Terrible and unreasonable paperwork from SingTel

I applied for a laptop package under the govt grant. The purchase goes through Singtel.

Singtel expected me to sign several documents. There were very complicated and manual. The account manager volunteered to complete the document for me.

It took one week. He finally sent the completed forms for me to sign.

I printed them out. I was shocked that it comprise of over 20 pages with legal implications. SingTel expected me to sign the documents blindly and trust them.

I cancelled the purchase. Even though the govt is funding 80% of the purchase, I decided that I do not want the govt grant.

The paperwork is terrible. SingTel does not seem to be aware that they expect their customer to shoulder heavy legal responsibility blindly.

I expect that this practice is quite common in Singapore among the “large companies” and the govt.

I wasted several hours of my time on this application, only to cancel it. I would rather forget about the govt grant.


Tan Kin Lian




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    Maybe you can list the terms and conditions which you find unacceptable.

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  • oxygen:

    @ Tan Kin Lian is RIGHT ON THIS ONE.

    LARGE COMPANIES particularly financial institutions & PAPpypolitics in LEE-jiapore are indeed tyrannical and often act in abuse of their political/market power.

    Consumers, for example, complained bitterly of huge financial losses from online banking engaged by fraudulent parties which bank’s digital online banking securities failed of customer’s protection but happy to quickly deny its fiduciary obligations (when that happened). This is particular to one bank – no name needs to be mentioned. Other banks are more accommodating in equity to customers.

    Consumers’ petition to that recalcitrant bank’s CEO’s attention met with more theatrical fantasy bait-and-switch deals (illegal hawking of financial services) from its retail banking BY PHONE (somewhat CUNNING, hence no paper trail of illegal banking conduct in case written represeentation is made to MAS) and failing that, one last wholesale blanket denial (when confronted with a stubborn well-informed customers) of options (i.e. just one step short of this advice -close your bank account if you are dissatisfied)

    There is no Ombudsman in LEE-jiapore and PAPpypolitics is (unspoken) of its blanket refusal of this minimal floor of consumer protection.

    But 61.2% of dumbfarked Sinkies voted for this – the rest just sigh!!!

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  • oxygen:

    PITY THOSE YOUNG (even gullible) door-to-door telco sales personnel cold-calling (walking) hunting to sign up new customers with EXPIRED internet link contracts.

    They are SLAVES sent on suicide ghost-chasing of new sign up – offering “sweet-heart” deals with CONTINUING attaching options (SILENT entrapment poisons in reality) to bait UNSUSPECTING would be consumers.

    The “sweetheart” deals of course extends beyond the two-year internet “discounted rate” offer – the telco door to door sales persons are either unaware or pretended no awareness.

    My usually informed reliable source was offered such a sweetheart deal – he signed it up digitally with the visiting door-to-door telco sales person. To avoid doubt, he called up “CUSTOMER SERVICE” to check with the “sweet-heart deals of attaching options will end with 2-year contract expiry or its premature cancellation.

    Guess what reply he got on the phone?

    Customer service got this SWEETER HEART seduction reply in one word – it is called “UNDERSTOOD”

    When asked what is the word/legal implication of the word -UNDERSTOOD -, the reply came like this – when your 2 yr contract is up or is cancelled prematurely – THE SWEETHEART ATTACHING OPTIONS ALSO EXPIRED!!

    Dumb answer or blatant lie from “customer service”?

    My informed source offered this cawked teaser – IF YOU BUY A SKIRT IN ORCHARD ROAD RETAIL, it came without the hook or button to secure its proper use, would you be happy to receive a 5% discount for that skirt that does not cover you on the public street or transport to work or entertainment?

    The line went silent.

    “Customer Service” has just told this “informed reliable source” that CONTRACT IS DIVISIBLE (i.e. broken into parts when in fact and in law, it is UNKNOWN to the door-to-door telco salesperson and SILENT TO the entrapped customers who signed up.


    As you can guess correctly – the telco meekly comply.

    If not, the telco “CUSTOMER SERVICE” CONTRADICTED ITSELF HAVING JUST CLAIMED THAT THE CONTRACT IS DIVISIBLE – just like the unusable skirt bought in Orchard Road retail.

