Focus on symptomatic cases

I suggested that safe entry recording and contact tracing should be abandoned. They take up a lot of resources and give unreliable results.

Instead, we should focus on dealing with the symptomatic cases.

I discussed this issue with a friend.

Friend – Mr. Tan. I read that the asymptomatic cases can also spread the virus. Are you suggesting that they be allowed to move freely in the community?

TKL – I believe that these people are already moving in the community and spreading the virus. The infections are probably mild and do not become serious. The authority did not report on the number of cases that are located through contact tracing. I believe that this number is very small.

TKL - I read a report from WHO that the spread by asymptomatic cases is low and not serious. It is the symptomatic cases that become “super spreaders”. This coincides with my common sense. A small number may become serious, but we can catch them when they become symptomatic (i.e. the corona virus has reach a serious stage).

See this report from WHO; [LINK]

Friend – Some of these asymptomatic cases may spread the virus to the vulnerable people, i.e. those who are older and have medical conditions. It could lead to more hospital admissions and deaths.

TKL – The vulnerable people should take steps to protect themselves from exposure. They should stay at home and use masks and avoid close contacts with their family members. When they become aware of the risks, they will take the precautions. This is the reason that account for lower deaths of vulnerable people in recent months, as compared to the earlier months. People have become more aware.

Friend – There is a report of a large increase in new cases leading to a second wave and third wave of infections. Surely, with more people being infected, we should step up the contact tracing?

TKL – The large increase occurs in other countries and not in Singapore. We should not be over-reacting to the situation in other countries as their conditions are different. For example, the climate is getting colder and the virus becomes more active in cold climate.

TKL – There is also another reason for the large increase. The authority is carrying out more testing for the virus. With more testings, more mild cases are being detected, especially with younger people (who are not vulnerable to the disease). This is why the daily deaths remain constant and do not increase with the spike in new cases.

Friend – If we stop contact tracing, we may allow the virus to spread out of control. At that time, our hospitals will be overwhelmed.

TKL – This may happen, but it may not. We should not take extreme measures to prevent a bad situation that may not arise. We can stop contact tracing and see if there is a spike in symptomatic cases. If this occurs, and I do not think that it will, we can always resume our safe entry recording and contact tracing.

Friend – I am worried about the large number of imported cases that are being reported every day.

TKL – This number is actually quite small. Most of these cases are mild and the cases are being asked to self isolate. The virus will not spread to other people. Actually, this number is not alarming. We are seeing this number because we are testing all incoming travelers. Maybe 1% of the travelers are being detected. If we test a large number of local people, we may also see a similar proportion with positive results.

Friend – Surely, we are already focusing on detecting the symptomatic cases through temperature taking – which is part of the safe entry protocol?

TKL – We can continue temperature checking but do not need to use manpower. We can set up temperature checking booths – which do not require to be manned. We can encourage every resident to have the temperature taken three times a day. More importantly, we should make it easy for for people or other symptoms (cough, shortness of breath) to visit special clinics for the covid tests. These tests should be free for people with symptoms. These special clinics should be made easily accessible to the public. These clinics can also administer the tests to people without symptoms, but they should pay a subsidized fee (say, 50% of the commercial rate). The government should also give an allowance for people who are required to stay at home after being tested as positive.

TKL – If we focus our attention to make it easy for people with symptoms to be tested, we are likely to stop the spread of the virus more effectively. It is now time for us to try a new approach, instead of continuing with the same approach that was adopted for the past nine months.

Friend – Should we stop the circuit breaker and allow people to carry out their normal activities?

TKL – Yes. It is quite safe to do so. We can still encourage them to wear a mask in crowded places and to adopt social distancing. This can be made voluntary. People already know how to take the appropriate measures relative to the real risks. We should not continue the lockdown as it is harmful to the financial and mental health of the people.

Do you agree?


Tan Kin Lian





12 Responses to “Focus on symptomatic cases”

  • Silly Tan:

    TKL cannot differentiate “suggest” versus “report”. The text says no testing have been conducted but they only based on data studies to “suggest”.

    Furthermore if WHO can be trusted, they would not have said no need to wear mask.

    I find TKL to be a waste of everybody times trying to be somebody he is not.

    By the way, his One Card System that he invented must be a failure, submerged in silent.

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  • PaP GAME the NATION !!!:

    The new Tech.Pass announced by the Economic Development Board last week is targeted at the “movers and shakers of the tech world”, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during his keynote speech at the Singapore Tech Forum 2020.

    Noting that the country needs more talent in the field of technology, Mr Lee said that the people he is hoping the new work pass will attract are individuals who can contribute to various aspects of the tech ecosystem via their networks, capital, and knowledge.


    Our highly PAID ministers are ” REALLY BEHIND IN THE BRAINS ”

    THEY will only BLOW , according to the wind !!!

    IT is the latest monsoon…..

    How fucking difficult is it to ATTRACT MNC’s with ULTRA LOW TAX !!!


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  • A Threat to World Health:

    I knew right from the beginning, even before it was declared a pandemic, WHO is a threat to world health. Stop quoting WHO. Many countries have suffered because they trusted recommendation by WHO.

    Contact Tracing is a backup plan. It may seem redundant, waste of time and effort routine. However, when there is an outbreak, these contact tracing data becomes valuable information to stop the spread.

