53% of households as stupid as Tan Kin Lian?

2nd Minister for Trade and Industry, Dr. Tan See Leng rightly encouraged households to consider switching to fixed-price plans offered by electricity retailers under the Open Electricity Market (OEM), as fuel price fluctuations are expected to continue into the months ahead.

From the comments online and the fact that the majority (53%) of households have not switched out of Singapore Power (SP), it is apparent that many people are still skeptical, ignorant, or confused about the benefits of switching to a retailer under the OEM.

One of the chief complaints is why SP can’t just match the pricing of OEM retailers. There are good reasons why SP is not in a position to match the pricing of OEM retailers but I’ll not go into the matter because it’s a very technical and dry subject, involving boring stuff like competition, price discovery and SP’s role.

Whatever, these comments 53% remind me that presidential candidate TKL (Remember he lost his deposit and KPKBed about the loss) a few yrs, KPKBed that he was confused about choosing an OEM retailers and he wondered SP couldn’t just match the pricing of OEM retailers.

As an educated man (OK, OK he only finished sec4 in RI and has an actuarial qualification) TKL was soapboxing. As I said above, there are good reasons why SP can’t do this.

To save the 53% households and in particular TLK from their stupidity, these households should be assigned a retailer other than SP to get the better rates. Who they get is the luck of the draw and they’ll be given six months to move to another retailer without penalty. Actually all the rates are pretty close,

Btw, what some really smart S’poreans did: Some householders laughing all the way to the bank. Even with the recent price rise, they are ahead.

Related post on the rates juz before Covid-19 when MSM was spreading fake new: Why MSM no kanna POFMA for spreading fake news?

Finally, thinking about it TKL and his campaign manager, one Goh Meng Seng, are really dumb. If 53% of households are as stupid as he is, he should have been elected president. Happily he and Meng Seng can’t organise as orgy in a brothel.


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7 Responses to “53% of households as stupid as Tan Kin Lian?”

  • Police CLOSE DOWN:

    Tell us from experience, which OEM retailer is the cheapest?

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  • CEOs Pay:

    Who are the CEOs of he OEMs and what’s their pay like?
    State or Trade Secrets?

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  • Two Lampars on TKL's Shoulders:

    Who are the 47%?

    Only poor cheapskates bother, not to mention greedy but Stupid.
    Scrimp a few dollars only to be swipe big-time by the Big Brother in one fell swoop.

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  • Partial truth?:

    Sec 4 ?

    actuarial qualification ?

    Hmmmm….a living proof !

    The saying insisted here that dropouts are better is debunked.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Being ‘$G paper smart’ has nothing to do with real ability. In America and the UK you earn your smartness in the real world and prove your worth. In $G the title is given to you if you pass some exams. $G can never excel because the majority 61% value ‘book smart’ over ‘street smart’.

    In the case of TKL, as Mr T. said back in the 1980′s … “I pity the fool”.

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  • Observer:

    S’pore wanted to gain the trust of the USA-bloc, so Pioneer generation made sure they have English-Ed Christian government leaders.

    In early days, Chinese-Ed students studied maths and science in Chinese language. So English-educated had advantage when Maths/ Science exam questions are in English language.

    That’s why it made sense to focus on exam results in early days.

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  • xoxo:



    $100 Billion to *$ave job$* of FTs who stole our jobs with FAKE DEGREES AND KICKBACK$
    Under FT POLICY’s(GOVT) au$pices but cannot assist jobless n older sgs with reserves n still up medishit premium?

    Is PAP working for sgs or for others?

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