Reputations do matter

30 years after Taiwan came out from authoritarian rule, it’s now having conversations of how judges then used to be corrupt and did the work of the authoritarian ruling government.

“Whereas grand justices would rule independently in a functioning democracy, they served as puppets of the authoritarian government during the Martial Law era.”

Sounds familiar?

Reputations do matter. If people do not want their children to carry the burden of their shame in future, then they have to act righteous now, so that they can be celebrated for doing the right thing.


Roy Ngerng




5 Responses to “Reputations do matter”

  • TumasikPatriot:

    30 years ago a BRAVE man stood up and said “Behold the BEHOLDEN” !!! and he was Crucified…

    His blood will be in our Hands and Children…

    Need to say MORE??? no lah!!!…none so blind as those who do NOT see and ears that do NOT hear

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  • mike:

    SG is approx. 30 years behind time of TW.
    Both countries had elected presidential system about the similar time. The similar part was also where the differences grew wider apart as time goes by.

    TW gets more democratic while SG walks the reverse. If i am not too rude, i say we are getting more like mini CN each day. We are walking a narrow path towards a chaotic history if the projection continue its path.

    When TW is being threathened today, a democratic nation empowered its citizen to fight for the nation willingly because each has an open and democratic stake in their country.

    However, asking how willing we will fight for this country? I bet the answer is not surprising. Do you, my fellow countrymen…

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  • xoxo:

    If only THEY just dont do the WRONG THINGS to us, that would suffice?

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  • mike:

    I had always wanted to ask my fellow countrymen these question:
    Lee Kuan Yew vs Chiang Ching-kuo,
    Who was a stronger leader?
    Who had better wisdom?
    Who loved his country more?
    And who left his people with power to defend the country.

    I am still waiting for one man to jump out of his grave.

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    And today , a foreign worker ( an indonesia maid ) teaches scare shitless singaporeans here what the meaning of grit is all about !

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