Absurd laws enacted to stranglehold freedom of expression

It seems that no opposition politician from big and small parties (except me, of course) are concerned about the absurd laws enacted by PAP to stranglehold upon freedom of expression which make our Nation looks extremely silly and stupid in the world.

A single man or woman, taking a photo with a placard or even just a mirror, without any wording written on it but just a Smiley or a mirror, could be charged for “illegal assembly”.

Ironically, the very same government, was said to accuse a citizen of “making mountain out of molehill” when she was suing the government authority for damages as she was injured when the manhole under the charge of PUB, wasn’t covered and resulted in her falling into it.

I wonder what had happened to PAP elites and the minions they lead in civil service! A human being was seriously injured due to their negligence but they regard that as “making mountain out of molehill” while an activist taking a photo alone with a Smiley face posted on internet, is some SERIOUS THREAT to National Security or Public Order, so much so that he must be charged in court for “illegal assembly”?

An assembly of ONE person? That’s not just merely making mountain out of molehill but totally absurd insanity! However, we could not fault PAP totally because almost all the MPs, elected representatives of the people, agreed to that law. Nobody in parliament had raised SERIOUS questions on such SILLY legislation!

And of course, these very politicians who had seen this law passed, didn’t even lift a lip when Jolovan or other activists were charged in court for such absurd reasoning in law.

In reality, I am not really a fan of many of the activists and the dislike is quite mutual. However, I will defend their rights and their cause if I think what they are doing is right. Personal liking or dislike has no bearing on defending for Democracy.


Goh Meng Seng




8 Responses to “Absurd laws enacted to stranglehold freedom of expression”

  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    The WORLD looks at the “ILLUSION” and not the Lies of a man who CON-YOU…

    ACCOLADES are given Praise & Worship meant for the Devil is Heaped upon a Bastard who kills INFANTS in their mother’s WOMB and calls it Population CONtrol in CONjunction with the other Evil Bastard name Kissinger who started it all and Invited the Bastard to test case a little Island in the Sun as an Example…8(eight) visits in the early 70s to the US to work out a Deal of the Devil came the RESULT of An ILLUSION…Investments and selling the souls of the workers through the employment ACT

    LEEgal Abortion since 1974 killed more than a Million infants in their Mother’s WOMB and TODAY these “LOST” ones are being REPLACED by BullSHIT Foreigners Talented or otherwise

    That!!! is The Reality!!! while Living in a World of ILLUSION!!!

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  • opposition dude:

    PAP is wasting their time going after these activists because they honestly do not pose any threat at all. But PAP lives in fear that these people will somehow, some way, gather enough momentum to topple them. How very funny.

    We already have the internet and 10 opposition MPs in parliament. PAP just has 60% vote share. Is any of these caused by the activists? Nope, and all of us except PAP know this for a fact. So it always amuses me that PAP spends so much time and effort to make life difficult for these activists ha ha ha ha ha.

    The bigger issue for PAP to fight is the number of opposition MPs in parliament as well as their vote share. PAP knows that these 2 issues are far harder than ever to reverse so they would rather waste their time prosecuting activists and applying Pofma freely.

    Oh well, stupid is as stupid does I suppose.

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  • xoxo:

    Freedom of *expression* only reaerved for elites like expressing this: Its just ponding when there were BIG FLOODS at Orchard???

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  • Kangaroos can't count:

    Scientists have discovered that kangaroos can’t count. These creatures stop at one. One. One. One. One.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Activists are a part of all societies. There are good and bad ones. Stupid and clever ones.

    In a democracy, society judges these activists based on what the society gains. In $G they are judged by leeders who decide what activists to ban based on what the leeders themselves gain or fear to lose.

    Big difference.

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  • xoxo:

    Not just the laws related to freedom of speech but most of the regulatory conditions and public policies imposed on citizens that not just RESTRAIN sgs but also GREATLY DISADVANTAGE sgs vis-a-vis non-citizens living n making a living here???

    Lee Ah Long has singled-handedly SCREWED sgs upside down n inside out.

    Sit down quietly and recollect.
    You will see what i mean.

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    I’ll tell you what’s absurd.

    61% for endorsing eidiculous policies..

    TRE for allowing that PAP troll PAP HUAT/Spore R free riders to come in sprout nonsense, denigrate ALL Sporeans incl his PAP supporters.

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  • One person an assembly?:

    a group of people gathered together in one place for a common purpose.

    Remember in primary school was taught “an assembly of people”, not a solo person. Just to be sure, checked the meaning online. My memory has not failed me.

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