I support XJP and the CCP of China

Asia Nikkei Review said:

Xi’s Gorbachev obsession put China on a Soviet path.

“Why did the Soviet Union disintegrate?” China’s then-new leader Xi Jinping asked his fellow Communist Party members in December 2012. “Their ideals and convictions wavered,” he said, vowing never to let the same fate befall China.

Since then, he has been on a mission to strengthen the Chinese Communist Party’s control over the country. The CCP leads everything, it was announced at the last party National Congress in 2017. “East, west, south, north, and center.”

But Xi’s obsession with avoiding the Soviet path and establishing absolute party rule looks to be the precise reason why the Trump administration and the international community are increasingly skeptical about China. Read here.

TKL said.

Hello, Nikkei. I know that you are pro-America and anti-China. I have read your views for the past months.

Tell you what – I agree with Xi Jinping. I believe that it is important for The CCP to lead China. A country needs a clear direction and strong leadership.

Look at the mess that is happening in America and the UK. This is what you get with a democratic system that is not working.

I am not sure about Japan. But I think Japan democracy is working well. So, it is okay for your country.

What about Singapore. Sad to say, we are not performing well.

I know Singapore has a dominant party in charge, like in China. But it has one big flaw. The PAP largely follows the American capitalist model of running the country.

It may not be exactly similar to America, but it is similar to a large extent.

China’s model is socialist. The leaders are sincere in working in the best interest of the people. It has obtained the trust of the people, largely.

Sure, there are some dissidents in China. Their stories are covered prominently in the western media. But they are largely exaggerated.

If the leaders in the CCP are corrupt, their people will know. They are not stupid.

So, to comrade XJP. Well done. TKL gives you his respect and support.


Tan Kin Lian




30 Responses to “I support XJP and the CCP of China”

  • xoxo:

    dont play play.
    Commies no easy meat one.
    But being Asian,i support XJP ‘s fighting off the Big Ang Moh Bully.

    Ang mohs have got superiority complex medical/ mental illness.


    like Pandas n nipponese.


    XJP smart to show restrain.
    But i afraid of his grin….

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  • Sojoürner:

    Yes Trump is an idiot. Let’s park that for a moment.
    What matters is that China has global hegemonic aspirations. They want to displace the US as the pre-eminent global power and a liberal-dominated world order with an illiberal one in which Beijing calls the shots. To that end they are engaged in a covert war with the US on multiple lines; technology, defense, diplomacy, economic, cultural etc. They are also heavily infiltrating other governments and civil society, in ways eerily reminiscent of their war with the Nationalists.

    America can pretend that Beijing isn’t going after them – and other democratic nations such as Australia, India, UK, Canada etc – but the reality is that they are. The US doesn’t have a choice in this. It can either surrender and comply with Beijing’s will, or defend itself, it’s ideals and it’s allies.

    What’s needed is for there to be an open and frank conservation about the challenges posed by Beijing and how to respond.

    What will come of this will govern our countries and our lives long after the Orange baboon is gone. Mr. Xi’s ambition to spread China’s model of dictatorship around the world…. Is it really the goal or one of the goals of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to take over the world? This seems to be the assumption, often unstated, of most recent commentary on China. Clearly, China wants to silence critics at home and abroad.

    An alternative theory is that the CCP’s recent crackdowns and other actions (aggressiveness in the South China Sea) is all about the legitimacy of the CCP at home. Legitimacy of the CCP has been an issue for the party since its takeover in 1949 and Covid has most recently shaken this legitimacy. Just as Trump is trying to shore up his base for November, the CCP is trying to shore up its standing at home.

    A good article on this topic:

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  • most uselss:

    Your posts are interesting but this one shows your stupidity.

    Remember what you posts on FB being sarcastic and cynical towards the establishment can be tolerated in a democracy even if is a hybrid.

    Trump maybe voted out in November because its a real democracy.

    Dictatorship is forever, everyone is forced to kowtow to the emperor and emperor surrounds himself with relatives and cronies. This is true of China and us.