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  • Gov very one kind:

    Small money, the gov make you jump through 1000 hoops, sign a 100 page document and wait long long.

    In contrast, the gov dish out millions and millions without even being asked to each company. Some companies so embarrassed that they return the money. 99% simply keep and use for CEO bonus, maybe $20 millions this year for outstanding contribution?

    Something very fishy going on, right?

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  • TumasikPatriot:

    As usual Tan ahhhh!!!! when you want discount & freebies from the Govt or related corporation….

    That’s The Way it Is!!!… you are lucky they did NOT ask you to STRIP to count your hair around your a$$e

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  • oxygen:

    RETAIL BANKING in one LEE-jiapore banking institution treat its customers like this tangled wire in Old Delhi.


    Crooks outside can steal customers money by digital scam and that banker “bo chap” (indifferent) just like people stealing electricity from the grid in Old Delhi in this tangled wire weblink illuminations.

    And when it rains heavily, the street is very dangerous for unsuspecting pedestrain of live wire falling into puddles of water.

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    Hello, Mr Tan. As a former head of NTUC insurance ( tio boh ? ) are u saying the set of insurance documents / contract given to us after we bought a policy is less than 10 pages written in simple laymen terms.

    I think not , it is more than 10 maybe approx 15 but less 20 pages. And is it not written in a legal way. I m not trained in legal terms nor finance or accounting. After i received mine, i have to spend time to read thru and it took me 2 weeks ( the most 2 to 4 hours a day ) just to figure out the jargons the meaning. Its boring for the average joes like us . I even have to check dictionary and that time internet wasnt as updated and fast as now. And when u countercheck with your agent they are kinda of impatient to service me.
    You as head yourself should have read before hundreds of pages of finance or legal documents if not a few hundred or thousand pages. What about those quarterly finance reports on Tesla investments u made ? Are they not thick to almost 100 pages ?

    After u ousted , i mean or u retired have u slacken?

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    Warren Buffet , how any financial reports he and Charles have to go through , just to reach todays level.

    Of couse for him it is an interest he enjoyed. He can dont sleep overnite ( maybe even a few nites ) just to figure out a clear picture.

    Same for Muddy waters who exposed scam companies ….

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  • Harder Truths:

    If you ever get to the Gates of Heaven I will not be surprised if they lose your documents. Hell is not too bad though – you will have many friends there.

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  • oxygen:

    @ PAP strong mandate

    Did our most learned @TKL bought those Tesla shares for “investment” whether or not he read those pages of quarterly finance report as thick as almost 100 pages from your awareness?

    PAP mandate strong: You as head yourself should have read before hundreds of pages of finance or legal documents if not a few hundred or thousand pages. What about those quarterly finance reports on Tesla investments u made ? Are they not thick to almost 100 pages ?

    I am amused anyone bought Tesla for “investment”?

    This IN NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE from me but I seriously think those “punters” either have rocks or blockages in their skull or at least will be wasting their time/energy reading up those quarterly finance report pages.

    Tesla is a MOVING FEAST, MOST OF ITS Johnny-come-lately to the dinner “investors”, will leave the table HUNGRY AND IMPOVERISHED of their hard earned wealth.

    Here is Marketwatch cautionary tale. The promoters of Tesla is busy with theatrical drama, not the real thing.

    Tesla’s so-called Battery Day was ‘long on vision and boldness,’ short on here-and-now


    Which entrepreneur is short of vision and boldness?

    Even Elon Musk confessed on “battery day” (his invention ALL HYPED UP stirring speculators emotions) the hardest yards are ahead.

    One wonder why he didn’t event his BIRTHDAY for public promotion and investment advice of Tesla instead of a “battery day” rousing fart-of-fiction glamour?

    I am sure some of the shareholders of Tesla NEVER READ A SINGLE PAGE of Tesla qtrly finance report or even know where to source this document to read the first line.

    They didn’t know this:

    Tesla’s Nemesis in China Is a Tiny $5,000 Electric Car From GM


    Or the Tesla shareholders don’t want to hear or read of this.

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  • Tan Kheng WaH WAH:

    Moral of the story? Grants, elp is there but hard to get?

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