New working arrangement – 4 hours a day

We have been used to a 8 hour working day. This has been the pattern for several decades.

We should now think of a 4 hour working day. What is the advantage of this new work arrangement?

This will allow more people to have jobs.

For example, if the workforce has 1 million people and 20% work on 4 hours a day, we can give jobs to another 200,000 workers.

A 4 hour working day is more suitable for women who has to look after children or household activities.

This new work arrangement is also suitable to elderly workers, e.g. those above 65 years, who are able bodied and like to continue working. Some of these workers may have inadequate retirement savings, so they may need to continue working to earn an income for their living expenses.

It is important for the government to create the framework for this new type of working arrangement, regarding contribution to CPF and medical benefits.

Do you like this idea?


Tan Kin Lian




16 Responses to “New working arrangement – 4 hours a day”

  • Harder Truths:

    So in other words you want to cut citizens’ pay in half. The hours taken away can be given to more FT.

    Why not work two hours? And give the rest to FT? In fact, no need to work at all. Give the entire job to FT.

    You are so clever TKL. What will we do without you?

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  • PAP GAME the Nation's COFFERS:

    In a Facebook post on Wed (25 Nov), the Senior Minister of State in the Ministry for Sustainability and the Environment, Amy Khor, said that she is encouraged by the progress of more people becoming hawkers under the Hawkers’ Development Programme (HDP).

    The former Ministry of Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) has been renamed as the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE) as of 25 July this year.


    These are the CLASSIC PROPAGANDA that PAP had , repeat, ‘ had’

    To play with all these years, under LKY’s regime.

    Now RUNNING out of ideas to grow the economy, back to ” STAR WAR”


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  • Rubbish Institution.:

    Please don’t show us that you got no brain.

    4 hours of work, transport to and fro about 2 hours. Total 6 hours a day and pay about half.

    Assume that I am processing an order and half-way I will leave it to the second staff. If any cock-up, who will take the blame?

    And assuming that my gross pay per month is $2,000 and a half-day will mean that my pay will be $1,000.

    With such a high standard of living, you think a person can survive? Do you think it is worth? This will mean that it will be worst than the minimum wage.

    Which Rubbish Institute were you from? I think you were first from the last in all the examinations.

    No wonder you were totally kicked out from NTUC, and fortunately, you were not elected as our P.

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  • oxygen:

    TKL, so ONE HOUR of wages to pay for transport and another hour to pay for food?

    Work for 4 hours to get net pay of 2 hours’ income?


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  • to expand further:

    //Why not work two hours? And give the rest to FT? In fact, no need to work at all. Give the entire job to FT.//

    hahaha. good analogy ?

    to expand further, why not all daft sinkies leave sinkie land completely and get replaced by FTs so that white idiots and gang can enjoy even more ownself-check-ownself 4 = 5 and selected = elected one-party curry function provided if these white idiots and gang are not outvoted by the FTs-converted-citizens in the future lor ?

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    Tan ahhhh!!! What about the Take HOME???… Enough to feed a family or even a single… And no HDB in mind just a CardBoard House like the 3rd World???

    Ah Tan ahhhh!!! Hopefully syphilis have not destroyed your mind, unlike dementia…”THINK” King Richard III the Hunchback… Syphilis destroyed him… killing his nephew to Usurp the Throne and shouting…”A horse a Kingdom for a HORSE” and was found buried in a Parking Lot!!!

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  • FTs Create Jobs:

    PAP says FTs create jobs for Singaporeans. If PAP is right, the solution must be to import more FTs instead of TKL’s idea of cutting hours to create “more” jobs. Issue more Work-Permits and Passes,Tech-Passes and PRs. Singaporeans can go for skill-upgrade to be hawkers to promote hawker culture. It’s definitely more than an 8 hour job.

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  • Dr. Chan:

    How about working 4 hours in one job and go to next job and work another 4 hour job on the same day?
    I used to have a nurse worked on the ICU unit for 4 hours and then go work in a Pediatrics Practice in the next medical office building.
    Sometimes, even worked a third on holidays to get holiday double pay.

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  • OK lah:

    OK to have a option if two people want to do part time and share a job.
    Maybe each work 3 times a week.
    Some may prefer to work part time.

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  • Top ceo:

    No family sure can.

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  • opposition dude:

    “For example, if the workforce has 1 million people and 20% work on 4 hours a day, we can give jobs to another 200,000 workers.”

    Just like PAP uncle theory Tan says something broadly without giving more details and comes to the conclusion that his idea(s) is/are good.

    Why would anyone employ 2 people for the same job when 1 will do? Isn’t it kind of strange that 2 of us do the same job but I do it from Monday to Thursday and you take over for just Friday? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

    You want something that will work then lower the cost of living, it will help everyone loads more. Reduce GST as well. Make sure jobs pay locals something that is minimum wage and not use the knn condemned excuse of market forces to set the lowest salaries.

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  • PAP had GAME the Nation:

    Singapore — Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam paid tribute to football legend Diego Maradona, who passed away on Wednesday (Nov 25), and called him a “genius cut down by drugs” in a social media post on


    Genius ??

    Is our law minister has this best to say !!!

    No wonder lhl is suing Tom , Dick Harry !!!

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  • PAP game the NATION's wealth:

    SINGAPORE — The authorities hope to lift the economic contribution of the food services sector, which employs 5.5 per cent of the workforce but accounts for just 1.1 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP), Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing said on Monday (Nov 30).

    “Our hope is that with the 5 per cent of the workforce, we will be able to grow the value-add to the Singapore GDP much more than the current 1.1 per cent,”


    Desperate Chan, trying to talk up, repeat,

    ” Talk up” 1.1% GDP numbers !!!!

    To 5.5%…..


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  • PSP supporter:

    Even the beautiful landscape is getting affected by his daft thinking.
    First,he destroys all the natural habitat here to build in order to accommodate the millions of FTs he dumps here.
    Then he plant trees haphazardly here,there,everywhere with no proper planning.
    Go and see how messy our public spaces are!
    Look at other cities like Shanghai,Tokyo,Seoul etc and see how neatly and aesthetically they plant their public trees.

    Is all the daft thinking and implementations high KPI?

    This guy is total crap from economics to social to the environment.
    Yet,he wants to teach other people how to suck eggs.

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  • Billy_ma:

    Lhl is overselling & overestimate his own worth in the eyes of Singaporeans.

    He thinks that his ministerial declaration in the safe house in parliament means he’s clean, innocent & all righteous in the issue.

    Any Singaporean with a balance sense of judgement should sees the rights & wrongs.

    Abuse power?
    Of course there is abuse of state power & authority.
    Denying in parliament is ridiculous but yet there’re people who accept it at face value.

    This saga is not going to end after this court case.
    Sadly we expect the judge to let Lhl win anyway anyhow.

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  • Jman:

    Another one of TKL’s ideas that are great in theory, but doesn’t work in practice.

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