The Singaporean Pandemic Clowns

This pandemic has exposed many things, from the maid fiasco and the leadership in handling the crisis. If all of us can remember, it was these leaders who at the beginning who told us not to wear mask if you are healthy, under-estimating the use of mask to combat the virus. WHO then praised them, their heads swelled, they even called for election thinking their handling would give them an edge. For god sake, the best paid in the world did not do thorough check, leaving out the vulnerable foreign workers in congested and hygienic dormitories leading to 57000 cases breaking records. Even so, they tried to use the MSN to split the stats into domestic and dormitory to show that the dormitory is not under their scope, a lesser crime and they are still very successful.

After the whole fiasco, these pandemic clowns may have been “tekan” by supreme leader because they made him lose face, they have become “over-estimating” creating many unnecessary stringent rules to burden the businesses and the public. These rules only apply in public except public transport. Come on man, if public transport so congested and crammed with bodies are not being asked to adhere to these measures, then why you need to make it so hard for businesses and public? And until now there are no cases reported on public transport, it shows the pandemic is in decline, life is getting back to normal.

Ever since the stringent measures are implemented, more and more people are choosing to stay home because it is too much hassle to go into a mall with scanning, temperature check and safe-entry. Imagine one mall with same address but hundred shops, you need to safe entry in and out of shops that you walk in, how inconvenient right? Until now, we do not see the value of safe entry, so much data collected, what good did it do? Instead, should not the government study how much businesses were forced to shut down and how much business traffic was reduced because of such measures? Recently, they have introduced another device, the token which has to be used with the mobile. To me and many, we think it is strange that you have another device to the device instead of just one, which means more inconvenience added to the public. Public survey reflected that the public is getting sick of these measures and now more measure is added on, would not this affect behaviour and force more people to stay home?

It is time to slowly unwind the measures to let life go on as usual, especially those gantries and temperature check. This work has created many jobs for unemployed but they have also killed a lot of businesses. I do agree the mask should be on until further assessment, the guy who designed the token should be fired for being wasteful.

The pandemic is in control, most cases are imported, not much domestic, introducing the token is total waste of fund! If nothing happens to overcrowded public transport, what can happen to public place? I think they are over-estimating the problem because they fear of being “tekan” again for over-looking. So now they are over-reacting to the situation which bring about more inconvenience to public and killing more businesses as result.

The pandemic circus in town, stay tune…







5 Responses to “The Singaporean Pandemic Clowns”

  • Harder Truths:

    The current lockdown has nothing to do with CoVID. It is the regime testing its ability to control and monitor your movements. This will be carried out in stages until everyone is traced wherever they go and whatever they do.

    Stage 1 is all these tracing and monitoring apps.
    Stage 2 will restricting your movements in many places without you realsiing it. Keeping you at home means you cannot cause trouble or be exposed ot the real situation.
    Stage 3 is when your bank accounts, job, travel and other aspects of your life will be regulated using a social credit score, like in China.
    Stage 4 is enforcing the new normal with jail or ISA in the name of safety.

    Where have we seen all this before?

    CoVID is now an excuse to make sure there is no need for the regime to fear voters at the next GE, if it ever happens.

    Stage 2 is now in progress. Stage 3 will be even more fun.

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  • xoxo:

    Or,PANEMIC CLOWN and $tooge$?

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  • Fun? Let's see:

    Harder Truths:

    Stage 2 is now in progress. Stage 3 will be even more fun.

    Coming soon. Let’s see when the wrath of God upon them, fun or not. Trump is one good example. Man propose. God dispose!

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  • Great Asia:

    From mid Feb until yesterday, I had enjoyed COVID-19 free environment in China, I was able to travel to all places of continental-size China without facing any difficulty.

    Today is the 2nd day of my 7-day SHN. I started to feel that I’m living in a 3rd world country.

    Ha ha ha!

    Tech: Just curious, why are you on SHN when you are not infected?

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on ST :Quote -”….India is the second-most affected country in the coronavirus pandemic after the US.

    It has 7.2 million cases, with 110,586 deaths. On Tuesday, 63,509 new confirmed cases were recorded amid a downturn in new cases.

    The South Asian country ramped up testing from 1,000 tests a day in March to 1.1 million per day presently.

    Testing remains crucial for the populous country of 1.35 billion population, as early detection helps to curb transmission…..”Unquote .

    Response :India got promoted to be number 2 in corona virus behind usa.

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