Lazada is not a safe, reliable place to do shopping after Alibaba’s acquisition

This is to warn everyone Lazada is not a safe, reliable place to do shopping after Alibaba’s acquisition.

Here’s the story of what happened 2 and a half months ago.

I bought a Toshiba instant water heater and it was faulty. Instead I called up Toshiba for repair and was told that technician would attend repair within 2 -3 days.

No technician called despite waiting so I decided to ask for refund within the period.

Called up the hotline and returned the item as per instruction given. It was a Filipino lady. After a week called up again and was told by another Filipino lady that refund would take about 45 days.

It’s about 2 months 4 days now that no refund was made to me. So I messaged Lazada FB and the lady told me to contact Philippines Lazada bcos call was handled by them. I was shocked because she said I called them but how would I know that contact would go to them as it was provided by Lazada sg?

I gave my mobile to this FB lady and order number but she asked for my email so refund could be expedite. I didn’t understand why? Isn’t this a mental problem of not able to work with sense!

Till today 3 days had passed nobody called. Isn’t this scary that for 2 mths I had no hot water for shower and no refund, money with them. Is Jack Ma so hard up and greedy for $100? Dated today 11th Sep 2020 Close to 1.5 mth I called up Toshiba repair center and Serena was very rude and spoke like an auntie without manners!

Now the technician called me and said repair order was missed. I said the heater is with Lazada sg.

Never mind Toshiba lady Gina called and said because of the covid-19 pandemic the technician didn’t attend. It was end Jun 2020 I called for service and there was no strict rules implemented back then. She lied and said she would settle the problem and till today after I yet to receive any call from her. She just couldn’t be bothered bcos I understand that she is the cs incharge.

So would I get my refund? or would Jack Ma need the refund for a economic mixed vegetable rice meal at food court?

Beware avoid Lazada at all cost. I do my shopping at Shopee!!!

I bought the heater in Sg and sold by local seller but I need to liaise with Philippines for refund in Manila. I just could not believe. What a shame! Total display of dirty business using unscrupulous underhand tactics of playing the ping pong game.

I will follow up with a police report after which court proceeding.

Once again shoppers dun get into this shit and unsure whether I will get me refund.


Meng Huat Ong




20 Responses to “Lazada is not a safe, reliable place to do shopping after Alibaba’s acquisition”

  • Don't Wait:

    After almost 2 months, I made a Police Report after they unilaterally place or hide the refund money into what they call “Lazada Wallet” that I have never created or asked for. After the report, it was swift immediately action from them to directly release the refund into my bank, otherwise they would dilly dally waiting for customer to relent. You see, the problem is, they indirectly requires customer to activate the wallet and agrees to their terms and conditions in order to direct the money from the wallet into my bank. I don’t see why I should be compelled and be forced into any terms and conditions and I made the police report. The way I see it, they are making themselves into a unlicensed internet bank.

    The Police may handle your case or maybe not since this is private commercial matter. They say, there is no crime. I told the officer, I will be talking to my MP to assist them to handle my case. I think that helps.

    What you waiting for, make the Police Report to record the case. Don’t be bullied. See your MP and let them show you what they are being paid for.

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  • Payback:

    It is unsafe online shopping as telco calls managed by different culture centers.

    Very unsafe……No responsibility!

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  • Harder Truths:

    How do you think Jack Ma became so rich?

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  • no thanks:

    you were scammed.
    online shopping is like playing russian roulette.

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  • mike:

    Don’t you know Jack Ma has sold huge chuck of his alibaba shares?
    Stop reading SG msm news, you will be the last to know.
    CN is digitizing their currency now. Quite soon may have a total delink with international currency. Finance will affect services, so shopping online can never be the same again esp dealing with CN services, $$$$ or logistic. Good luck!

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    Was Lazada in partnership with mediacorp? The one advertised on TV? It would explain the outsourcing to Pinoys.

    Is Lazada the place for re selling items?

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  • xoxo:

    Online shopping may be a fashion but it is deceitful in many way$.
    Firstly,*DELIVERY* charge$ are rather subjective.

    ONLINE-SHOPPING IS MERELY A HYPE as it looks *high tech* but its efficiencies are lacking in various ways.

    The ADVANTAGE is to the SELLERS???

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  • Same happening to Watson Spore:

    Same is happening to WATSON singapore!!
    Returned the item and was told need to wait for 3 weeks for Watson singapore to check with UOB singapore for refund. After 3 weeks no refund. Then told have to wait for middle of sep for processing. Already mid of sep, still not refund, then told have to wait for 4 to 6 weeks. What is happening to Watson Singapore??

    Calls not answered!! Happening in Singapore!!! All stupid excuse of covid 19!!

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  • Guru:

    Jack Ma got rich by cheating others. He is actually poorer than us. Only way to get rich is>>>>>>>>

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  • Guess:

    @ . I don’t see why I should be compelled and be forced into any terms and conditions and I made the police report.

    Guess thats one way to ” encourage ” or force people to go digital or further digital ?

    Another sg cheapskate buying cheap online.but instead backfire. Thats a$$e luck.

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  • A$$e talk:


    You like to make cheapskate assumption? Well is your mom working in geylang to make those a$$e talks stupid assumption of yours?

