Have a broader perspective

Many Singaporeans have a narrow perspective. They focus on a problem and think that it is the most important problem, or that it is the only problem. They do not realize that there are many other problems that need their attention.

Let me quote an example – the way that we deal with the covid-19 crisis. Many people think that it is very important to wear a mask and that it is the best way to prevent the spread of the virus.

I observed that the virus is mild and that the spread is quite limited. It does not get out of hand. It does not result in many hospitalization or deaths.

There are other issues that need our attention. Wearing a mask, especially in a hot climate, has its negative consequences. It is difficult to breath. It may cause accidents, for example, when we fail to pay attention to the traffic on the road.

When people focus on covid-19 as the biggest challenge, they may overlook other medical conditions – such as high blood pressure, diabetes or heart condition. They also need attention.

The lockdown, or “circuit breaker” as it is called in Singapore, also resulted in drop in business, business closures, loss of jobs and loss of income for the self employed.

The economic consequences can be severe, very severe, on large numbers of people that are affected . It may impact their mental and physical health as well. It will also affect their family members and school children.

We need to take into account the impact from a wider perspective. It is not only just stopping the spread of infection.

I observed that many people have a narrow perspective. They think that the virus is the only threat that they have to deal with. They are not aware of the negative consequences from focusing only on the virus as the only threat.

It does not help when the ministers in the government think that same way and are also narrow minded.

We need leaders to have a broader perspective and to give a more balanced view to the people at large.

I hope that you agree with my point – that we need a broader perspective to deal with covid-19 challenge and with other problems.


Tan Kin Lian




14 Responses to “Have a broader perspective”

  • NotMyProblem:

    One thing that I can never understand is Covid-19 is asymptomatic, symptom-less, why temperature screening? If temperature screening can detect infected person than fever would be the symptom, right?

    There were report of infectious persons visited shopping malls and malls hopping, how many of these infectious persons were detected by temperature screening?

    If none was detected by this screening, why create those maze of barricades at shopping malls causing all the unnecessary inconvenience to shoppers and retailers?

    I can only think this is to create jobs for screening and security. But what about causing shops to close too?

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  • xoxo:

    Maybe you can ask for official permission not to wear mask and see if anything happens to you or your family?
    This is contagious disease.

    Look at Trump.
    He is an example of a stubborn fool.
    But i take off my hat to him; at least he got balls and didnt wear a mask.
    What about you, mr tan.

    Go get official permission so that you no need to wear mask.
    Better still, go visit the dormitory without a mask, maybe you can prove your point?

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    The temperature screening machine can be exasperating. Stand too near cannot. Stand too far cannot. Sometimes the people are helpful in guilding. Sometimes the door bitches are just as annoying as the machines. I just walk away. Those door bitches don’t care if business goes elsehwere. That’s why so many shops fold. It’s not customers’ responsibilty to ensure your survival.

    The mask is a silly thing. Don’t have to wear when you jog/exercise. Then they say children below a certain age don’t have to wear. WTF? Zero consistency. I have also thrown out those initial govt give aways. Seriously, have they tried wearing them?

    Covid 19 makes people paranoid and suspicious of others. The measures are anti social, anti business, anti human.

    Covid 19 is just an excuse to set the stage for a new world order. The phrase “new normal” sounds suspicious.

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  • Police CLOSE DOWN:

    TKL you forget Singapore is a place where people make a mountain out of a molehill. Pedants.

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  • You so good:

    @TKL. You are so brilliant, so good in your analytical and quick thinking, comparable to our legendary wang-sha 王沙 and ye-feng 野峰. Keep it up, and coming.

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  • oxygen:

    Mr. TKL, AFTER YOU LIT the prairie fire with a cigarette lighter of a small flame, the wind gained force, changed direction to COMPLETELY ENGULF YOU AND YOUR FAMILY of another wave of Covid-19 pandemia, WHERE DO YOU PROPOSE to run to seek refuge of survival?

    Let the crisis “manage you” after that of your CLEVER VOLUNTARILY risks escalation?

    xoxo: Better still, go visit the dormitory without a mask, maybe you can prove your point?

    Better still if you bring along your entire family and siblings on goodwill/greetings on weekly regular visits too.

