Grants for ‘energy efficiency projects’

I have a question and I hope that anybody who knows the answer could enlighten and educate me. I thank you in advance.

Our Energy Market Authority will be giving out S$23 million in grants which is our precious tax monies to 3 Foreign Owned power generation companies for, according to the news story, energy efficiency projects that will reduce their carbon footprints.

The 3 foreign owned companies are Senoko Energy, Tuas Power Generation and YTL PowerSeraya.

My 2nd paragraph aside, my question really is what are the the compelling reasons and justifications to use our tax monies to reward them for making the efforts to reduce their carbon footprints?

Can’t the government set a reasonable dateline for them to comply with certain mandatory requirements and standards of carbon emissions instead of again opting at throwing our hard-earned taxes to incentivise and reward corporate behaviours, expectations and responsibilities?

Seriously if throwing money is all it takes to running a government, then anybody can takes over the pap government and do a much better job.

I liken this whole thing to the pap government’s decision to use our taxes to reward foreign students to do well in their studies in Singapore.

As a matter of principle, I ask is that even necessary, let alone correct? If they want to do it, they should do that with our Singaporean students or companies and not foreign students or companies. Foreign students or companies are after all, not our responsibility, isn’t not?

Christmas is not too far away but I hate and despise when the pap government lightly uses our precious hard-earned tax monies to behave like a spendthrift Santa Claus.



Simon Lim





7 Responses to “Grants for ‘energy efficiency projects’”

  • Harder Truths:

    The easiest answer is that there are some sort of shady deals going on between these companies and Team Despot. Exactly what is anyone’s guess, but this money is required to be paid for some reason.

    The cover-up excuse for this money is a ‘study’ that has no real value and will not be questioned. Another from of money laundering possibly.

    There are so many underhanded things happening it’s hard to keep track.

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  • DavidNeo&IreneVanessa:Bastards:

    Soon everything will be sold.

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  • Tremendous:

    The writer is right but unfortunately, there are too many idiots in Besarland who didn’t vote for him.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Any body still believes “increase GST is to help the poor ” ?

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  • Tremendous:

    Not just energy efficiency. Must also have legal efficiency. How can a screw up AGC continue to draw salaries from tax payers’ money to fight a maid’s case as if they represent the government, and have the blessings of the citizens to use public funds ?

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  • xoxo:

    Save energy?
    Tell that to the RICH N POWERFOOL$$!
    They have more cars, more luxuries that require usage of more energy???

    Take that young turk revving up and down the road creating noise pollution, safety hazard and heavy wastage of energy???

    Get it?

    Why keep penalising ordinary sgs who use basic amount of energy n even water?

    WHY SO REGRE$$IVE IN OUR PUBLIC POLICIE$$$ from G$T TO LEVIE$$$ N SURCHARGE$$$ carried out in a most irrational manner?

    How to narrow income inequality or bridge the WIDE DIVIDE which is getting more pronounced here in $INful SON(sun) City?

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  • Reality:

    Better to give only grant to make sure they charge less for the energy…
    Now energy is too expensive here…
    Bringing up the costs of living .
    Causing suffering to the bottom 50% of the people struggling to survive in this expensive City.

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