Complicated medical schemes add to cost of living

This is the rubbish created by LHL. Not only do we have three types of CHAS cards, we also have Pioneer Generation and Merdeka Generation cards.

These different types of cards are confusing to the general public. They are also confusing to the doctors and their counter staff who have to administer all these different schemes.

It is better for LHL and the government to streamline these cards and come out with a simple scheme.

If we continue in this path, we will end up with a high cost of living and high cost of doing business. It will not keep our cost of living low.

It will not be good for ordinary people who have to struggle with the high cost of living.


Tan Kin Lian



19 Responses to “Complicated medical schemes add to cost of living”

  • Police CLOSE DOWN:

    CHAS, Pioneer, Merdeka cards not accepted at polyclinics, hospitals . ????

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  • Flickshit:

    Well, there is a purpose for it.

    1. Try to convince, if not
    2. Try to confuse, if not then
    3. Con you…. final objective/

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  • Aim to confuse:

    When most people are confused, the so-called subsidy will be very small and the profit very big.

    Don’t know how many billion or trillion stored in the many schemes. Not just taxpayer money.

    Tio Boh?

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  • Flabbergasted:

    why need all these rubbish cards in the first place?

    Creating and sending them costs money and they get misplaced.

    Can’t everything be stored and updated in all eligible citizen’s database, then the information be accessible to all participating clinics and outlets by a simple scan of the NRIC?

    Everything is wayang to show they are doing good, but don’t forget the departments and CEO’s created for this simple task. And we will never know how much they are paid.

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  • oxygen:

    LEE-jiapore-INDIA Bank forced on its customer its consumers debit card instead of ATM card – if there is any loss for theft or robbery or careless drop on the street, you die-your-business.

    THIS ADDS UNNECESSARILY to the stress and living costs of the elderly.

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  • SuckersSinkies:

    October 14, 2020 at 3:13 pm (Quote)
    In fact, it was reported in May this year that Singapore has emerged to be the largest source of foreign direct investment (FDI) into India for the second consecutive financial year, accounting for about 30 per cent of FDI inflows into India in 2019-20. That is to say, about a third of foreign investments into India comes from Singapore.

    In the last financial year, India attracted US$14.67 billion of investments from Singapore according to data from India’s Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT).

    Certainly, if relationship between the 2 countries turns sour, Singapore’s billions of dollars poured into India all these years would likewise be threatened. Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing would certainly not want that to happen.


    This is the most disturbing scenerio which our CPF MONIES were USED to invest in India, PRC.

    This has cost us all JOBS gone to foreigners !!!


    Our CPF RETURN ???

    ROBBED !!!
    BLAME OUR CPF ????


    ” Are we to blame, or this gov ?”
    ” Our CPF pays a miserable 2.5% for more than 20 years, yet Sinkapoors voted pap ?”
    ” Scared of their own shadows, most useless ppl here, inviting foreigners, Malaysians especially, to RUIN their livelihoods ”
    ” Today, foreigners of all kinds is INVADING OUR LAND, yet votes are given to pap, IN-DISCRIMINATELY ”


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  • Madishaved Madishit Eldershit:

    Looks like there are no Real Subsidies.

    Jack up fees and charges first, then give Fake Subsidies, right or wrong? Sounds Great!?

    CCC = Cannot Convince, Confuse!?

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  • NotMyProblem:

    More agencies more jobs for members. More tributaries more water disappeared from the river.

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  • What about free-rider Ivan Lim:

    PAP said it would “come back” to the Ivan Lim saga after the elections. It is now over 3 months since the elections on July 10.

    LHL (and PAP) cannot confuse Singaporeans on this saga. Why? Because it cannot provide any new information on it without contradicting its claim that it candidate selection process is “thorough and robust”. Such information should have been made public when Ivan Lim was called out for being a “nasty person”.

    PAP is just prolonging the inevitable. It will further lose credibility on this saga. This is a fact.

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  • Harder Truths:

    The purpose of any discount is to make it look like you are paying less.

    The fact is you are paying less UP FRONT. The FULl AMOUNT is still paid by you from other money grabbing schemes you are automatically forced to ‘contribute’.

    This is worse, because you are paying for any number of things that have no meaning – not just basic medical costs.

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  • Crony's Provision Fund:

    Well, it’s all opaque to darkest night Mr. Tan Kin Lian. And it all began 30 years ago during your ex-classmate’s rule over sheeples to work for his Swiss standards. Of course, Ahgong was watching over his shoulders all the time… who was antithetical to Dr. Goh Keng Swee’s democratic modus operandi…..

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  • How about ?:

    How about SMRT breakdown ( power issue ) yesterday ?

    I thought power issues already rectify ? Khaw left job undone ?

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  • xoxo:

    Famous word$$$?
    * Ngiam, whats wrong with COLLECTING MONEY*?
    *YOUR CPF is not yours*?
    * EVERY sinkingporean COUNT$*…when collecting more money,eh???
    *Get off my elite sight…
    WE ONLY WANT your money…
    *You die your business*.

    *HAPPY AGEING*…for U$?
    As for you, WORK TILL you DROP DEAD. .washing plates or toilets or while EXCERCISING WHEN COLLECTING cardboard litters?

    COUNT ON me $IN-kaput…
    Take away my job, my livelihood and CPF.

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  • Overworked & underpaid:

    Make it simple ..just scan the IC….
    Update the whole SingHealth computerised system to indicate what level of subsidy each person is entitled to..
    I thought they oredy had such a system.
    Throw away all those cards..
    Wasting money making them and adding to non degradable plastic trash later.

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  • down 2 the general environment:

    aiyoh. so many coloured cards ? so health care costs still up up up right ??

    no matter what, when your country has high COL becos of price increase (rent-seeking ?) of this and that and here and there, the high cost effect will get filtered down to the general environment (‘equilibrated’ into many items and many areas) lar ??

    any wayang interviewees still agreeing that tpt or gee-ass-tee increase from some ‘fake’ (or charade ??) interviews / surveys ??

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  • Went to Japan:

    So many investments into India and so many losses with projects there..

    When you look at Temasek and GIC management, so many ex Indians who became new citizens or PRs…….

    Over the years, massive changes to CPF and Medisave, making everything very expensive and less and less coverage…. this is the purpose behind all the complexity of schemes… to milk you dry.

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  • You die, your business!:

    All these schemes are intended to sap as much out of your CPF as possible. It’s like leeches sucking your blood until you have nothing left. More than these, they have profit-making insurance schemes. In November 2015, the Medishield Life scheme was introduced and enrolment is compulsory and this saps a good chunk from your medisave account.

    As if Covid-19 has not taken a serious financial toll on Singaporeans, they just introduced 1st October 2020 mandatory CareShield Life for people born between 1980 to 1990 – yet another chunk from your medisave account. At a time when young people are struggling with their jobs or looking for jobs, this Gahmen decides to drive another nail into the financial coffin of Singaporeans. Of course, they tell you we will help subsidize if you cannot pay your premium. Wow! how sympathetic! This is becoming quite sickening!

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  • minority:

    Well said.
    Blood-suckers.Sack them.

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  • Do more:

    Need to do more for those that are in need.
    Ridiculous to expect MG to pay cash of nearly $1k pm for treatment without subsidy and use of Medisave for some case.
    Need to look into the mean test policy for subsidy. Some of the criteria is ridiculous. Existing household income situation should take precedent over the past.

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