Eat Too Full Nothing Better To Do

It is reported in today’s Straits Times that Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) officers have raided a flat at Bukit Batok and other locations and successfully found >5.0 kg of heroine, 1.124 kg of Ice and other substances. Cash amounting to S$174,000/ were also seized.

That was a major drug haul. Just imagine if those drugs and substances have successfully reached the addicts….I applaud and salute our brave and resourceful CNB officers for their outstanding achievements.

On the other hand, just a few days ago, it was reported that some officers from the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) raided some stalls selling flowers at Choa Chu Kang cemetery because they were unlicensed.

I ask how could we successfully aspire to be a kinder and more gentle society if mostly elderly uncles and aunties operated some make-shift stalls in such deserted places selling flowers were also raided by the authorities?

I ask if SFA had nothing better to do? Those people were not selling cooked food, blocking busy walkways or harassing passersby etc. For f. sake, seriously, government officials ought to learn to give some poor and elderly people who prefer to work and earn some small money instead of asking for government charity some leeway or a chance to do that la. They are such shinning examples of people with strong spines, pride of labour and dignity.

I will simply describe in hokkien SFA’s actions as jia pa boh sai pang. Knn. Book smart government officers fail so badly to appreciate and empathise with things such as pang zit tiao lor hor lang tan jia.

To me, SFA’s enforcement actions not only earn my despise, it is such rigidity that makes me piss off with this stupid pap government.

Keep up your good work CNB. Keep our streets and our people safe and far away from the curse and scourge of drugs.



Simon Lim




10 Responses to “Eat Too Full Nothing Better To Do”

  • Empathy for others:

    Need to have empathy for others, especially for the poor and needy.
    Our officers need to have this…especially those that deal with the poor and needy such as MSF etc

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  • A regressed country:

    Seems like everything we do with income money need license or notification, or declaration of income, in the name of law-and-order. Even the “ge-tai” also need to declare their “ang-pow”. What’s the “permit” ….. eventually?

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  • Police CLOSE DOWN:

    Not discerning. Can’t tell the difference between something that’s harmful and mild things.

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  • Boh Kia See:

    There is no rhyme or reason for actions to be taken against hawkers selling flowers. Flowers are not food, so why are the Food authority people involved with this? Are they not setting outside their brief–ultra vires?

    Dealing with this many job vacancies that cannot be filled, we should look no further than the trat*r PM that people worship as a God or founding “father”. His need to intrude into the private lives of citizens, the streaming of children, their education, has now lead to a whole generation of citizens without a balanced set of skills.

    Under normal circumstances, people choose their careers that suit their inclination and ability. Therefore, you will get a group of people who will want to develop as hawkers, and others as engineers or professional soldiers.

    With the PAP’s intrusive meedling of citizens’ private lives, they export or insinuate the values they consider useful ie doctors, lawyers etc.

    This results in a plentiful supply of chosen careers but left the less visible occupations unrepresented. This is happening in the banking sector.

    It is one reason, I have always said the PAP should be voted out as soon as possible. So that citizens can exercise their natural ambition and career without interference from the PAP

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  • Jia pa boh sai pang:

    Translated ass:

    “His tummy fill up don’t mean shit”

    Pappy offshoots hao lian bo chai kang ….

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  • KT:

    Well said, Simon. One up for CNB and one down for SFA. I supposed the setting up of SFA (Singapore Food Agency) from previous NEA and AVA, is an independent agency to concentrate of food safety and security for our population. But it turned out they interested in catching uncles and aunties “selling flowers”, mainly for prayers, right ? Or are they selling edible flowers ? I think SFA has got their priorities wrong or their officers have so much free times ?

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  • Nathan Chen:

    Straw man argument for the death-penalty.

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  • xoxo:

    Folks, you must realise by now that these AGENT$ OF THE AGENCIE$$$ attack easy *preys* mostly and AVOID *FINDING TROUBLES* from those who are from the ELITE CLA$$; even come out to VOUCH FOR THE WRONGDOER$?


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  • Harder Truths:

    Compassion and pity for people who are barely scraping a livelihood is meaningless.

    Everyone mutt obey. Everyone must pay. No one escapes the regime.

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  • tourist attraction:

    //There is no rhyme or reason for actions to be taken against hawkers selling flowers. Flowers are not food, so why are the Food authority people involved with this? Are they not setting outside their brief–ultra vires?//

    aiyoh. don’t say hor ? wait smart white idiots and gang say some flowers = chrysanthemum = food ?

    if 4 can be 5 and selected can be elected, elephants can also be classified as animal, transport vehicle, pet and tourist attraction also lar ???

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