    @ . I don’t see why I should be compelled and be forced into any terms and conditions and I made the police report.

    Guess thats one way to ” encourage ” or force people to go digital or further digital ?

    Another sg cheapskate buying cheap online.but instead backfire. Thats a$$e luck.

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  • liew mun leong must be jailed:

    always buy from JB.

    cost 66.6% less. and deal with real person.

    of course during covid-19 restrictions cannot buy from JB.

    if can wait, wait. if cannot wait, always buy from a non pap supporting shop. may be hard to find. but if you ask around, always can find.

    non pap supporting shops in pap island tend to be more honest.

    pap supporting shops cannot be honest as we all can see with our own eyes how pap folks behave. all pap folks do not have integrity.

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  • guess is cheapskate:

    @guess – Buying online is NOT necessarily cheap but generally for the convenience of shopping at home, delivery and safety.

    Conversely you are the cheapskate making cheap-shot at genuine commenter in TRE.

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  • wdfpFox:

    Forget Lazada. I have always used Shopee. It is reliable and prompt refund.

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  • What The Hell?:

    H&M kallang Wave

    Was there today buying something. The girl asked if I needed a bag @ 10 cents each. I said no. She proceeded to key in the cost of the bag. I pointed out that I don’t want the bag. Only then, she took the bag’s cost out of the receipt. Why make yourself do more work?

    Giant Suntec

    The cashier key in the items. I looked at the total and it was more than I expected. One of the items cost more than offered. So I asked to cancel purchase. The woman said cannot cancel because I redeemed the Passion card points. She said I must pay her in full and then she refund me. I refused. She call supervisor. Supervisor did a fake refund in order to return the passon card pints. And then do a new transaction. Other people waiting in line gave up to join the next queue.
    Why makes things so difficult for everybody?


    Only safe entry. Cannot scan IC. So I go burger King.
    Why make it so difficult?

    All so customer unfriendly practices. Stupid.

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  • What do i think ?:

    @ What the hell?

    Same sentiments for Macdonalds.

    A few days ago, came home late. All coffeeshops stalls closed. So only option, patronise Mac. Yet face same problem as u. Even though the manager help by using his mobile to scan my IC for my entry but he display boey song fuc*ed face.

    Actually many are tired of this virus. Some coffeeshops in previous need to record IC , mobile , name if seat …. Now also dont bother.

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  • What do i think ?:

    Sorry missed out.

    Previous months need to record IC , ….

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  • The People is Culprit:

    In the small country, no body cares. You die you own fault.

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  • Larry Chan:

    I also have bad experience with Laz. When my order was not delivered but status shown delivered. Later this was found to be the mistake of Ninja (their delivery company). I tried to contact Laz via hot line which is totally non functional. Finally I managed to get into their website to make a claim and waited like hell before I finally gotten my refund. Las is totally unfriendly when it comes to dispute, very unlike Aliexpress. I advise strongly not to shop with Las until they fixed their dispute resolution.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote – “FinCEN leaks: DBS, CIMB and Deutsche among banks in S’pore that handled about $6 billion in suspicious transactions
    Singapore received about US$3 billion and sent US$1.5 billion in 1,781 suspicious transactions, within 20 years.
    Singapore received about US$3 billion and sent US$1.5 billion in 1,781 suspicious transactions, within 20 years.PHOTO: ST FILE
    PUBLISHEDSEP 21, 2020, 8:52 PM SGT
    Aw Cheng Wei
    SINGAPORE – A number of banks in Singapore handled about US$4.5 billion (S$6.13 billion) in suspicious transactions between 2000 and 2017, with DBS Bank, CIMB Bank and Deutsche Bank among those that processed the largest sums of such funds here.

    This is according to the findings of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) on leaked files, comprising so-called suspicious activity reports, from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) in the United States.

    The consortium noted that, within almost 20 years, Singapore received about US$3 billion and sent US$1.5 billion in 1,781 suspicious transactions.

    The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) told The Straits Times on Monday that it is aware that Singapore banks were mentioned in media reports on suspicious transaction reports filed with FinCEN.

    Although such suspicious transaction reports do not imply that the transactions are illicit, the authority takes such reports very seriously, said a spokesman, adding that Singapore’s regulatory framework to combat money laundering meets international standards set by the Financial Action Task Force.

    “MAS is closely studying the information in these media reports, and will take appropriate action based on the outcome of our review,” she added.

    In all, the ICIJ reported on Sunday (Sept 20) that the files contained information about more than US$2 trillion worth of transactions between 1999 and 2017, which were flagged by internal compliance departments of financial institutions as suspicious.

    Experts told The Straits Times that filing suspicious activity reports do not translate to wrongdoing. Furthermore, banks and financial institutions are obliged to flag unusual transactions so that regulators can follow up on them, they added.

    For example, an account which typically sees small transactions getting an unusually large deposit of money might pop up on banks’ radars, the noted.

    Alternatively, if bank customer who has $1 million in his account decides to transfer all his money to another bank – such a transaction might also show up as “suspicious”….. “Unquote.

    Response :Wait till Singapore goes totally digital banking where all illegal transactions become undetectable and money laundering is so easy then by those evil women wing in control of the banks.

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