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    Mr Tan , you are not wrong if compare to e.g. techie current illness. Even techie also commented he rather teo covid 19 than stroke.

    However , your favourite china chinese victories if u take note of their history is either outnumbered or outlived their opponents. Depends on individuals and how one compared.

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  • Make Sure:

    If they are opening up Phase 3 to allow for school kids to resume their sporting and other ECA activities, or religious groups to meet, it would be impractical to insist that they wear masks, as it impedes breathing. Some may faint and collapse. Why open up Phase 3 when it is still DORSCON ORANGE? Unless the TF can guarantee that it is clear and safe, and there are no more community cases, they should not put the students and famiilies at risk. And if they are confident that it is clear and safe, they should downgrade the DORSCON level. Be consistent so that people will not be confused.

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  • blueview:

    Mr. Tan – at least many Singaporeans have “narrow” perspective on the Covid and the economic impact BUT

    some of YOUR high class Angmo-lang lands/countries have ZERO perspective about Covid and the economic impact so much so they just cannot stop partying, gathering in large groups, motoring the highways with screeching laughters and arggggghhhhhh sounds. If you want to see more of the highest level of stupidity and behaviours, go and live in a western country and see for yourself instead of bashing your fellow countrymen and women.

    So are you going to write about these Angmo-langs or are you just going to continue to bash Singaporeans for everything any human beings in ALL countries in the world do.

    You are really a *tupid fool, Mr. Tan! We know you are working for the P*P to bash Singaporeans as usual and wants to take out on Singaporeans for the FTs crying home due to job losses. WELL suck it up Mr. Tan (at least I am respectful and call you Mr, Tan…….be super happy and feel grateful)

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  • blueview:

    Mr. Tan – first research about human behaviours and see how behaviours, attitudes change during the climbing up of the Maslow’s ladder. This is the way of life for each and every human beings even thousands of years ago. Everybody wants to improve in their lives and in society. As they progress, they look at the next higher level to rise to and while doing so, they discard some old stuff both material and non-material stuff.

    Our govt, P*P and people in the higher ladders in the society seem to totally stay ignorant about human life, emotions and aspirations and always want to take it out on just Singaporeans like as if only Singaporeans are the odd humans out of everyone in this whole wide world.

    Use your brain la, Mr. Tan!!!

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  • how it is going to mutate:

    //The economic consequences can be severe, very severe, on large numbers of people that are affected . It may impact their mental and physical health as well. It will also affect their family members and school children.//

    aiyoh. covid is attacking human kind precisely the way we run our lives and economic activities lar – e.g close business & social connectivity, dining and wining, playing, kissing and hugging ???

    of course, will impact mental and physical health as we are not used to it lar ? putting on mask (additional cost & discomfort ??)is now becoming “second nature” when it used not to be lar ??

    now reporting on daily convid statistics is now on par to reporting stock index lar ??

    //I observed that the virus is mild and that the spread is quite limited. It does not get out of hand. It does not result in many hospitalization or deaths.//

    no vaccine yet lar and who knows how it is going to mutate (into some serious strain ????) giving you a second, third or fourth wave lar ???

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  • Jman:

    It is not mild, that part is just false.

    Having said that, it is absolutely true that most of us are narrow minded. Vision limited to the tips of our noses.

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  • The Emancipation Of Sporeans:

    Because of vicious social conditioning, most Singaporeans live in a mental prison. This dare not, that dare not unleess govt say ok.

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  • We can't think out of the box:

    Agree with TKL on this one.

    Singaporeans will go on about weird things like Golden Mile complex.

    Colors are weird.
    Patterns are weird.
    Design are weird.
    Art is weird.
    Artists are weird.
    FBT running shorts are weird.
    Women’s fashion are weird
    Men’s clothes are weird.
    But 60 year olds waering school boys’ uniforms are normal.

    Normal is to wear plain black everyday like going to funerals. No logos, or even some small detail. So weird right?

    Sunglasses must be black and rectangle shaped. Any other colors or shapes weird. Sunglass itself is also weird because we mostly wear spectacles.

    Listening to these people makes me wonder. Are they un educated, mis educated, under educated or gettting a narrow education?

    They think they very cosmopolitan but they are just narrow minded villagers.

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