    XJP is the worst performing President, and he changed the constitution to fit his own personal desire to rule China like Emperor. The economic miracle was started by Deng Xiao Ping (opening up for capitalism) the and passed down, everyone was maintaining from Jiang Zhe Ming, Hu Jingtao to XJP. XJP has done nothing to the economy, except tightening control of media and people with harsher law to ensure 100% compliance to the state, no whispering on social media or public or be jailed. XJP has gain global fame by bullying neighbours with the 9 nine dot and constantly challening international waters with its planes and ships. Of course China is rich and been lending money to most third world countries and some of the first world like US and UK; this was started during Jiang’s time.

    The pandemic has caused major damages to all economy but China has even faked its own stats to bluff its own citizens that the economy wasn’t affected. GDP has been free falling from Singapore to US, how could Chinese economy which largely also depending on exports been unaffected?

    Xi is trying to emulate Mao and wanted to go down in history as the greatest ruler of modern China, this is why China is bullying other nations and asserting itself on global stage, demonising US, Europe and defending all their misdeeds such as the South China Seas disputes. XJP has contributed to all these aggressive actions in South China Seas and on global stage. Yes the his ratings are up because he manipulated and controlled the MSM to build nationalistic feeling that China is “under threats” from US and Europe. But what has done for the Chinese people? The Chinese people are similar to Singaporeans, easily brainwashed and manipulated by MSM.

    Xi has put down laws that every citizen found criticising the regime on social media or chat is subjected to jail time. And many people have either been blacklisted or accounts suspended from talking anything bad about China policies. Some had even been put in jail for complaining Xi. The war against corruption was to wipe out his opponents, and the new placements are all his personal friends or relatives. Chinese visa in Singapore is done by external agency, not China civil service, Visa done in Singapore is a few times more expensive than in Hong Kong. Do you know who are the people behind this agency? Xi is no saint, he is just another dictator like Pinky.For the comments and posts you put in your blog or facebook, you are Chinese citizen, you will be disappear by night.

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  • Respect:

    I also give TKL respect for giving respect to China, both leaders and people, for making China such a powerful and prosperous country witjin such a short span of time. China is learning only the best part from the west while reviving and revitalising the best part of its 5000 years culture. The present clash is clash of culture …. or upbringing.

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  • Woshi 神经病 Trumph:

    Trumph: 我以为 我患了神经病
    XJB : Don’t be Grumpy
    Namewee黄明志 : Tock Kock Lah.甚至像个神经病一样就自言自语啊那种都可能会出现

    It’s like a maniac who talks to himself. Anything can happen.

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  • a little china:

    one day the mighty china might ‘take over’ our sg as its own.
    oredy sg population 75%chinese.
    saw on the news sg-china relations opening up many more sectors for trade n understanding.
    plus china oredy knows our sgov is weak n inept….easier to ‘take over’…
    just like india is doing now…with the damn ceca fiasco..they are experts at wheeling n dealing.
    our gov are only good yes men..

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  • TKL is Crap:

    Dr Tan,
    If you are supporting China means you are agreeing to China’s claim to 90% of the South China Sea with regards 9 dash line created by China.

    China has become a global bully and a pariah country in this region, using Road and Belt Initiative to push for military and economic suppression of other countries for it’s own survival, by using their money.

    Please have a holistic view of China before making your blatant statement. You are having a very shallow knowledge of world politics.

    Stay away from global politics and just talk about PAP politics. This is where you belong and can contribute your 2 cents of worth.

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  • Uselesstankl:

    How Balochistan became a part of Pakistan – a historical perspective
    The true history of Balochistan is never shared or talked about among the general public of Pakistan


    Why not talk about Balochitan ???

    Ask why Great Britan do nothing to help them, since it was under UK for years ???

    Does UK really bother or love its SLAVE ???



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  • oxygen:

    XIAO KOW LUAN PUI is Hokkien translation of mad puppy anyhow bark.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Stated above :Quote – “…. Look at the mess that is happening in America and the UK. This is what you get with a democratic system that is not working.

    I am not sure about Japan. But I think Japan democracy is working well. So, it is okay for your country….” Unquote.

    Response : Why Japan is working well. Japan has previously a policy that provide jobs for all their Japanese lifelong. And Japan industries, technology, healthcare medications, manufacturing,…. are all very advanced reaping in huge profits for their countries, so their economy is profitable year after year as they have well established products.With lifelong jobs, things there are stable and their Japanese unique language is another hinder for foreigners to interfere in their democracy. If one cannot speak democracy, how to influence their policies making?

