Share the burden and responsibility

Many people are scared of taking the responsibility when something goes wrong. They tried to avoid responsibility in the first place.

When something wrong happens, they distinctly set up a defense – that they are not responsible for what went wrong.

I wish to suggest a different approach.

Often, what went wrong was unexpected and cannot be foreseen. If it happens, every one should all come forward to share the responsibility. There is no need to identify who is to be blamed. It does not help.

Similarly, it is a better approach for all parties to share the burden and responsibility upfront and be prepared to work together when something wrong happens.

If everyone prefers to avoid responsibility, it will be impossible to handle any major change, because there will certainly be uncertainty that have to be dealt with.

In this situation, the role of the leader is most important. He (or she) should come forward to take charge and take the responsibility, so that the people under him can rally towards finding a solution.

We have to get away from the prevailing culture of avoiding responsibility and pushing the burden and the blame to other people.

Do you agree?


Tan Kin Lian




17 Responses to “Share the burden and responsibility”

  • xoxo:

    Well,you can tell that to your former bo$$e$,THEY ARE EXPERTS OF THE SECT OF TAI CHI CHUAN called * PUSHING BLAME,PULLING CREDIT* TAI-CHI?

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  • opposition dude:

    Well now, doesn’t this just remind you of a certain party that never admits it’s wrong and pushes responsibility away to others?

    Like when HDB lifts were faulty, did HDB take responsibility? Nope, it just pushed it to the vendors by saying that parts were not available. Why didn’t HDB oversee this issue in the first place? Just because something is outsourced doesn’t mean you don’t give a damn anymore you know.

    And what about overcrowded dorms leading to Covid spreading like nobody’s business? No accountability and not even daring to admit that it was the reason for the spread. Talk so much cock about the workers being on the radar since January and no one telling her anything was wrong wheh she visited the dorms too! And oh yes, telling us all that there were objections from dorm operators when they were asked to look into matters. Imagine that, dorm operators can object when a ministry asks them to do something WOW!

    The list goes on about taking responsibility (or lack thereof). We have seen cases of this happen before and because the 3G are still in charge we can expect things to be done the same old way.

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  • TumasikPatriot:

    In CONclusion what is your POINT tan ah??? is it the Corp…Dept…Minstry or the C in C???

    In Japan & Korea the C in C will be the One to step Forward to accept responsibilities or commit HariKiri

    In a pot of curry like SingaporeINC???

    Lets get together and enjoy the Curry after all its cooked and paid for liow leh!!!

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  • tan kin lian is pea brained:

    according to pap member from penang, khaw boon wan, the person un charge must hara kiri.

    for example, if liew mun leong is wrong, his boss must hara kiri.

    so how can tan kin lian say share blame?

    share with who?

    share with a low wage maid?

    so stupid this tan kin lian.

    when pap khaw boon wan has already established the hara kiri rule why does tan kin lian need to subtract from it.

    the more useful is to ask who liew mun leong boss is.

    for the liew mun leong fixing low wage maid case, it is a private matter between liew mun leong and family and his low wage maid.

    so if liew mun leong wife is his boss, then, liew mun leong wife must hara kiri by pap khaw boon wan rule.

    if liew mun leong himself is his own boss, then, liew mun leong must hara kiri himself.

    of course when pap khaw boon wan established the hara kiri rule, he implied pap clan members are exempt.

    so we bet anyone S$1,000 to $10 liew mun leong will not hara kiri since liew mun leong is pap member.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    @Mr. Tan; let’s see if AGC, MOM, Police take responsibility of the Indonesian Maid case first. I only watch how they tai-chi or sweeping every thing under the carpet.

    The public already took the responsibility of making contribution for her welfare. She received $23K for her 4 years of suffering. With the help of HOME and a pro-bono lawyer, she is now free.

    Now it is up to AGC, MOM, the Police and parliament to show what they could do!!

    The only responsibility is for the people to kick out the PAP and take the country back.

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  • oxygen:

    SO AH TAN invents and believes in “soap and detergent” leadership.

