More people becoming hawkers under NEA’s Hawker Development Programme (HDP).

In a Facebook post of 25 November 2020, Amy Khor, the SMS for Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment said that she is pleased with more people becoming hawkers under NEA’s Hawker Development Programme (HDP).

I applaud and salute those 2 former commercial pilots who despite having lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic are now selling ban jian kueh at a hawker centre.

They didn’t lament or curse at how life has been unfair, look to the government for welfare or such but instead get on with life and get going. I can imagine that it must have been a very steep and even a humbling adjustment for them, however, for Amy Khor to jump in quickly and claim credit for the success of NEA’s HDP is, in my opinion, pre-mature and opportunistic even.

I believe that even without the HDP, people wishing to pursue a living being hawkers which involve a lot of hard work and long hours will still do so. I may change my mind and applaud HDP’s success if, for example, about 5% to 6% of our retrenched Singaporean workers or our retrenched PMEs in particular turn to being hawkers to earn a living because one swallow just doesn’t make a summer.

Seriously, if I were Amy Khor, I would have advised or suggested to them that they might wish to attend some of the Skillfuture courses to better prepare themselves for a mid career switch in order not to waste our young, precious, trainable, educated and adaptable manpower and leave selling ban jian kueh to some more elderly persons who have moved from cleaning tables jobs or sweeper jobs etc.

Those 2 young men are fine examples of resilience, resourcefulness, adaptability and survivability in the face of changing circumstances and I sincerely wish them the very best.

To Amy Khor, I wish that she could be more observing, more thinking and lesser opportunistic.




Simon Lim





21 Responses to “More people becoming hawkers under NEA’s Hawker Development Programme (HDP).”

  • Harder Truths:

    This is their plan. To make every local born a hawker to serve the FT.

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  • xoxo:

    Why send your kids to universities and waste money; afterall,they cannot get jobs that FTs with fake degrees can get?

    Never have we heard of a govt telling their people to aspire to be hawkers while handing good jobs to foreign jobless migrant-workers ?

    Why not dish out PRs to good hawkers from other countries like malaysia or indonesia,taiwan and thailand etc instead and return decent jobs to sgs.
    Even indian hawkers from India can be offered PR instead of those with FAKE DEGREES.
    AFTERALL,who can make better curries or roti?

    But the govt insists on forcing sgs to be hawkers even discouraging them from getting a good uni degree?

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  • xoxo:

    MANY PAP MPs and even office-holder$ claim their parents were HAWKERS,how come these PAPple never follow their famous hawker-parents or grandparents’ footsteps or at least encourage their OWN KIDS to follow suit???

    Stop the BIG BULLCRAP!!!
    If you sign away our jobs in FTAs,just admit it???
    Dont be cowardly hypocrite$!

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  • mike:

    For some people, life is so much easier.
    You fly the high sky and when you temporary can’t, you get all the express route to participate with those who do the trades day in and out for a living.
    While most of us are on the queue to just get a chance to bid for it.

    And when the man-made ‘storm’ due to self inadequacies and incompetencies passes over, these some people get to fly the sky high again and ditch the base level to the struggling communities complaining how expensive hawker food are and the need to keep the price low.

    When did SG society became so superficial and so numb.

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  • What's wrong with welfare?:

    Please don’t echo pap propaganda and insult those who want money from Gov.

    There is nothing wrong with wanting money from gov. Gov has taken billions and billions of our money every year and hoard it up to 1 or 2 trillions. This is good to get some back into our pockets.

    The recent distribution of $100 billions is most unfair to normal Singaporeans. Poor Singaporeans get a few hundred dollars while some persons or entities get millions or even billions.

    Where is our money?

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  • Switch to Ribbon-Cutting Job:

    Expecting more ribbon-cutting ceremonies?

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  • Best Education in Asia, yet more locally becomes HAWKERS while ex Malaysians drawing Multi Millions in Parliamnet including Lee Bee Wah, Puthucheary, Foo Ming Har, Amy Khor and Sam Tan!!
    PAP keeps kooning and lying.!!
    Small space for sex. CCB!!

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    simple Simon, do you know what is the rental in a Hawker stall or a hole in the wall in the Dry store of a wet market…unless you are a 1st hand or hand me down from parents you bid and pay as much as $3,000 for food and $1,500 for the dry store…good luck if you can make a living or profit with the Right Product and Good Cooking…PLUS 90% hard work and long hours

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times website :Quote -”Jumbo Group to acquire Kok Kee Wanton Noodle for $2.1m…

    Eunice Quek
    PUBLISHEDNOV 27, 2020, 4:34 PM SGT
    SINGAPORE – Food and beverage establishment Jumbo Group announced on Thursday (Nov 26) its proposed acquisition of popular hawker stall Kok Kee Wanton Noodle for $2.1 million.