    America has a lot of illegal immigrants that keep entering their countries from maybe Nigeria, Mexico or whatever, creating a lot of problems for them. And these migrants or illegal migrants eventually will choose to enter Canada through America Roxham Road for a better life.

    UK problem becomes serious maybe due to BREXIT. And now with corona virus affecting all those professional football lifes there, take another knock.

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  • China is dependent on US:

    Dear TKL,
    You said “The (China) leaders are sincere in working in the best interest of the people. It has obtained the trust of the people, largely.
    You are an idiots to think that way.

    Think deeper. XJP salary is less than a fraction of our great leader PM Lee yet he could afford to send his daughter to Harvard ?

    Please remember what our founding father LKY said:

    “Sir, my generation of political leaders have become dinosaurs, an extinct breed of men who went into politics because of the passion of their convictions.

    Let me explain very simply, Mr Speaker, that MPs are real men and women, just like you and me, with real families who have real aspirations in life. So when we talk of all these highfalutin, noble, lofty causes, remember at the end of the day, very few people become priests.”

    Majullah $PAP$ $PAP$ Huat$ Huat$ Huat$
    Lazy Singaporeans mustbe Cheaper, Better, Faster

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  • bgkl:

    “China’s model is socialist. The leaders are sincere in working in the best interest of the people. It has obtained the trust of the people, largely.”

    Note: the majority of the ‘people’ are Han Chinese. Has Xi earned the trust of Uighurs, Tibetans and some other disenfranchised minorities? If Xi aims for China to be a global soft power, has he earned our trust yet too?

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  • marriage of convenience:

    we support OPPO, all OPPO, as long as not pap we support.

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  • BK:

    Lol. All I can say, u are an uncomplicated man, with an arrested political development. Just as well Singapore is saved from you.

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    Singapore declared itself a Democratic Socialist country with Devan Nair leading the CHARGE and a Bastard fanning behind to built his Base…

    anti Commie at the expense of Nationalist and Patriots in order to gain Favours from the USA & the West to Strengthen his hold on POWER and destroying his fellow Comrades as they LOVE to call themselves in the Process to have his new Lan Fang Republic or Lie Dynasty in place…

    Tell me Tan Ahhhh in your simplistic and at times silly humourous ways How???

    Today we curry the Commies and even lick their Balls perfecting the art they never did with the West because they are too smart and can see through a Fraud…

    A Democracy-a Socialist- or a Dynasty that NEEDS to be DESTROYED…

    For me??? a Patriot, a nation “The Republic of Singapore once known as TUMASIK” a SeaTown now SinCity

    The Pledge??? a parrot and ape can recite it without knowing what it is

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  • CCP Controls The Narrative:

    It is scary how the CCP is able to successfully control the narrative all over the world. If TKL is getting those information from Singapore’s mainstream media, I can understand where he is coming from. Many people I spoke to share the same conviction TKL has on the CCP. Even some mainstream media in US are controlled by the CCP.

    Agree that a strong leadership is important for a country. However, not one that covers up on every things and silences the people on issues which matters to the health and life of the people. The social media are watched and controlled, only the brave (like Dr. Li Wenliang) dare to tell the truth on social media. We all know what the authority did to him after that.

    There are few dissidents because information are very much controlled, even on the social media. Disaster and Misery are often spun into positive events by the media in China. Too much cover up and false propaganda such that the people are being brainwashed.

    This is what the CCP wants the people all over the world to know. That’s why the CCP controls the narrative all over the world. If the people know the truth, they will not trust the CCP anymore. That is why the US is trying the topple the “great firewall” in China.

    How would the people know when the mainstream media and social media is controlled? Agree that the people are not stupid, they are just being misled.

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  • Steven:

    TKL thinks too much of himself and have an over inflated view of his importance.

    TKL thinks XJP craves his approval.

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  • TKL u talk 2 much:

    Ah Lian ahh…, why don’t you migrate to China and lick XJP. The mess in America is not as bad as China. Go and do your research Ah Lian. I am very surprised that you have so much compliments to the CCP. I think you only read and watch CGTN, Global Times and all the CCP medias just like idiots reading only Strait Times. Only senile loves CCP. Now i know why so Singaporeans dislike you.

