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  • Shameless dishonesty?: Tzu Chang asked Confucius about jen. Confucius said, “If you can practice these five...
  • soh: sabo his platoon.
  • LIONS: LOL! Lau Goh describing himself! Of course,they are mediocre n they know it;thats why they must enter...
  • IamMediocre: At least Halimah Yacob is not as mediocre, earning a salary of $600k as Speaker of Parliament. If we...
  • Songshu: EMS Goh in attempting to glorify his colleagues has slapped his own face instead !
  • Blowing in the Winds: The fixing of the opposition continues and will continue till next GE.
  • Blowing in the Winds: Thank you @Your Friend for this well penned feedback / open letter. Most of us feel the same....
  • HarderTruths: What else can they do except complain and rake in the money?
  • MarBowling: Dr M is talking sense. SinKaporean esp 80% of the total population are ‘POOR’ as they have lesser...
  • HarderTruths: Another pappy voter – they never learn
  • Whymustitcometothis?: This G seems really heartless. Once i was at a cpf branch to change my nominee. While waiting i...
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