal deployment is so widespread:
    (1) MOM (Josephine Teo again) is “asleep” on the job.
    (2) Big difference between normal the monthly levy for foreign domestic worker (FDW).
    (3) Penalty is not an adequate deterrent.

    On (1) it is so easy to catch illegal deployment. Start with those who got a maid under a concessionary levy. Check the address of children of the elderly (who got a maid with concessionary levy). If they are not living with their elderly parents and there have no maid registered in their household most likely the maid under the parent’s household is likely working for two households.

    Type of FDW levy Monthly rate
    Normal (1st FDW) $300
    Normal (Subsequent FDWs) $450
    Concessionary $60 (for employer at least 67 years old)

    On (2) many working adults are using their elderly parents (over 67 years old) to apply for maid. The maid will look after two households. The savings by not having to pay the higher levy (300 rising to 450 per month) are substantial @ $2,880 to $5,440 per year. This is almost half the cost of maid for a year @ $6,600 (or $550 per month).

    On (3) the punishment for illegal deployment should be the following:

    (1) forfeiture of $5,000 security deposit

    (2) employer AND household (i.e., address of employer) is not allowed to employ a FDW for period of two years

    (3) illegally deployed maid is promptly deported. The disincentive to illegally deploy a maid must apply to both the employer and the maid.

    (4) repeat offenders do jail time

    Josephine Teo should know that crying in Parliament is not going to solve the problem of illegal deployment of maids.

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  • Ahpoh:

    Judges still not qualify level as president.

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  • Voting For President:

    It is time that Singaporeans be given their stolen constitutional rights to vote for their own People’s President, instead of PAP’s Shameless Puppet who was not only not elected but not even qualified if not manipulated so blatantly against all decorum and propriety, against all traditional ethics and human decency, and against the nation’s common good.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Becoming the President would neuter him permanently. He should get promoted to the Supreme Court where he can look after the dispensation of the Law and how it is interpreted.

    Rest assured the despot and his minions are even now plotting how to get rid of him from his position.

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  • mike:

    Errr…. judge qualified to get certificate for president meh?
    So funny one…
    Muahahaha…. what had our system became?

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  • many systems in place:

    //Three reasons why illegal deployment is so widespread://

    sinkie land has many systems in place (some are more like showcase showcase to tell you that the channels are all there hor ) ?

    but not enough alternative channels like peaceful protests & demonstrations for people to alert the authorities into taking certain grievance seriously especially when power is so unequal between boss and employee in this context ????

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  • ..and justice for all:

    the DISHONORABLES may oredy be looking for some ‘dirt’ on the good Justice Ong in order to fix him…only cuz he didnt do things “their way”…

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  • thank you to both good men:

    we should give credit to Mr Anil Balachandani too..the lawyer who fought so hard, pro bono at that!

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  • Conned Care:

    Thumb up to Justice Chan & Mr Anil Balachandani for their strong sense of justice. It would not be long the PAP will fix both hero like what they do to our previous President Ong Teng Chong

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  • Rae:

    Of course Supreme Court judge qualify!!

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