Covid-19 antigen rapid test is not foolproof

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The antigen rapid test is not foolproof.

They may not detect some Covid-19 positive cases, or may show a positive result even though the person is healthy.

MOH said: “As there is still a possibility that a Covid-19 positive case could slip through to attend the event, there is still a need for the same safe management measures to be put in place – including mask-wearing, safe distancing, group size and capacity limits – to reduce the risk of transmission.”

So, despite the cost and hassle of testing, some participants may still be Covid-19 positive and infectious. How then is this different from the current practice of temperature scanning, which is simple, fast and doesn’t cost a cent?

What is worse is that the antigen test gives a false sense of security. Participants, thinking that they have all just been tested negative, would become complacent and let their guards down. All it needs is one person who is positive but tested negative by the antigen test and we can have a super-spreader event.

The main purpose of the antigen test is not to screen participants for mass events, rather it was developed as a quick and easy test for poor countries which do not have the facilities and the financial resources for the gold standard test, ie, the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) swabbing test.

Given that it is not that useful in mass events and that it may even be counter-productive, why is the G so enthusiastic about it?

Think profits.

Even though the test kits are currently supplied free of charge, eventually when antigen testing becomes the norm, people will have to pay for it.

Imagine how much money you can make getting all the people in the stadium, concert hall, convention, wedding dinners etc, to each pay for an antigen test. Talk about a captive market!

Not sure which company will be supplying the test kits but Abbott and SD Biosensor, both foreign pharmaceutical MNCs based in Singapore were at the forefront of developing the antigen test.

I have long ago felt that the government, especially the current one, is a stooge for big business.


Foong Swee Fong




6 Responses to “Covid-19 antigen rapid test is not foolproof”

  • Stooges:

    And the trace together Token is another one of those FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY device, unproven, uncharacterized in any mass setting, that could technically and potentially allows Covid-19 positive case to slip through undetected in such mass gathering type events.

    I think all these “FALSE SENSE OF SECURITIES” are but silly reasoning to open up to Phase 3 for their “AIRPORT BUSINESS” in particular.

    I think its irresponsible and dangerous and yes “stooges”, putting more lives at risk.

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  • $100 billion lah?:

    Lots of those $100 billions not distributed (given out) yet.

    Where is the $23,225 mentioned by Ms TPL?

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    Pharma and Hospitals are the BIGGEST Con innovated for the $$$ never the Health…if it is Health??? 20% with 80% on their MINDS…Profits and MORE Profits to subsidize a Wold of their OWN…Patients??? digits only lah!!!

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  • Harder Truths:

    $G is being used as a guinea pig island to mass test all the different varieties of a possible ‘cure’. And Team Despot is being paid a lot of money to carry out these tests.

    Did not the old Dead Despot say that $G is the idea place for mas testing of pharmaceuticals because of its diverse genetic makeup of its population?

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  • oxygen:

    EVEN VACCINE, if there is one, is NO CURE. The antibodies might not last of impact because “infected/cured” have been re-infected so soon.

    The virus is mutating in different forms over time silently – this explains why the resurgence of second UPSURGE wave sweeping Europe/USA with faster infection spreads but with lower relative fatality as a proportion of newly infected.

    A lot of new cases comes from asymptomatic origin WHICH MEANS A LOT OF WALKING SUPER SPREADERS.


    Science also believes the magical cure of “vaccine” discovery is a PUBLIC HOAX.

    Patrick Vallance, UK Chief scientific adviser :creating a vaccine from scratch took 10 years on average. The fastest vaccine ever developed was for mumps, and it took more than four years

    Science haven’t quite understand the evolving animal called Covid-19.

    And still want to compulsorily vaccinate so-called “vulnerable section” of the general population.

    The vulnerable section might be vaccinated to their graveyard of INVOLUNTARY PERMANENT RETIREMENT to Tern Sua A LOT FASTER than science can discover of the real vaccine cure of temporary INEFFECTIVE IMMUNITY protection.

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  • xoxo:

    these days ,it is not about altruistic values but about $king.
    King virus(corona) means the RICH & POWERFOOL$ like pharma bo$$e$ will try to $queeze more out of consumers/patients/ victims.

    Where n how the CORONA VIRUS comes about,no one knows truly except those IN THE LOOP,probably?

    As vaccines/cures are being found,the virus will be allowed to mutate itself and new strains develop.

    Or,worse still,like some scientists predict,GERM X appears?!


    Just look at stock indices,they keep creeping northward$ in an anaemic economic scenario even before KING CORONA arrived at the scene?

    And,look at the number of NEW BILLIONAIRE$ being created and their TOTAL NETWORTH BALLOONING,does it make sense to ordinary folks struggling to survive?

    Central bankers n Finance ministers are pumping LIQUIDITY into the hands of the RICH probably???

    How stupid!

    Like Tin Pei Ling proudly cowpeh about the govt giving $23.5K per singaporean,many sgs are wondering why they are $HORT-CHANGED with only a token $600 worth of peanuts from the BIGLY $100 BILLION looted?

    How ah?

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