Happy National Day

I wish my country Singapore and my fellow citizens a very Happy National Day.

For over half a century, our NDPs had never failed to excite me and invoked a deep sense of patriotism in me.

I had marched in 2 previous NDPs during my younger days, however, for the first time, this year, my feelings is different. I will always love and defend my country but unlike those outstanding pap days of the late Lee Kuan Yew government, I am not proud of the lhl government. In fact, I feel ashamed of the current government.

I say it confidently that I know Singapore much more intimately than any new citizens. I know that beneath the facade of a prosperous Singapore lies absolute poverty numbers that are stunning and growing. I know that a former senior cabinet minister belittled too many thousands of my fellow citizens who do not earn >S$500,000/ annually as mediocre people. I know of some former very “enterprising” pap MPs who leveraged on their MP titles to earn fat additional incomes. I know that the gap between our haves and have nots in our society is one of the highest in the world and growing. I know the way that our ministers pay their own political salaries using the peoples monies will not only get Singaporeans talking for years and years but foreigners too. I know that so many things have gone wrong under that hopeless son’s leadership except that our music has not come to a complete stop yet and too many Suckerporeans are still oblivious about it.

Still, my love for my country will not change. To all my fellow citizens, Happy National Day.



Simon Lim




10 Responses to “Happy National Day”

  • xoxo:

    And,Happy NATIONALS’ Day to all Tru Blu Singaporeans!

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  • Me Too:

    I served my NS in 1968 under LKY. At that time I was very proud of my country and I was willing to die for my country as LKY and his Ministers were taking good care of Singaporeans.

    Under LHL, he had screwed practically everything in Singapore. He can’t even manage his siblings, how do you expect him to lead Singaporeans ?

    Now I will not allow my children to die for the country unless we have a good new leader. Diu Nia Seng.

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  • Singapore progress:

    Proud of Singapore progress.Impressive.
    However not so proud of the following:
    “I know that the gap between our haves and have nots in our society is one of the highest in the world and growing.”
    Hope we can address the issue and improve by next National Day.
    Need to narrow the gap,lift up the bottom 30%.Do more for them.

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  • WakeupSG:

    Pinky talked about NDP2020 symbolises SG unity amid COVID-19 is all empty rhetoric. How can pap unite with the people seeing them going through difficult times during the pandemic while Pinky & pap continue to enrich themselves without any pay cut!

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  • Early LKY and Later LKY:

    LKY was in power for so long. We can try to see two distinct parts.

    The first part of LKY was accompanied by Ong Teng Cheong, Goh Keng Swee, Toh Chin Chye and other older ministers.

    They sold HDB at $20,000. They gave back CPF returns of 5%. Those were good years when the PAP did not profit from the people.

    The second part of LKY was accompanied by newer people such as GCT, LHL KBW.

    They sell HDB at $500,000 and give very lousy CPF returns at 2.5%. PAP maximise profit from the people. Price of everything goes up. Small cars sold for over $100,000. The gov gets super rich and the people become poor.

    Please don’t worship LKY blindly. All the faults of GCT and LHL were supported by LKY when he was SM and MM.

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  • day for the nation or PAP?:

    i couldnt bring myself to watch the NDP and evening show.
    what hypocrisy of the PAPs.
    is SG covid19 free already?
    how many of these volunteers may be asymptomatic carriers.
    even if the numbers rose in 2weeks time, would sgs be informed.
    just imagine the wayang of posting that SG reached 55k of CV19 infection cases on National Day.!!!
    someone is really massaging the figures!

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  • Foreigners help SG punch above:

    Dear Simon,
    Singaporeans are mediocre people and everyone knows that Singaporeans cheated to pass exam.

    Singaporeans cheated by using 10 years series and having plenty of tuition.

    Singaporeans should not be jealous, sour grape when your poor neighbours children like Ramesh could pass exam without using 10 years series and tuition.

    Majullah $PAP$ $PAP$ Huat$ Huat$ Huat$
    Lazy Singaporeans must be Cheaper, Better, Faster

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  • Me too 1979 NS:

    I remember most clearly it was Dr. Goh Keng Swee and Mr. Lim Kim San who designed MINDEF and our famous people’s HDB. We were proud to be serving NS and looking forward to jobs brought in by Goh Keng Swee’s Jurong Town Corporation and the Economic Development Board….the 80s were the golden years of the Republic of Singapore. And then Dr. Goh created Monetary Authority of Singapore to establish Singapore’s financial hub. He and Dr. Toh Chin Chye then pushed for an Elected Presidency that would guarantee a check and balance to the one-party governance… how far down we have devolved into cronyism and nepotism.

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    I was a Participant in 2 Grand Tattoos to celebrate self-rule as a student @ Jalan Besar Stadium…How many can REMEMBER then???

    I was proud to be selected because we had a Founding Leadership of TRUE PATRIOTS from all walk of Life…barber, postman & “chee cheong fen” hawker with of course a TEAM of Brilliant Minds and a Loudmouth with a Witty and Diabolical MIND put to full use later for creating his Dynasty…

    Today!!! am I Proud…to be Honest NO!!! when you see Hypocrites taking the Place of Patriots and Ordinary People as LEEders for the sake of “The Almighty Dollar”…with some receiving the Lord Jesus on Sundays and attending services to Praise God who is a God of LOVE!!! not hate or Evil disguise as Good and Loving LEEving none behind…yes the arses they left behind for the silly sheeple to wash

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  • have u noticed?:

    each year less flags are seen hung outside hdb units.
    will that signal our gov a thing or two.
    this year even with them encouraging citizens to fly the flag in solidarity re covid19, then National Day, still not much…everyone is sooo tired …one thing after another..!

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