Tai tai’s luck runs out, heading for Woodbridge?

DBS shares are really doing well while UOB’s shares juz doing OK reminded of the misfortunes of a tai-tai.

Earlier this yr, a 50-something tai-tai I know sold her DBS shares and bot UOB shares because she said UOB paid more in dividends. The brainless twit (not that brainless because when she was in her 20s, she married an ATM twice her age) didn’t realise that DBS pays its dividends quarterly, while UOB pays its dividends half yearly.

To be fair to her, she was most probably also shell-shocked when she did the switch because during the market collapse in March, she finally sold SPH shares that her ATM machine gave her many yrs ago and bot DBS shares in their place. She remained more faithful to her SPH shares than to her ATM machine: she’s estranged from her hubbie for years.

Her latest problem: the ATM machine stopped paying out.

She’s trying to stay sane by insisting that men still desire her and that she’s a savvy investor not to have sold her SPH shares until recently. Talks of her guardian angels, despite not believing in God or Gods.

Time to be warded in Woodbridge. She may not have the $ to pay for private treatment.


Cynical Investor

Cynical Investor blogs at Thoughts of a Cynical Investor


8 Responses to “Tai tai’s luck runs out, heading for Woodbridge?”

  • Two Stars On My Shoulders:

    @ Cynical Investor

    You talk as if you got spurned by her before. Be more graceful lah….

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  • xoxo:

    Not just this tai tai.
    Even more savvy investors got caught.
    The market is not behaving in the most ration way like before Trump n Covid.
    Guess people got to unlearn what they previously thought were rational.

    The world has become irrational,almost *seow*.
    Trying to read the markets the old ways is becoming unprofitable,even dangerous

    Tell me,why are stock indices climbing when the world economy is in doldrums.
    Vaccines,pent-up demand,positive expectations?

    Even big boys are dizzy…

    Stay out if unsure.
    Dont be a hero or you become Dr Zero really fast?

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  • liew mun leong must be jailed:

    we let the pap PA paid IB ci know.

    one of us is supporting her financially materially mentally spiritually.

    so stop spouting nonsense.

    it hurts to be spurned. but why behave like trump?

    move on. maybe, just maybe, you can find another Cb to BS.

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  • please delete lah:

    No head, no tail.
    Personal attack on an unknown person.

    Yes, sounds like an injured rejected admirer.

    TRE, please reject this type of post lah. Waste of readers’ time.

    Two Stars On My Shoulders:
    @ Cynical Investor

    You talk as if you got spurned by her before. Be more graceful lah….

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  • Professional Gamblers:

    The world is completely overwhelmed with Professional Gamblers rather than Real Investors.

    And Manipulators abound without limits.

    The world has gone voraciously crazy.
    Expect more people plunging into the abyss of eternal mental breakdown.

    Shen Chinping…

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  • bitcoin:

    Bitcoin going up like crazy again…look like new high soon.
    Anyone make money ?
    Missed it at USD6K….

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  • Uselesstankl:

    New World Order, stupid….

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  • DavidNeo&IreneVanessa:

    So like a woman. Sexist and entitled. Always the easiest way out. Men always must foot the bill.

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