    It will take a 75 per cent stake in the 35-year-old wonton noodle stall. The remaining 25 per cent will be held by Kok Kee’s owner Leong Goh Lian.

    Once the acquisition is complete, Kok Kee will become an indirect subsidiary of the Jumbo Group, which will have exclusive rights to develop a franchise system for Kok Kee in Singapore and overseas.

    Kok Kee – known for its springy noodles and lard-based chilli sauce – started in 1985 at the now-defunct Lavender Food Square, before moving to Hoa Nam Building in Jalan Besar. After a three year closure, it returned last year to its present location at Bistro 8 coffee shop in Foch Road.

    In its announcement, the Jumbo Group stated that it is exploring opportunities to expand its brands. It added: “Supporting and having a stake in a day-to-day staple food concept will accelerate Jumbo’s breakthrough into the local mass segment.” In a separate report, the group also announced a net loss of about $8.2 million for its financial year ended Sept 30.

    Brands under Jumbo include the flagship Jumbo Seafood, Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh and Zui Yu Xuan Teochew Cuisine. On Dec 3, the group will launch its new virtual brand Hack It, which specialises in seafood meal delivery.

    “In recent years, more pioneer generation of hawkers are closing shutters due to old age and lack of successors. This proposed acquisition is not only strategic to the group’s business objectives, but also allows Jumbo to play our part as a Singapore enterprise to preserve and promote our Singapore heritage flavours and dishes.”

    Another high profile acquisition that took place earlier this month is BreadTalk Group’s deal – for an undisclosed sum – with the hawkers behind First Street Teochew Fish Soup in Upper Serangoon Road..

    Response : “Jumbo Group to acquire Kok Kee Wanton Noodle for $2.1m”???? Acquire Wanton Noodle stall for $2.1 million ? Jumbo group got money no where to spend ? I have no doubt that Kok Kee Wanton Noodle cook nice Wanton Mee even though I may not have tried it .But however nice,Wanton Mee is still Wanton Mee only .Most Wanton Mee stall nowadays cooking are equally good .So how much nicer can Kok Kee Wanton Noodle be to be worth $2.1 million acquisition value ? Is this called Hawker stall become privatise ? So this way of big corporation acquiring all hawkers stall sooner or later ,how would food prices not double soon ? You Lee Hsien Loong do not need to slap evil woman Amy Khor Lean Suan on her evil face to wake her up ? Pui ! Again shameless women hiding in TR Emeritus don’t dare to post out my post again ?Pui!

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  • Hawker Nation:

    If it is in line with their programme and agenda, it will be widely publicised as a success. To promote hawkering as an alternative career is in tandem with SG’s bid to UNESCO as a hawker culture. It is no surprise that they are trumpeting this as a success. To promote hawker culture, you will need a new generation of hawkers as the old-timers phase out. In that case, just give more university places and work passes to foreigners, so that more locals “bo pian” must turn to hawkering, as they do driving PHV and delivering food.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    SMS Amy Khor should make some photo ops with graduates turn Grab drivers and foods delivery.

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  • #06-195 Ren Char:

    Saw a lot of new citizens, FTs at orchard’s black friday weekend.

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  • Good job lah:

    Need good job for our people…

    Better to put more resources to train our people ready for good jobs …not any jobs.Support them even during the training period.
    What future for our young people as Food delivery boy ?

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  • support lah:

    Need more support for those in need during this difficult period.
    Many has lost their income.
    Make it easy to get the $500 pm from MSF to tie them over…
    MSF need to improve its response and be more proactive and efficient.
    Also more service orientated.

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    More and more elderly are peddling tissue packets around MRT stations, malls, markets, hawker centres, etc, etc.

    Are there Roaming Officers from MSF/CDC/MSE to do a round-up, investigate and put deserving elderly in shelter homes?

    When will all those places be free from beggars and pseudo-beggars?

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  • Army Kork:

    Is this Progress? Citizens becoming Hawkers or is hawkering like taxi driving the last resort for singapore citizens unable to find a office job befitting their degrees?

