Qualities to be a good leader

I consider the important qualities to be a good government leader are:

* Honest
* Humble
* Sane

(Left to Right) Taiwan President, Tsai Ing-wen, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam and Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

This means to be truthful. It also means to be honest in money matters, i.e. do not collect bribes or make decisions that are not in the best interest of the people.

Some leaders distort the truth to win the support of the people. They are misleading the people. This is not being honest.

A good leader should be humble. He (or she) should realize that other people may have useful insight and knowledge that he does not have. He should be willing to consult and listen to people, before making the final decision.

A bad leader is arrogant. He thinks that he is smart and is able to make the right decision without listening to other views.

A humble leader is also willing to acknowledge mistakes and to learn from the mistakes.

A good leader should make sane and rational decisions. He should not decide based on prejudice or dogma. He should be willing to look at the evidence (i.e. what is actually happening), rather than stick to wrong “principles” and “practices” that have been carried out earlier under a different set of circumstances.

A rational decision is also based on what is in the best interests of all parties. It is not a perfect decision, and may even be proven to be wrong by subsequent events.

A rational approach means the willingness to change based on new evidence.

If a country has leaders that are honest, humble and sane, the country will make progress.

Even if mistakes are made, they can be corrected quickly and changed according to the experience.

Do you agree with my explanation?


Tan Kin Lian




19 Responses to “Qualities to be a good leader”

  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    Tan Ahhh!!! simplistic…why not ask Simple Simon??? he might write a better and “thinking” one

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  • Good leader:

    A nation fortune is tie to good leadership.
    People will prospers under such good leadership.
    Good leader ? just check on the quality of life of the bottom 10%.

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  • KT:

    I refer to “Good Leader” comments @ Nov 12 9.43 am.

    But here in Sickapoor, the bunch of leeders propers with $$$millions easy money (highest in the whole wide world ! Have the people under them propers, esp those in low income brackets ? Our leeders always think highly of themselves, such as ownself praises ownself. If our leeders are truly transparent and accountable to the people, why do they continue to receive many bad or negative comments from the citizens ?

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  • SinCity:

    those are some of the qualities of a pharisees you have mentioned.

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  • Agree with Folksy Tan:

    Yes, totally agree with Mr Tan, with some amendment.

    In some countries, their good leaders are
    1) honest – able to tell lies with an honest straight face.
    2) humble – consider other views, of course, select people carefully to produce the right views.
    3) sane, based on evidence – of course, and if the evidence is not favorable, do “further investigations” to produce the right evidence.

    Mr Tan, agree or not?

    Disclaimer: Any resemblance to any particular country or leader is purely coincidental.

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  • Tan's mediocre classmate how?:

    Do you want a democratic leader of a bona-fide republic OR a conglomerate leader of a family corporation?

    Do you seek a natural aristocracy comprising altruistic virtues and cultivated talents OR a pseudo-meritocracy of certified infallible fellows of a self-rewarding fraternity?

    Do you ask for a non-mediocre leadership that doesn’t need to predate on the people’s Crony Providence Fund to govern the community, sir?

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  • PRC Insurgents:

    Good leaders ?

    Still early to say but Some evidents show the possibilities that Democrats may have cheated.

    Sure, Kamala can give inspirational speeches but her debate with mike pence wasnt impressive. Mike did better. Those of you especially woman who fought for womans rights ( what the funt? suppose to be equal rights ? I guess loading and unloading at cargo bay woman must also roll up their sleeves please dont siam okay ).

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  • PRC Insurgents:

    According to a lawsuit launched by Trump on Pennsylvania, theres 21000 voters who are already ” dead ” . Some more than 5 years and others 10 years. If true , This is serious.

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  • MarBowling:

    THINK a Good and Great LEEder should be a person with the following qualities:

    1. Since he has considered himself to be such, he MUST be paid the Highest Salary on planet earth.
    2. Since he has such Good and Great genes, it’s RIGHT that he ROPED in some of his close FamiLEE members to help him ruin oops run the cuntry. Better still have his wifey and son to helm the cuntry’s most important organization such as our 2 SWFs.
    3. Since he Is soooooooo Good and Great, he should be allowed to RULE the cuntry until he finally kicks the bucket, even though he may EVENTUALLY reach a ripe old age of 92!
    4. Tan Golden Chain and the 61.24%, what do you think?

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  • Of the 4 leaders shown in the article, only the LEEder of Sinkieland the best one, all the other 3 leaders who follow who poor and broke, only the Supreme Sinkieland LEEder who follow who huat ah!!!

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  • youfool:

    The honest politicians are very honest about collecting millions of dollars to create an economy where a huge proportion of the population earn below subsistence salary. They are very honest, and in accordance with their laws, that the rich should get richer so as to hire people who are paid subsistence or below salary(new poor in first world city).

    Looking at all these fools who still vote for these politicians despite their blatant honesty to rip off everyone of their liberty and humanity, they are very humbled.

    So humbled they are blind to lawlessness under their law.

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  • Bad Boy:

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    Do your own study and conclusion.

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  • xoxo:

    Good leaders are those who take care of his *people’s* needs, not his/her own intrests.

    This requires compassion that can only comes from humility, itself, acquired from true wisdom.

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  • liew mun leong must be jailed:

    how come tan kin lian England is so bad one.

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  • CPF members own 4.27% ANT:

    Fellow CPF members, we own 4.27% ANT.

    Look at the link, GIC owns 4.27% ANT.

    Some big shot said that our CPF money is in GIC.
    CPF money is almost $500 billion.
    GIC worth is about $500 billion. You can check international estimates of GIC.
    So all GIC money is actually CPF money.

    Whatever GIC own, is actually belong to CPF members.


    Bad Boy:
    Ant IPO shares distribution listing

    Do your own study and conclusion.

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  • mike:

    Is GIC a great gambler? Single largest foreign investor? With Temasek, both totalled 7%? Seriously? ‘Invest’ in tech or in debts?

    They go buy repackaged unsecured debts like sub-prime and yet more humongous than sub-prime?

    Wow, me thought we need to save money as covid had broken our kitty? How much is 7% cost? Now stucked?

    Town council got join the game boh?

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  • Ah Ong:

    Yoo-hoo! Through CPF, I am a proud shareholder of ANT group!

    Yoo-hoo! ANT Group financial products are more than 100 times it’s capital!

    Yoo-hoo! Huat ah, can sell shares at 3x more once listed!

    Yoo-hoo! Thank you GIC for getting us this wonder ROI on our CPF monies!

    Yoo-hoo! We need such wonderful investment to grow our kitty bigger!

    Damn covid, now we need to make back the money!

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  • Ahlim:

    Stupid voting stupid.

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  • Police CLOSE DOWN:

    So many people I’ve met from some job interviewers to people in certain industries are so run by their egos and lose their temper way too fast to assert authority.

    These are the real qualities.

    1) Lack of respect for fellow humans,
    2) look down on lower ranks,
    3) throw their weight around,
    4) quick to destroy people for disagreeing,
    5) never admit mistakes,
    6) quick to blame others despite its teamwork.
    7) Sneaky, thieving, lying, conniving, two headed snakes.

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