Employers face problem with Work from Home

Many workers prefer to work from home (WFH). They do not have to spend time commuting to office. They have more freedom.

But WFH comes at a cost to the employer. It can be a heavy cost.

The employer has to make sure that the workers are productive. They have to earn enough revenue to keep the business viable. The employer cannot afford to have workers that abuse WFH and do less than is expected. The business cannot survive.

Some work can be measured. But other work cannot be measured easily and accurately. Some workers can be trusted. Some cannot.

Even if a worker is trustworthy, he or she must realize that other workers may not be trustworthy. The employer has to deal with all kinds of workers.

Many employers will have to face the challenge, and the difficulty, of monitoring the work that is done at home. It is not easy.

I hope that workers realize the challenges that are faced by employers. If they do not see the employer’s point of view, and the employer has to close down the business or retrench the worker (who is not productive), it will be too late.

Do you agree that employers face a challenge?


Tan Kin Lian




9 Responses to “Employers face problem with Work from Home”

  • pap has the mandate:

    Who is going to compensate the worker or workers if they are infected in office or on their way to the office. The companies are saving money on office rental and utilities.

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  • YHS:

    First Same Employee also faces family problem.if one looses,naturally one side benefit…logic.

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    SINGAPORE — A new workgroup formed to look into raising the salaries and well-being of low-income workers will be doing a series of consultations to assess a range of issues impacting these workers, including the suitability of implementing the progressive wage model (PWM) in more sectors.


    More WAYANG show to come next 4 years, while many more will DIE, a

    Frog boiled death….

    Paying themselves millions in 12 to 15 months of BONUSES, JUST 1.5% GDP.


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  • Harder Truths:

    Already I know some FT have returned to their homeland and working from there, which is by definition, still work-from-home – THEIR home.

    Companies cannot afford rental anymore. Regardless whether it is good or not this is where we are and this is how the jobs will be outsourced to people in foreign lands as part of ‘work-from-home’.

    As the companies are full of Ft’s anyway, they will find a way to bullshit their customers and the government that the yare doing a good job. Also Team Despot wants to have as many FT as possible especially from THAT country either work-from-home or in the office.

    Next time you ring up a helpline you will hear a strange voice trying to give you instructions in a foreign language.

    So expect things to get worse, not better.

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  • oxygen:

    ONE PUPPY-CAT LOVING ELECTED MEMBER demands WFH legislation to create/preserve employee’s right of choice in this domain.

    How more stupid of economics of this sloppy thinking? Despite digital technology, a lot of process needs to be onsite or close contact/communication to make outcome work or work effectively of at least minimum efficiency.

    PRODUCTIVITY HAS FALLEN. With falling revenue, employers are forced to cut wages. Mortgage cannot be serviced. Commercial space begging for tenants with much reduced space needed. Bankers lending money for commercial property developments are awaiting bankruptcy defaults to hit their own earnings’ bottomline and balance sheet for years to come.

    EVERYONE IS A LOSER if this WFH legislation gets a hearing and (if stupid enough of elected parliamentarians) and passed into law.

    WHO ARE THE STUPID VOTERS who elect animal-lovers type into the political zoological garden into that political zoo instead of more economists and bankers?

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  • Two Stars on My Shoulders:

    Why should employers face a challenge?
    Big business don’t care about personal integrity of its’ employees, only whether profitable or necessary to retrench. Like SIA.

    For small business, I know each of my employees personally.

    Anyway, jobs are scarce now and it is an employer’s world. Blame it on your incompetence and lack of business acumen. Maybe no guts to ‘sack’ such employees or because you have a soft spot for ‘her’ which I can safely presume? lol.

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  • INDIAN is malay:

    don’t be stupid.

    going to office is for show.

    much worse if need to ownself justify ownself S$m.

    the really productive sheep is the Grab driver foodpanda insurance agent property agent.

    all those who work for gic temasick ntuc all go to office for show. otherwise how come these are all failing entities.

    look at NOL. go to office? NOL is actually no more.

    look at sph. go to office? actually this one is sinking.

    to say go to office is as good as saying pap is productive. facts are, truly, showing pap to be failing.

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  • Problem:

    Problem is some worker take advantage of the situation to do their own things..
    Output way below normal….but employer still have to pay full costs.
    Result…better to retrench them.

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  • xoxo:

    work from home???
    maybe s
    *seow on* singaporeans?
    i see many FTs like angmohs go to the parks for walks at 3 pm / 4 pm ?
    OK,IF OLD MAN LIKE ME GO for late afternnon walks but angmohs FTs,so free meh???

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