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  • PAP GAME the Nation's COFFERS:

    Another child writer, writing childish article, just like that child , tkl. WHO WANTS TO BE OUR PRESIDENT.

    WHAT A FAKE !!!

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Wanbao :Quote -”入住五星酒店隔离 连换四房都有蟑螂
    来自 / 联合晚报
    文 / 黄俊贤摄像 / 吴伟国发布 / 2020年11月29日 3:29 PM


    小 中 大







    李知修事后上网贴文叙述经历,希望能换到另一间酒店履行居家通知,但目前还需要等待当局批准。”Unquote .

    Response : For those who cannot understand English,in short simplify explanation ,the chinese passage described a Korean PR of Singapore ,return to Singapore to work,stay in a five star super expensive hotel.She encountered cockroaches and change four more rooms in the same hotel.All the other four rooms also got cockroaches .So it show the entire five star hotel is full of cockroaches.Due to mandatory law of 14 days isolation from covid 19 after returning overseas, that’s why she is staying in five star hotel in Singapore ! Wonder whether the evil woman wing is paying the hotel stay for this b***t korean woman ? Singapore evil women wing wing Amy Khor Lean Suan maybe now harvesting cockroaches to fight dengue problem since their environment wolbachia is ineffective to tackle dengue ,who knows ? For how do the government explain how do a five star hotel is even infested with cockroaches ? If our environment cannot even swept and remove all fallen leaves from trees from all areas everyday,so why kept planting more trees and building more unnecessary gardens to have more massive fallen leaves with no manpower to remove .Which evil woman is reaping the profits from the tree plantations of the environment ? Better go and haul out evil Amy Khor Lean Suan and evil Masagos whole family and relatives to check and investigate whether all these beasts people have any profits from trees plantation business if any ? Check is a proper procedure !If never check ,nobody knows why everybody pays massive billions for environment dusposal and town council money,why still got so much dengue and cockroaches in our environment ? Where did those environment money goes ? If cannot maintain fallen leaves and swept up,then build less garden,plant less trees is the right solution ! Singapore has enough trees already ! Don’t let those evil b***t woman earn those environment money from tree planting !Pui!

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    Subject of discussion and to ponder should be why their children did not take over the stall instead ?

    Some interview show that their children prefer more “relax” jobs. Some not in their interest.

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  • Ok ?:

    Ok lah if they want to be hawker.Some has passion.
    Not Ok if become one to survive because of no job for our educated young and PMETs..need to do more to improve the job situation.
    What future for them ?Food delivery boy ? They have long way to go…

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Stomp website :Quote -”Owner and staff of Food Republic stall at Causeway Point warned over cockroach in chicken rice…

    Cherlynn Ngmail
    Posted on 03 December 2020 | 3,555 views | 4 comments | 53 reading now
    Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

    This story was submitted via Web contribution form.

    A diner was horrified when what felt like crunchy cabbage in her mouth turned out to be a baby cockroach.

    Stomper Anonymous said she visited Food Republic at Causeway Point last Thursday (Nov 26), at around 1pm.

    She made a takeaway order of Soya Sauce Chicken Rice from You Men Hong Kong Roast, a stall that she has been patronising “for months”.

    The Stomper recounted: “As I was on my second bite, I noticed this weird texture in my mouth that felt like cabbage.

    “As I’ve eaten from them before, I know that they don’t add cabbage in their chicken rice.

    “I decided to take a look and to my horror, it was a baby cockroach.

    “I had chewed on a baby cockroach.

    “I went back to the stall and showed them the evidence. The old uncle took a closer inspection and proceeded to wash the spoon of cockroach down near the pot where they boil noodles.”

    According to Anonymous, no apology was offered and she had to request for a refund.

    In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Food Republic said it was informed of the incident via an email from the customer on November 28.

    “We immediately contacted her to apologise and checked on her well-being,” he added.

    “Thorough disinfection and sanitisation of this, and all other stalls, have been carried out. Ongoing pest control efforts have also been stepped up.

    “We have also issued a strict warning to the stall owner and staff, and strongly reiterated the importance of food safety and hygiene to all tenants and staff.

    “We will continue to work closely with our tenants to ensure we meet the exacting food safety and hygiene standards that have been set in place, to continue to allow our customers to dine with a peace of mind.”"Unquote.

    Response : Shouldn’t both Amy Khor Kean Suan and Masagoes Zulkifli come out to offer a public apology to all Singaporean for all these cockroaches problem ? After that LHL should remove both of them from all government positions .

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