I welcome the news that one, two and three HDB roomers will receive e-vouchers worth $225/ to help them buy energy and water efficient appliances, however, I want the pap government to be more stringent with such disbursements and not merely do it as a matter of expediency. Let me explain.

There are a good numbers of smaller HDB flat dwellers who have sold their bigger HDB flats earlier, reap good profits over the years and moved to smaller HDB flats for various reasons such as their children have moved out and they do not need to live in bigger flats anymore or that age is catching up with them etc.

I would like to suggest to the relevant authorities that in future, any disbursements of state assisted schemes such as U-save, grocery vouchers or e-vouchers etc to be excluded from people who have sold their bigger HDB flats, reaped profits in the past 5 years or 8 years and are now staying in smaller HDB flats. In this digital era, digging out the records of such people cannot be a difficult task at all.

Government assisted schemes cost money, precious hard-earned taxes and they should be targeted at those truly needy and deserving families for all intent and purposes and not fritter away because of expediency or the lack of street-wisdom or plain official stupidity which is getting so common these days under the lhl government.



Simon Lim




12 Responses to “E-vouchers”

  • xoxo:

    A couple of hundreds worth of e-vouchers in lieu of $23.5K ???
    WE are talking about $100 BILLION ,NOT $100 MILLION?

    PLS TAKE BACK THE VOUCHERS N MAKE UP FOR THE PER CAPITA GRANT OF $23.5K as many sgs received only $600?

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  • Another money sucking scheme:

    Why so quick to applaud everything without checking? Must think first.

    These e-vouchers are not free money. It is exactly the reverse, an inducement to spend money.

    Look carefully.
    a) $150 e-voucher to pay for an energy-efficient and climate-friendly refrigerator

    How much money does the owner has to come up with?

    b) $50 e-voucher to offset the cost of changing their shower fittings to more water-efficient three-tick models,

    How much money does the owner has to come up with?

    c) $25 e-voucher to buy LED lights

    How much money does the owner has to come up with? How can poor people afford these?

    Who really benefits big time from these voucher schemes?

    The gov must report after, say, 2 months, how many of these vouchers have been used.

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  • PAP GAME the Nation's COFFERS:

    Simon, the STUPID !!!

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  • Tremendous:

    Well written, shows a deep understanding by the writer who does not have tons of resources enjoyed by the village chief at his disposal.

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  • Jin Jiachum:

    Wahpiang eh! Our pap govt is already so kiam siap and I can’t believe you’re still teaching them to ‘save’!

    Do you think if the money saved from not giving to those aren’t really poor will be given to other truly needy and deserving families? Also, how many families who reaped good profits from selling their big flats and moved to smaller flats? Some more what pap gives out is not even a chicken drumstick, it’s just a chicken backside!

    So, shh……. if the pap wants to give out anything to our fellow citizens, just let them do it. Don’t need to tell them who deserve and who do not.

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  • Gimmicky:

    It’s a true fact that most 3-roomers and lesser, could not afford such expensive appliances to benefit from such gimmicky vouchers when many have become and are becoming jobless. Hungry stomaches come first. Distribute more grocery vouchers to feed the poor children and elderly. Ensure they have enough food, not only during festive seasons.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Stated above :Quote-”I welcome the news that one, two and three HDB roomers will receive e-vouchers worth $225/ to help them buy energy and water efficient appliances, however, I want the pap government to be more stringent with such disbursements and not merely do it as a matter of expediency. Let me explain….”Unquote.

    Response : First,such e-vouchers worth $225 given to one,two, and three HDB roomers is really to get these one ,two,three roomers people to buy from the stores or supermarket and thereby to bring more business to those evil women wing in business bringing business to economy so that all those business earn more and more profits.This is the exact main purpose.To say to give help to the one ,two,or three roomers people is a side excuse . Energy efficient and that is using led type of electrical appliance. This led type us really more energy efficient, but it comes at much higher cost than ordinary bulb appliance .Back to square one of not much pocket savings. It uses less electricity but price of appliance is more expensive. So most people will choose the lower price bulbs not energy savings led type.And if not careful faulty led appliance may easily catch fire. Once in Sim Lim,a sales person plug in an led downlight device in socket for me to see and look elsewhere .As he switches on power,I immediately see smoke come out of that faulty LED device and tell the sales person that his shop is going to have fire soon and show him the increasing smoke from that LED .He switched off power immediately .So LED device is not exactly that safe .Beware.

    And beware that after giving these one off e-vouchers to one,two,three roomers ,the government will deemed that the whole Nation is well taken care off and that their evil women wing with their evil backside will start to increase electricity and water prices for everyone to pay more !Beware ! See that coming soon . To save evil Hyflux woman Olivia Lum from bankruptcy ???

    Why those evil judicial managers managing Hyflux has still not yet confiscated Hyflux woman Olivia Lum massive hidden wealth,bank account,cash ,jewellery ,properties and assets worth maybe hundreds of millions/billions ? Don’t forget she has a whle tons of massive wealth hidden off from creditors !Pui ! No need to go fully bankrupt meh ? Did the judicial managers allow her to keep $75 millions in assets like that evil Lim OK Family ?Pui! Better check all these evil women judicial management system to check them for any possible corruptions too if any ? Law by Law, only HDB asset cannot be confiscated by our law !Pui !

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  • PAP Thinks Public is Stupid:

    S$150 to buy a fridge ? How much does the Fridge costs ?

    At least S$700 or more. Why not give up to 90 per cent of the cost. Then the poor can afford to buy.

    Right now if possible the poor will not spend money unnecessarily.

    Forever the PAP will treat the public as if they are very stupid. It is actually the Elite Scholars/Generals who are the stupid ones with not much EQ. WTF

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  • Costly Appliances:

    Most energy-saving apliances and equipment are very expensive. 3-roomers and lesser simply cannot afford to buy. Most of these vouchers might not be used at all, right up to their expiry date. Wither do the unutiised funds go?

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  • Voucher:

    Better to give voucher that they can use to support local business eg hawker centre and local shops.
    More practical at this time.

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  • Do more:

    Need to do more for our poor and elderly.
    Make sure that their basic needs are taken care of.
    Also MSF should be more flexible and not follow rules blindly for all cases and leave our needy Citizen in need. Especially at this time of Covid where many has lost their jobs or income much reduced.
    Too much red tape and help take a long time to come.

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  • BE WISE:

    IT IS to induce u to buy things .
    But most of these things/items belong to enterprises run by companies subsidiaries of GIC,or Temasek.
    If u research well ,gagmt linked companies run into several thousands.
    U need to pay in addition to the e vouchers given to u to top up,if u buy big items… in a sense u still have to fork out money…
    to help these companies.

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