No hurry to get the Covid-19 vaccine

When the covid vaccine is ready, I will not be in a hurry to get vaccinated.


First, there will be a limited supply of the vaccine. The people who are more exposed should get vaccinated first, i.e. the health care workers and the essential service workers.

Second, the next level will be those who are more vulnerable. They include the older people (and I belong to this category) and those who are in poor health.

In my case, I am in good health, so I do not fall in the vulnerable group. I will let other people, who are in poorer health be vaccinated first. They include the obese people (and there are many among the elderly) and those who have chronic conditions – high blood pressure, diabetic and other problems.

Third, I think the risk of the coronavirus is quite low in our hot climate. (Shhh, don’t tell the insane ministers – who still think that this is a high risk). Frankly, I think we are over-reacting to this risk. I observe the statistics on the spread of the disease in Singapore and the number of people who need to be hospitalized.

Of course, I might be wrong and the risk is actually high. If that is the case, and it is reflected by the hospital statistics, I promise to queue up to be vaccinated. I will stand in the queue at 5 am in the morning, four hours before the clinic open. Okay?

Before that, I will let other people get vaccinated first.

Okay or not?


Tan Kin Lian




11 Responses to “No hurry to get the Covid-19 vaccine”

  • xoxo:

    Covid will still haunt the arrogant human race even with vaccine$$$.

    Too much globaLIE-$ation is bad for ordinary humans.
    COVID is just a reminder…

    Dont be too HIGH N MIGHTY.
    Even a tiny germ can bring you down?

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    You mean let them try first to see if it works. Hahaha..

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  • ShopTillDrop:

    When I see the mask off your face, or no longer necessary, then I shall believe in the vaccine or that man can carry on exploiting the weak,poor, stupid and the religiously self obsessed.

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  • How to trust him?:

    View it as the bunch of international Sinister collaborated efforts to get the economy moving with placebo likely. It’s all business.

    Someone said;

    “Singapore ramping up vaccine manufacturing capacity” since before the erection.

    Don’t know?

    He also said;

    No need to wear mask, false sense of security.

    He also said it would be affordable. Let’s define affordable is less than $10 to the general public. It should be free since foreign workers have gotten free swaps, free ICU, free meals etc..

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  • House of laughing hyenas:

    I hope the statisticians, MP, VIP, billionaires , Lawyers and grassroot leaders, cadres all take the vaccination first. Why? They have Contributed a lot to sg mah.

    Toilet cleaners alao contributed but slightly less though the elites would not want to do the cleaner jobs again showing us why toilet cleaners contributed too.

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  • Use Common Sense:

    If it’s for real, you think the US President sits and do nothing with their mighty arms? Common Sense.!

    Since 1950, there are still no vaccine from viruses like measles and influenza up till now.

    The mantra we must always meditate;

    Anything the PAPi does is expensive and almost wholly the other way around.

    Trying to resuscitate Themaseks, GLCs and private investments likely.

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  • Use Common Sense:

    Asymptomatic cases may die of horrible death when their immune system weaken, nobody know but foreign media reported 20% of Coronavirus Infections Are Asymptomatic but Still Contagious.

    And so you think these cases suddenly went away quietly? Singapore population have not yet been tested.

    I don’t even trust those numbers they published daily like all imported etc..

    You see, there’s only 1 liar untouchable in Singaland.

    Only when the day, these ministers walk about in the publics and dorms unmasked that I will begin to think of believing the vaccine.

    At the mean time, we should be safe with ourselves and not help others to fill their pockets.

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  • We wait:

    Read this;

    But one of the biggest hurdles will be showing that a vaccine works. Typically, this is done through large phase III studies, in which thousands to tens of thousands of people receive either a vaccine or a placebo, and researchers track who becomes infected in the course of their daily lives.

    So, an elaborated setup for silly candidates to be used to test the efficacy of the vaccines? and they said “only part of the population will get the vaccine?”, well you should catch the inner meaning of it.

    That fellow is known to sue and sacrifice his own to save his own skin.

    So, the 61% supporters and the useless ministers themselves should get the vaccine first.

    We wait. They will attempt with the price escalation threats but We should still wait.

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  • Medical experts have commented that the C19 cirus mutates, so therefore it is possible that this current of vaccine may not be effective against future varients of the C19.

    Hence, I agree with Mr Tan that there is no hurry to get vaccinated. Let’s give the chance to our LEEders and his gangs as they are aristocrats that contribute more to society and are vital to the continued survivor of Sinkieland.

    Peasants meanwhile, should wait for another batch since our lives are not as “expensive” as the LEEders.

    What say you all?

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  • Mutation ahead of Vaccine:

    Mutation of Coronavirus could easily be well ahead of the production of any not-thoroughly-tested vaccine. New variants could rampantly exist as soon as the introduction of each vaccine.

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  • Crazy Tan:

    Tan Kin Liang need opinion? Why ask the readers when, in the past,he kept mourning that people are too opinionted and his view is the best. Kaki Kong, Kaki Song.

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