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  • CCS talking cock again:

    Straits Times: International cooperation necessary for Covid-19 response to buttress global economic recovery: Chan Chun Sing

    “Talk is cheap”. Provide details. (“The devil is always in the details.”) Exactly, what kind/type of “cooperation” is needed that is not being done now? What will Singapore be willing to put on the table to support it?

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  • blueview:

    Mr. Tan Kin Lian,

    First and foremost, propose to MOE to bring back Civic Studies and Moral Studies in school starting from Primary school.

    When I was in primary school, we had civic and moral studies. We learnt proverbs and the teacher explained with examples of how these proverbs relates to our lives.

    Go tell your P*P B*LLSH*T idiots to have some morals and understand their civic duties and responsibilities to their citizens instead of calling citizens who vote for oppies free loaders or free riders.

    On the latest Covid-19 benefits update, P*P have now twisted the Covid-19 benefits to only make it available to people who owns ONE home. AGAIN, ONCE AGAIN, P*P does not and I repeat DOES NOT want Sporeans to progress in life and accumulate generational wealth. Owning 2 or more homes is only for them and their elite buddies. As Sporeans progress in life, owning 2 homes is not a big deal. It’s call progression in life and for some a peaceful retirement in old age. P*P is either really ignorant, Sua-ku or acting like one. Why can’t people progress through their lives if they have a fortune to do so. For many it’s just pure hard work to get there.

    This is a clear indication that P*P all along has an eternal agenda to keep Sporeans at a low basic level on the life progression ladder. Just a little above the “poverty” level for 85% of Singaporeans. The rest of them (P*P idiots and the elites) can own everything in SG and venture into overseas for more accumulation of wealth and fortune but still keep their million dollar salaries so that they can buy up the world for their next 100 generations. Ordinary citizens cannot own at least 2 homes, if you do, all govt benefits will no longer apply to you.

    Mr. Tan – I would like to see you do something more fruitful instead of just writing articles which is good. What do you do with our feedback? Report back to P*P? Help in crafting policies? Show us what you are doing with our feedback on your articles? Please do more since you show you are passionate about issues impacting ordinary trublu Sporeans.

    Don’t just come and say “Oh, I just want to know what you think, huh!”

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Todayonline :Quote – “Covid-19 Support Grant extension: Applicants mustn’t own more than 1 property, must show proof of job search or training if unemployed

    The revised eligibility criteria for the Covid-19 Support Grant will take effect from 9am on Oct 1, 2020.
    Published22 SEPTEMBER, 2020
    SINGAPORE — From Oct 1, Singaporeans and permanent residents applying for the Covid-19 Support Grant must not own more than one property.

    Those who are unemployed must also show proof of job search or training efforts. They will have to submit supporting documents to demonstrate these efforts…

    The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) on Tuesday (Sept 22) announced these two changes to the eligibility criteria for the grant, which was launched in May to help Singaporeans who are unemployed or have suffered significant income loss because of the coronavirus outbreak.

    Applications were initially open until Sept 30…..

    In August, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat announced that the scheme would be extended until Dec 31. Both existing recipients of the grant as well as new applicants may apply.

    The grant disburses up to S$800 a month, for three months, to eligible workers….

    MSF said on Tuesday that the new property ownership criterion is to ensure that the grant is “given to those with less means”.

    All unemployed first-time and second-time applicants must also demonstrate job search or training efforts to qualify for help. 

    MSF said that this is in line with the Government’s SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package, which helps workers caught in the pandemic-triggered economic fallout acquire job-related skills and capabilities, and seize expanded employment opportunities. 

    Applicants who have lost their jobs and are presently unemployed must submit supporting documents. These include a record of having turned in at least one job application or having attended at least one interview two months before their application for the grant.

    They may also provide a record of attendance for job search or training programmes under government agency Workforce Singapore or the Employment and Employability Institute, or records showing applications for or enrolment in courses supported by SkillsFuture Singapore, among other supporting documents. 

    The Covid-19 Support Grant is open to Singaporeans and permanent residents aged 16 and older who have lost their jobs, were placed on involuntary unpaid leave, or sustained significant wage loss. 

    Full-time national servicemen and interns do not qualify…… “Unquote.

    Response : Government make it hard for jobless people to receive grants? Pui!

