Overly litigious society

Although I feel that it is undesirable and unhealthy if our society becomes an overly litigious society, still, I welcome the news that Parti Liyani has decided to proceed with legal actions against the 2 public prosecutors who handled her theft trial.

Singapore is a lawful society and there are recourse for aggrieved parties to seek redress if they truly feel that they have been victims of their encounters or experiences, much less one involving 2 public prosecutors from the Attorney General Chambers.

This Parti Liyani case captures our nation’s attention and hold our people’s breath not because her previous employer is a multi- millionaire or she was paid between $300 to $600 monthly during her 9 years working for the Liew family but because the credibility and the reputation of our judiciary, our police and our courts are at stake. It is that simple.

I sincerely hope that if any party has fallen short of their professional conduct, be it the police IO or the public prosecutors or even the district judge in this case, the pap government will have the courage to put right firmly, appropriately and with urgency any shortcomings in order to restore our people’s and foreigners’ confidence in our judicial system.

Apart from Parti Liyani, the other party involved is the Liew family, its patriarch is a very well known business leader in Singapore.

If any offence has been committed by anybody such as perjury in the course of Parti Liyani’s theft trial, I believe that large numbers of Singaporeans will also hope to see that proper actions be taken by the relevant authorities, without fear or favour, to put things right too.



Simon Lim




8 Responses to “Overly litigious society”

  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    Destroy the Lie Dynasty to return to Normal a Republic of Singapore a Nation & Country …

    Not a LieINC a corporation NOT a Country where famiLEE rule By Law and not a Rule of Law

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  • Truth prevails:

    Whatever the case is, Truth shall prevail.

    Nobody is above God. Not even the Rule of Law.

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  • Pinky Is Stubborn:

    All these problems cropped up because of Pinky. And he and his leaders still got the cheek to carry on getting the world highest salaries while other country leaders have voluntarily accept reduce salaries.

    Its time to kick out the whole lot of the PAP.

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  • xoxo:

    Imagine A RICH N WELLKNOWN bloke needs to resort to UNDER-HAND method to BASH a simple domestic helper to such grave extent?

    Makes me wonder if that person possesses any REAL integrity at all!
    Even when he was captain of many BIGLY TLCs?
    Do TLCs’ chieftains have integrity?

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  • Harder Truths:

    “…but because the credibility and the reputation of our judiciary, our police and our courts are at stake….”

    HAHAHAHAHA. Good one Simon. At first I thought you were serious, the nas I looked deeper the sarcasm was plainly evident.

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  • pnepolism trumpism pact:

    Instead of throwing $28 m into the sewer to pamper up Trump n Kimy. PAP n DHS could achieve more towards DHS desperation to make his story by sending his ministers to advise trump how to refute accountability as demanded by the protesters rally across US n strngthening by allearing alongside Trump to announce his message of nepotic pap neurotic peeing n pooing dict. As for the appointment of Bareet as Supreme Court Judge, PAP DHS or vivian or shammug could approach trump to send him SIN neurotic legal expert on how career success and wealth regardless even if they r ill gotten as peeing n pooing n Trumpic have the same mental s that both r above the laws.

    Yea this would definitely peeing n pooing all over American history n see how strong will be the trumpi alliance and love peeing n pooing all over US n American would surely be very grateful peeing n pooing! More likely all peeing n pooing munsters will receive the keys to the American history n like gct plping to the brits with his billions he Legally ownself gave ownself in SIN, they could chabo to trumpic when time gets worse to fleece in SIN but beware of the white supremicists who will char bananas as they char the chestnuts!

    run with tails tugged bewtween the legs like little doggies. beware though of
    grown up Amo who may enlists them to more billions by marketing their meats hopefully to the taste of the white trashes.

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    What is $28 million COMPARED to the $400+ Million in a game NOBODY REMEMBERS and in both events Guess What??? a Guy name Viv is in charge

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  • kDrama corruption:

    all humans are more or less the same.

    those who score well in A levels only are able to do so because they know importance of memorizing exam answers so that they can ace the exams and join pap S$m gravy train.

    also, kDramas depict real life.

    all humans love S$m, and will collude in order to achieve the S$m. billionaires are no exception. after all, all humans are more or less the same. all eat, shit, ffff, and collude to make their S$m.

    those who are angry being called so must be the non S$m 61% sheep. if they are angry being called so, we think we can understand since they are the few exceptions, not due to nature but due to lack of S$m collusion opportunities.

    kDramas all, ALL, show how collusions start. always, collusion starts with a wrong, done either by the S$m businessmen or S$m businesswomen, or the political folks.

    these wrong doers then collude with agc with police with judge to twist turn their wrong doing into it is an honest mistake let us move on conclusion.

    why did the 2 agc prosecutors agree to fix low wage maid fixed by liew mun leong? aha. because the papa of one of them is the friend of liew mun leong.

    why did the police agree to fix the low wage maid fixed by the 2 agc prosecutors? aha. as kDramas show, agc prosecutors go lenient on police if police go lenient on agc prosecutors. it is the scratchy syndrome, you scratch my back I scratch yours syndrome.

    see now on Netflix STRANGER season 2. this kDrama shows how the agc prosecutors and spf and pap judges all collude to corruption legally.

    will the 2 agc prosecutors now being called to task get punished?

    unlikely. because in order to collude, kDramas show all 3 parties, agc prosecutors spf pap judges all must be in the game.

    if one goes down, the other 2 goes down too.

    so low wage maid unlikely to win, even though she has a water tight case.

    remember our esteemed Mr JB Jeyaretnam? he clearly pointed out then cj was beholden to then evil lee kuan yew. everyone know Mr JB was on target. alas. in a collusion, especially in an Asian context where the beholden and beholding all play stupid, it is hard to win.

    that is why pap no longer accepts privy council. only pap courts.

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