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  • Kin Lian's Sino delusion:

    When Deng Xiaoping launched China on the path to economic reform in the late 1970s, he vowed to build “socialism with Chinese characteristics.” More than three decades later, China’s efforts to modernize have yielded something very different from the working people’s paradise Deng envisioned: an incipient kleptocracy, characterized by endemic corruption, soaring income inequality, and growing social tensions…..

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  • TheAdversary:

    Every regime from their perspective thinks that they are righteous(therefore the others or their opponents unrighteous), and every nationalistic government will find mass support, as well as mass disapproval, depending on the allocation, distribution and apportioning of resources from their diabolical economy.

    So the key to mass support obviously lies in how well the respective powers manage and reap from the diabolical economy.

    Rich/prosperous Singapore, for instance, with huge reserves amaased by the PAP, will enjoy greater mass support and greater justification or the judicial right to be the resident power. ( righteous from a subjective and prejudicial perspective)

    The CCP, a paganistic govt, has amassed great wealth or resources by copying Singapore(the devil or the father of Sin).

    The drive to be rich or the forefront of wealth(most powerful economy) forces all governments(conflicting and hostile) to unite and compete for resources to be rich and powerful over the people or consumers.

    This will ultimately lead to the religious west clashing with the paganistic east(led by CCP) for the world’s resources/ wealth to be the force of “righteousness” or be the forefront of authority – inevitable.

    Now why would the paganistic/worldly govt submit or bow to western religious hegemony(their fabricated righteousness they claimed is from God?) when their u derlining motivation is economic power?

    The diabolical economy is amoral and panders to the base nature of man. East and west pursuing economic power(a necessary evil to be the dominant righteousness) can never be the beacon of righteousness

    The mass ground support the chinese govt purportedly enjoyed, for now, is centered on their ability or capacity to amass wealth/resources from other nations.

    Problem is the amassment of wealth, to justify the right to rule over the people, is morally and perversely controversial or u justly unrighteous.

    The diabolical economy which grants legitimacy to the governments right to rule JUDICIARILY will have to kill, steal, destroy and corrupt values, and truths, to achieve their political objectives, for the “love or support or their people the electorate”.

    If your family head has to take by conniving force or wiles from your neighbours(rape/seduce their women and children) to provide for you, the children, can you in all good conscience still respect the Head, or father, of the Household?

    The children or the people dont give a damn as long as they get a go at the local economic lottery – the deduction of prosperity, the PAP way.

    The hypocritical Christian of the west will not be silence and the godless CCP will not tolerate the crazy divisive(democratic) christians(themselves are divided over the body of the anointed).

    I think the Christians need to do some serious soul searching. To them were given the KEYS but they are indulging in self worship by proxy of an idol from their emancipated and bewitching imagination.

    For those who had their “fill” already and care less about the current generation as it will pass, think about the future generations or your children/descendence because they will reap what you had sowed.

    The diabolical economy, which is the focus of all govt to justify their seat of power in the House of the highest authority in the land, will ultimately bring destruction, as evidently see by all now.

    Why leads to destruction? Not complying with even higher standard or laws!

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  • PRC Insurgents:

    As said b 4 , a lot of prc insurgents here.
    Maybe Mr TKL talk cock for the sake of reponses or maybe he received suitcases of S11 from CCP we dont know ? But good for him lah.

    What Xi said are no difference from 秦孝公 ” 恢復穆公霸業 ” context thats all ! But behind is 一統天下. After 秦孝公, u see Qin 或攻或搶或偷或騙 said it all. Eventually a matter of time we shall see more to come ( actually we are already seeing )

    China propaganda news too exaggerating plus tap on people’s emotion.

    Btw , since support how come Mr Tan u never donate monies to all the foreign workers stranded overseas to buy plane tickets back China. What about all this Chua Chin Leng, …..

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  • pap contempt of court law:

    support this support that is never any worse than 61% sheep producing cotton to support lying thieving pap.

