Prosecution of human rights defender Jolovan Wham

The Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) intends to charge Mr Jolovan Wham for holding a cardboard SMILEY in a public space.

It is bizarre, even more bizarre than the prosecution of Ms Parti Liyani for alleged theft of damaged DVD player, broken Gerald Genta watch, counterfeit Swatch and Vacheron Constantin watches, stained Gucci sunglasses, and to top it all, 120 pieces of used clothings valued at S$150 each.

Everything the rich throws away has a value in the eyes of our police officers, public prosecutors, and trial judge. For their gullibility, we had to bear a huge amount of money. The trial took 22 days, and the appeal three days. In addition, the months of preparatory work.

While the discretion to prosecute belongs to the Attorney General, such discretion as Mr Lucien Wong himself told the world, must be exercised in the interest of the public. Is he exercising his discretion in our interest should he proceed to charge Jolovan?

Jolovan has done no harm to us. His intention in holding a Smiley is in support of two youth climate activists investigated by the Police. What is wrong with that? We are not offended? We support his stand. So why is the AGC taking action against him?

Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam had in his recent ministerial statement in parliament lamented that the police force is “over-stretched”. Really?

Did he realise why the police is “over-stretched?” Let me give him a reason: It is because it has to investigate people like Jolovan and complaints from rich people like Mr Liew Mun Leong whose words are taken as Gospel truth.

I say to the AGC and the Minister: “Stop harassing civil society and get on with real work if you wish to regain respect from the public. Respect must be earned by action not words.”

It is prosecutions like these that embarrass Singaporeans in the eyes of the world. Intellectuals who have a voice must speak up for Jolovan Wham and human rights defenders who are trying to make Singapore a better country for us to live in. They should not preach to the incoming Biden administration. Stop telling them that it should avoid making democracy and human rights the central focus of its foreign policy.

Get our country in order before you tell America how to manage its foreign policy. If by now, you don’t realise that Singaporeans have lost all our human rights, you are just one more mouthpiece of the People’s Action Party (PAP) government.


Teo Soh Lung





7 Responses to “Prosecution of human rights defender Jolovan Wham”

  • Ridiculous:

    Intention is absolutely irrelevant.

    Action: he holds a card with a smiley icon.

    This is an offence? Downright ridiculous.

    How many smiley icon has people send to one another? Each time, there is also an offence?

    At this rate, if you give a wide smile in front of Parliament House, police will investigate you for illegal assembly and public speaking.

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  • Flabbergasted:

    Well said Miss Teo. Bravo for calling a spade such. You have the gall to stand up to these a……..s who are in their positions not because of merit but more so beholdened or pliant for want of a better word.

    You are absolutely spot on when the authorities demand of America on its foreign policy. Who the hell are we to call on larger and more matured democracies to get their houses in order when we ourselves can’t get our tiny island adequately democratised.

    It’s about time that more people speak up on our inadequacies. Yes Jolovan is but a tiny drop in the mighty ocean. Our so called men in blue are overstretched keeping guys like him in check. Really.

    Our parliamentarians overpaid by bucket loads and yet our standard of living is diminishing by the day with more influx of FTs. Such a pathetic state of affairs in our once flourishing and prosperous island.

    As the saying goes respect is earned not demanded.

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    Swatch also counterfeit? Oh My!

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    Lung, your advice is like water of a Duck’s back…Spray the AG with Instant Glue and it may STICK!!!

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  • xoxo:

    Whats wrong with flashing a smile,arent we a told be more gracious?

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  • Sigh young, Die young:

    Aiyoyo! Sigh young, die young.
    What has become and is becoming
    of life nowadays? So dishonorable, terrible, horrible and unbearable…..

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  • Singaporeans R Free Riders:

    Well, Miss Teo, for once I agreed with you that this prosecution is over stretched.

    But it is not my master PM Lee fault. It is the bookworm book smart scholar police director who try to get promotion by kissing my master PM Lee ass.

    $PAP$ Tua Kee; Majullah $PAP$; $PAP$ Huat$ Huat$ Huat$
    Lazy, Unmotivated, Whinning Singaporeans must be Cheaper, Better, Faster.
    Workers must accept wage sacrifices to keep businesses going.

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