    It just like we overlook the importance of backing up our important data until the one day our computer crashes.

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    Tan ahhh!!!! BTW you and TangFastic aka Tang Li…I wonder who is the MORE egotistical???…

    You write without really “thinking” and Tangfastic “THINK” too highly especially of his connections…

    Not taken seriously the both of you but reading for a laugh…the serious ONES ie the “THINKING” ones are worth the time to read and reflect on even though at times it is very “CHEEM”

    TRUST not man’s CONviction without “thinking & reflecting”…especially those out to Con You!!! ie Lie Con You the Master at this game of CONmanship!!!

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote -”More people have died from dengue than from Covid-19 in Singapore this year

    The outbreak this year is the worst dengue epidemic ever experienced in Singapore.PHOTO: LIANHE ZAOBAO

    Salma Khalik
    Senior Health Correspondent
    PUBLISHEDNOV 19, 2020,….
    SINGAPORE – At least one more person has died from dengue this year, bringing the total to 29 deaths by end-September, or more than the 28 people who have died from Covid-19 in Singapore.

    When asked if there have been more dengue deaths since then, the Ministry of Health (MOH) declined to say, adding that death numbers are reported quarterly…..”Unquote .

    Response : “More people have died from dengue than from Covid-19 in Singapore this year”???

    Covid 19 kill less people than dengue? When so many people died from dengue ,it show clearly all those conwomen wolbachia mosquitos is not effective .How can the government not hauled out both evil Amy Khor Lean Suan and evil Masagoes to use the law to hang their evil head to use such conwomen wolbachia mosquitoes to solve dengue problem .At the very least both evil Amy Khor Lean Suan and Masagoes must be arrested and charge to be send to jail to answer the deaths of those 29 people and maybe thousands/million of people that got sick from dengue and has to spend unnecessary money in hospital or polyclinic wasting time ,money and healthcare deteriorates from dengue viruses ! The government has collected billions of environment money and we see our environment has massive fallen leaves everywhere not swept amd remove regularly .So how could those not be good breeding grounds for mosquitoes on fallen leaves . Recently,I even spotted two rats on two different occassion running in Punggol area .One rat run into Prive condominium and the other rat run into bus Punggol bus terminal coffeeshop few weeks back .If one take a double storey bus,sit at second level and look at those shelter resident walkway ,one will see a lot of estate with fallen leaves on top of the shelter resident walkway. All these fallen leaves accumulate on top of those shelter walkway blow there by the wind and is so massive at places ,giving good grounds to mosquitos breeding .One can find find lots of fallen leaves on top of those Sentosa glass walkway shelter .So evil Amy Khor Lean Suan and Masagoes kept the environment money for many years inside the government accounts for what ?And use cheap wolbachia mosquitoes to tackle dengue which any idiot will know is never effective.Where is the labour money to remove all those fallen massive leaves on top of shelter walkway ? Kept by them? And that is why no labour is needed to remove massive fallen leaves on top of shelter walkway which is possible good breeding grounds for dengue to breed .No need consistent mosquitoes flogging which lead to so many deaths and people sick from dengue .How cone an honest government can still use such evil b***t Ministers ?Pui!

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  • Bad Boy:

    Another driving in China case. Like a hollywood special effect movie.

    2020年11月19日 世界观

    The car that went over the bridge, really unfortunately implicated.

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  • Reality Check:

    “I suggested that safe entry recording and contact tracing should be abandoned.”

    I disagree with the above suggestion. For all its intent & purposes, safe entry recording and contact tracing serves as a reminder that COVID 19 is still around & not to be taken lightly. The govt has done well indeed to bring the COVID 19 @ domitaries to an end and choking the entry points & also hauling in COVID 19 imports.

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  • oxygen:

    TKL IS TRYING SO DESPERATELY HARD the fire (of pandemic spread) with a pice of paper of his rubbish writing.

    The fire will simply burn through and the paper add to the fuel.

    Perhaps he should better focus of writing on topical finance topics so that those who listen to this wisdom “advice” and information at Hong Lim Park in the past and U-tube can better judge his superior stature/knowledge in that domain.

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  • oxygen:

    Oops typo error there,

    The comment below

    oxygen: TKL IS TRYING SO DESPERATELY HARD the fire (of pandemic spread) with a pice of paper of his rubbish writing.

    should be read as

    oxygen: TKL IS TRYING SO DESPERATELY HARD TO COVER UP the fire (of pandemic spread) with a piece of paper of his rubbish writing.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Everybody knows India is one of the top two or three largest cases of virus in their country .Tonight ,at 2200 hr,Singapore Pools is opening odds for soccer betting on India Soccer match between Kerala Blasters vs ATK Mohun Bagan .Is Singapore Pool adding fuel to the spread of corona virus in India when Indian cannot solve their corona virus spread ? Such Indian soccer keague that is not established in Singapore should not be opened !

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  • xoxo:

    Mr TAN *Kwai Lan*,i suggest you put youf money where your Big MOUTH is,like people say.

    Go n wear a mask ,double masks,and stay with the recovered in the dorms.

    I will kowtow to you if you dare to n prove you are right?

    Bet on?

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  • Harder Truths:

    Talking to his imaginary friend. Ownself argue with ownself.
    Even for TKL this is weird.

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