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7 reasons why the latest MOM Employment report is pretty useless

7 reasons why the latest MOM Employment report is pretty useless

Screenshot: ST The Ministry of Manpower published its latest employment report on Nov 30 and the government-controlled state media yet again posted a rosy summary of higher employment rate and higher real wages for people who do not bother to read the actual report. Here are 7 reasons why the MOM report is actually pretty... 

Would Myanmar nationals want a government like Singapore’s?

Would Myanmar nationals want a government like Singapore’s?

I read with amusement how Myanmar nationals are hoping for change and that the Myanmar junta would be replaced by a government like Singapore’s PAP. People from third world countries like Myanmar, Philippines and Malaysia admire the Singapore government for the outer facade it presents: strong Sing dollar currency, non-corruption... 

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  • oxygen: MOST OF THE 70% DAFTS are just Pavlov’s dog of behavorial response.
  • Rabble-rouser: @ Fatimah: The whole problem begins with the PAP’s Educational Policies & Examination-biased...
  • Kan looNg chiNg: Sama same like Najib’s supporters lah, who even cried, hugged and kissed Rosmah some more....
  • NotMyProblem: “A self centred, selfish and blind faith society being molded by the system, churning out...
  • True facts: All same same kena con. No diff.
  • Kan looNg chiNg: Believe me when I say PAPgov is killing many of our young local talents especially for those whose...
  • Bapak: In another word, the saying “Stupidity has no cure” is absolutely true.
  • guantanamera: one promised to save your soul one promised to save your CPF
  • guantanamera: liddat one lah .. charismatic movement guantanamera guan ni la guantanamera
  • My $8 heart bypass: What do you get from doing NS, besides wasting 2 years of your life and 2 years lagging behind...
  • I'm Halimah also jiak liao bee: Why are all thoese Foreign trash invited in by the PAPIGS made to do NS before giving...
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