TOC’s Ghui no ak East Coast GRC voters isit?

As usual TOC’s star writer Grace Hui is talking cock. In a piece “Who made the decision that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong should not retire yet?“, she ranted

“People talk about needing checks and balances within Government so that the People’s Action Party cannot “ownself check ownself”. But within the PAP itself, are there checks and balances? Clearly, not all are equal within the party – so whose decision ranks supreme?

‘Has PM Lee Hsien Loong unilaterally decided that he should stay? Did he seek counsel from anyone else within the party? If so, who?

In addition, does this mean that the 4G leadership are far from ready to take power? While former Senior Minister S Jayakumar has tried to say that this is not the case, it remains a fact that PM Lee feels (for whatever reason) that the timing is not right to relinquish power.”

It is also noteworthy that 4G leaders like Lawrence Wong and Josephine Teo had both (on separate occasions) appeared teary-eyed in public, giving the impression that the pressure has gotten to them.

The decision for PM Lee to stay might well be right. Be that as it may, the public still needs to be told of why and how the decision is reached. Last I checked, Singapore is not supposed to be a dictatorship.”


She obviously has forgotten that the voters in East Coast GRC were very lukewarm toward Heng, giving him only a 53.4% electoral margin in East Coast.

This promoted Reny Choo, one of the founders of TOC, to write after the GE:

It is difficult to see how Heng Swee Keat can take over as PM. Not with a 53.4% electoral margin in East Coast. There is no way to spin this. Singaporeans cannot confidently see our lives and the future of our country in Heng’s hands. [LINK]


So to reply to the talk cock queen who asked “Who made the decision that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong should not retire yet?”, the answer is the voters of East Coast GRC: go ask one of the founders of TOC wrote.

And the PAP it seems listened. That also cannot isit? Die, die talk cock queen must insist that “the public still needs to be told of why and how the decision is reached”.

Maybe she also sees Remy Choo no ak?

Btw, tots on GE

that 4G leaders failed their legitimacy test: Why PAP aiming for 65% of the popular vote. (Btw, written in 2018: Why even with 4G donkeys, PAP will retain power.)

Better still for S’poreans, based on what PM, Lawrence Wong and Shanmugan said the PAP is very aware that their legitimacy is waning.

Legitimacy problem for the PAP as 9% of voters get smarter


And How the PAP plans to fix its legitimacy problem:

But the bad, sad news is how they are trying to fix the legitimacy problem. Instead of listening to Tharman

And we must be a more tolerant democracy, with greater space for divergent views, and a more active civil society, without the public discourse becoming divisive or unsettling the majority.It will be good for Singapore if we evolve in these three ways. They will each help ensure stability in our democracy in the years to come. And they will tap on the energies and ideas of a younger generation of Singaporeans and their desire to be involved in public affairs.

Part of FB post


, the PAP are trying to shift the goal posts, lowering the high water mark of success: now only aiming for 65% of the popular vote as their high water mark of popularity and success, not -70%+ mark of the past.



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8 Responses to “TOC’s Ghui no ak East Coast GRC voters isit?”


    I’ll say it again. Let students mark their own exam papers.

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  • All talk cock lah:

    Who say 53% cannot be PM?

    Those who say that are probably personally against Heng and supporting Lee. Either they are ignorant or lying.

    Look around the world. There were people who lost the election and yet became the prime minister.

    Look at the US Presidents. Many won with less than 51% vote. And yet they became Presidents.

    53% is a very comfortable win.

    Heng! Heng! Heng!

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    Just remember what Chiam aka “meantimeSABAR” or “chiamseeTONG” i.e. PATIENCE in Hokkien said to The Man who CON YOU in Parliament:

    QUOTE:” If you say then it MUST BE SO” unquote

    and “TALKING COCK” is normal for you too CI so be a Chiam…”Sabar or Tong”

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  • East Coast Want PAP Out:

    In actual fact the East Coast voters want LHL and the PAP to be kicked out.

    This election they have many Indians from India living in the East Coast condos. Probably by next election if they are not careful, they will get voted out once and for all as the voters are really fed up with them just like Trump in the USA.

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  • opposition dude:

    Aiyoh there is no need for long grandmother opinion pieces on handing over power and the 4G lah. The simple equation is as follows below.

    PAP knows that they will lose more seats in future elections but are just trying to be in power for as long as they can before the inevitable happens. The slim win in East Coast was unexpected so the 3G have decided they want to be in charge for an unspecified time until they die die have no choice but to hand over to the 4G.

    So if the goondu decides to hand over when he feels shiok enough then so be it. I don’t understand why people are getting so angsty about this issue also to be honest. Any election that comes our way then let us all vote and send PAP a crystal clear signal lor!

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  • Harder Truths:

    Cancerman will croak one day – it may be soon. That will not solve anything – we have Mr Magoo and Choo Choo waiting for their turn to screw the population.

    Why should the voters be disappointed? Let the 4G rule. I want to see them turn the island into a foreign trash bin.

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  • Not fair leh:

    Not fair to DPM Heng leh.
    Anyone come to East Coast GRC will also not going to get high score…not even LHL.
    Must give DPM Heng high mark for coming to East Coast GRC…without him maybe gone to WP already

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  • AristoCATs - Approved ?:

    “Who made the decision that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong should not retire yet?“
    39% gave no such approval. . .
    More should understand the Power of the Ballot Box !

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