    INSIDE 200m is not within 200m. INDIAN is malay for pap president. all show support this support this cannot be any worse than 61% supporting cotton grabbing pap.

    pap comes out with all kinds of nonsense to thwart justice.

    pap corners the states times and puts in it a useless fat general who sank NOL. pap corners the tv and puts in it a useless Cb whose only job is to please pap and nothing else.

    much worse is the appointment of no backbone types in pap courts. anyone dare to ask how come like that? pap abuses power by having a personal lawyer masquerading as chief law officer who happily without hesitation abuses power by throwing at the questioner the pap contempt of court law.

    in the end the poor state of uprightness in pap Singapore has all to do with 61% sheep continuing to produce cotton for pap abusers.

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  • Harder Truths:

    If you promise to leave for China permanently I will buy your one way ticket.

    Put your money where your mouth is. A usual – brains and balls missing.

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  • SINGAPORE model:

    Singapore need to create its own model of Governance.No need to copy USA or China.
    Our working model need to tweet to make it better.Need to improve the social net for the vulnerable and the bottom 30% especially the Seniors.
    Many of our seniors are too cash poor now,results of our Past Policy.
    Should use our National reserve to take care of them…
    We should consider to pay our PG and MG a monthly $600 if their CPF saving is below a certain sum eg $100K.

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  • Hitman:

    The corruption drive wiped out all Xi enemies and competition. In place, he put his own men.

    Can’t complain about CCP or Xi or policies on social media or face jail time.

    Poor economy but stats look very good. Why?

    Xi and his gang all have offshore accounts and were published. Wen Jia Bao also one big croc. Visa in so expensive here because it is outsourced to agency belong to Xi gang.

    For TKL posts on FB, if he lives in China, he probably in South China Seas drinking salt water.

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  • Tracey Ching:

    Aiyoh Ah Tan,
    We knew you are a CCP sympathizer and apologist. Why do you keep on repeating yourself here? Are you suffering from dementia? Talk is cheap. Action speak louder than words. Go and take your family and migrate to China. Convert all your money and assets into the Chinese currency yuan. Please expedite you and your family departure from Sinkapore to China.

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  • Majority Cannot Be Wrong:

    Almost all the above posts alluded to Tan Kin Lian as an idiot.
    In his own article: A million people can think better. He better believe it. It is for his own good.

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  • For many years, many Singapore:

    Chinese Visa in Singapore is few times more expensive than HK.

    It is done by outsourced Chinese company.

    Do you know the owners of this outsourced company?

    Dont believe the CCP anti corruption fable, the leader changed, they removed all the competition and enemies and replaced them with their own cronies. Xi is cleaned, or he is clean?

    Please read the following:

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  • oxygen:

    @ Mr. Tan Kin Lian

    ONLY ONE DAY PRIOR to this contributory thoughts, you WROTE THIS MASTERPIECE -

    Focus on opportunity rather than problem

    Your asserted preference of focus is GRAB the opportunity, look past the problem.

    Now you favor Xi JinPing and CCP rule as the preferred political model. In Ah Tiong land, the political culture is THE TOP OVERRIDES the centre, the left or the right or rationality.

    That is to say -IT IS THE LADDER CULTURE.

    That means @ Tan KL DON’T EVEN PERMITTED TO SPEAK until he has climbed up to the top of the ladder having first to displace Xi JinPing.

    Mr. Tan Kin Lian, how do you GRAB OPPORTUNITY first (ignoring problems of oppression and denial of a voice etc etc) when XiJinPing and CCP are gonna kicked all the sh*t out of your ar*e barking this nonsense whilst you haven’t even climb the first step of this LADDER CULTURE?

    I am afraid Xi JinPing and CCP are going to ask you this XIAO KOW LUAN PUI question – Do you know which one is your butt-hole (from where you sh*t) and which one is your mouth (from where you eat and bark at me disrespectfully) of hegemony rule right at the top of this ladder culture?

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  • 習禁評:


    其实避免感染此病菌的方法并不难,分餐或者使用公筷。但你让全国十几亿人就此分餐用公筷,可能吗? 不可能吧,因为这有反传统习俗。就算绝大多数人做到了,至少也还会有一两个亿或数千万人不会做的。这在西方人眼里,用沾着口水的筷子在一盘子里夹菜简直是完全不可思议完全不能接受的事情。


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