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  • Pinky Switched Off:

    In Singapore Pinky is the leader and he switched of by letting all his kakis go on Auto Pilot. Should we share the blame with him ?

    In that case can we share his salary ? Please don’t talk nonsense.

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  • Make The Paradigm Shift:

    Yes it’s kind of irresponsible for a manager to shift blame to subordinates. Shows he/she is not overseeing properly.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Pinky Switched Off:
    In Singapore Pinky is the leader and he switched of by letting all his kakis go on Auto Pilot. Should we share the blame with him ?

    In that case can we share his salary ? Please don’t talk nonsense.

    With the extended runway given by the 61%, he can go into hibernation.

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  • TKL, don’t scratch but bite:

    Peeing n pooing have faiths in their ownself xxxxownself sounded out by LKY to the Singaporeans whom instead of holding in high respect n gratitude for the privilege of the mandate derogated them with his neurotic love of queenie englisho as daft, instead of our singlish stupid either thru fear of letting them know cum the erotic perversion. Lky publicly xxxx as check but in the dark hole his FG of peeing n pooing a as usual like indranee n berakchan used the p dict to xxxx as give. Thus they ownself give ownself hefty increase of salary of $100,000-250000 more a year instead of even not reducing st lesst stagnating their milliOn dollar psycheck. As the angmoh wouLd Yelled in shock really bastardly, the china ah beis would spit humkazhamn, heaven killed, or smelly cccc n the non pee n poo Malay would simply mutter bosok, racus n tayee in respect for their Pseudo Clan kaka who does nothing for them except to look for better class bungalow to escape from the hdb neighbours as she wayanged into the well guarded enclosure. Well ownself give ownself t pofma power to dict their way out to fool the hi
    Hh cou
    Rt jUdges who they cannot trust oo much to stand by them n not by Singapore n Singapaporeans, thanko to Judge Chan who weild the sword of justice against peeing n pooing cker n sucker to enlighten his brothers like the second coming of Buddha. When is Jesus honouring his second comiNg to take away the un, (,pseudo, n wayanging repentant) sinners not to seek for salvation but to seek temp solace so they can sin again!

    Cheers to all the high court judges on the unconstitutional pofma n its babaric abuse of it like indranee’s career success re conflict of interest which is stupid even to a school boy but to nus law graduate n a past lawyer, it is nothing short of crimInal act but no judges nor law enforcers murmur. Pathetic. Where have all the conscience n VOS gone. Has it really Gone to the graveyard everyone!

    Really peeing n pooing all over the starsN moon, the blidfolded lady with the balance knocked over n all the heavenly mEssenger including the SON. Pathetic .human but lesser than the beast

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  • one hand or one leg:

    //In this situation, the role of the leader is most important. He (or she) should come forward to take charge and take the responsibility, so that the people under him can rally towards finding a solution.//

    aiyoh. you think our leaders like japan meh hari kiri or resign and take responsibility meh ??

    nowadays leaders very talented can do no wrong, all procedures are there lar and if something wrong must be lesser mortar balls who do not follow instructions lar ??

    in olden days, leaders (even kings) really led taking charge in the fight – and you got to see real war leaders got one hand or one leg or one eye gone in a fight ?? some leaders led by tokking kok singing song and somemore want to be highly rewarded for taking such risks ?

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  • @ blueview:

    Bring back wash toilet activities as well.

    My sec school time, class have to rotate to wash toilets ( mandatory ) ?

    Unlikely tio boh. Moral studies sometime bs one. Dont talk about monies , just talk about organ donations to save someone, any one from your family do it ? Not a single one right. That say it all. U just one to be the receiver not the donor ?

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  • Bad Boy:

    Unfortunately, chinese culture already defined mai boh tua boh suay, mai 強出頭, 買 kei kiang…..

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  • Empathy needed:

    We need to have empathy.

    Officers should be given some leeway to make simple decision for exception cases.
    Ridiculous for Singaporean with middle income to be out of jobs for 8 months and still failed to qualify for even a miserable $800 pm job loss subsidy.
    Policy need to be flexibility as it may not be able to cover all cases.
    Outcome is more important than blindly following rules.

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