How to encourage innovation

I saw a post that KFC has introduced a self driving kiosk to provide food to customers in Shanghai.

My question is – why does KFC not introduce this kiosk in Singapore?

A friend said – because Singapore has regulations on self driving vehicles.

I am sure that Shanghai has similar regulations.

The key difference is – the leaders in Shanghai is willing to approve the self driving kiosks, but the leaders in Singapore is not willing to give this approval.

Why is there a difference in the approach of the leaders in these two countries?

Somehow, Shanghai has a system where the leaders are willing to take the responsibility, unlike the leaders in Singapore who wish to play safe.

This is why Shanghai and other cities in China can be innovative, while Singapore cannot.

My friend then said – there are many places in Singapore that are not suitable for self driving kiosks.

I agree. I asked him to look for places where the self driving kiosks can operate safely and allow the operation within this safe environment. There is no need to give blanket approval for these kiosks to operate all over the place.

The approval can, for example, be restricted to the following:

a) Along pavements that are wide enough for the kiosks to move around
b) The speed of the kiosks should be less than 6 km per hour, similar to the speed of walking.

If we want to be innovative, we should look for what can be done, rather than what cannot be done.

Do you agree?


Tan Kin Lian




17 Responses to “How to encourage innovation”

  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    CONFIRMED tanahhhh!!!…you are LOONEY!!! that’s all FOLKS…no more comments on tanahhhhh!!! will skip his contributions and not even glance

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    Errr,…for a start , if u look at PMDs incidents in the past by all this food delivery people in SG.

    Contrary there are many serious road accidents in China not reported on their CGTV or even their newspapers. But their newspapers mefia is still better. TV news are always limited. Sometimes covered up and even censored unless it’s gone viral fast and widely spread. Sometimes no compensation or very low compensation.

    Instead of always looking at TV , look at other news reporting online or offline. Else we will have silly comments e.g. HK no indians.

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  • How to innovate?:

    All your inventions are like Dr Ting. Belong to the state.

    Liddat how to innovate?

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  • Govt interference:

    many biz people told me don’t share any biz idea with a govt body,they take yr ideas and kick you out,instead of helping pte sector they kick the pte sector out,
    They compete with pte sector

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  • opposition dude:

    End of the day it’s whether PAP wants to do something or not lah. When they want GST to be at 9% it’s because of future spending on infrastructure. When they want to let in even more third world aliens and increase the population close to 6 million they say we should not close our doors to these people. Some great reasons don’t you think?

    When they do not want minimum wage, they will just simply say their workfare is way better without any evidence, they say can already.

    So at the end of the day, it’s all up to PAP on what they want or do not want. When they want something they will aggressively push for it and when they don’t want something they will tell you all kinds of cock reasons and not even want to give it a try.

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  • Harder Truths:

    I would pay for the self-driving car model that burst into flames as long as TKL is in it.

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  • xoxo:

    To facilitate sgs to INNOVATE,we should not PAPagate?

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  • Kiosks? No way.:

    What happen to pap’s move to have manned kiosks? Quietly disappeared?

    There are too many laws and over zealous bouncers who disallow everything. You open a kiosk without approval, which is never ever given, you may be charged with 100 offences.

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  • CCP are Less Accountable:

    Somehow, Shanghai has a system where the leaders are willing to take the responsibility, unlike the leaders in Singapore who wish to play safe.

    This is why Shanghai and other cities in China can be innovative, while Singapore cannot.

    Not to say that PAP is accountable, but CCP is less accountable. When things go wrong, they could easily find a scapegoat and push the blame to something else. And, they could censored the news (and social media) and arrest those who dare to tell the truth and continue to broadcast lies. So, the risk is low for CCP to try out new technologies without having to first consider the safety aspects.

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    Sinkie culture and regulations by themselves will weed out innovation. Innovation is a dirty word. Because if some small fry invents something, some people buay tahan.

    The other kind of innovation. Tear up a perfectly good carpark and drill and cause noisy nuisance to residents. I wish for all these contracting and cleaning companies from Holland/Bukit Panjang town council to close shop.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote -”World’s first cell-cultured chicken likely to be at restaurants in Singapore soon

    Local authorities have deemed the product safe for consumption.PHOTO: COURTESY OF EAT JUST

    Audrey Tan
    Science and Environment Correspondent
    SINGAPORE – The world’s first cell-cultured meat product – bite-sized chicken by Californian start-up Eat Just – will soon be available at restaurants here, now that Singapore authorities have deemed it safe for consumption.

    Cultured meat, which involves making meat products by culturing animal cells instead of by slaughter, is not yet available for sale and consumption anywhere else in the world.

    The cultured chicken bites will be manufactured in Singapore, said Eat Just chief executive Josh Tetrick.

    “Singapore’s regulatory approval of Eat Just’s cultured chicken as food… paves the way for the product to be served to consumers in a restaurant setting soon,” Mr Tetrick told The Straits Times, although he would not be drawn on a timeline for when the product might be available.

    He said that for a start, the chicken bites would probably cost as much as “premium chicken customers would enjoy at a restaurant”.

    But prices would fall as production is scaled up, he added, noting that costs were already a third of what they were a year ago….

    Ensuring food safety
    The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) said on Wednesday (Dec 2) that it is allowing Eat Just’s cultured chicken to be sold in Singapore, now that its evaluations have determined that it is safe.

    Dr Tan Lee Kim, SFA director-general for food administration, said food safety was a principal consideration in production…

    “SFA will review the safety assessments of these alternative protein products scientifically and consult experts to safeguard food safety and public health. We will also monitor such new products when they enter the market,” she said.

    The evaluation process includes considerations of factors such as the product’s manufacturing process and toxicity of ingredients, as well as whether the final product meets the standards in food regulation.

    The SFA had in November 2019 published on its website a document detailing information that would be required for the safety assessment of such novel foods.

    The chicken bites by Eat Just is the first product to pass SFA’s evaluation process under the new regulatory framework. PHOTO: COURTESY OF EAT JUST
    These include cultured meat products, such as the chicken bites by Eat Just, as well as certain types of insect, algae and fungi-based proteins….”Unquote .

    Response :Cell cultured meat product ? No wonder all sort of corona virus and dusease is coming out ? Is the meat using certain types of insect in the manufacturing process too ? This evil b***t Audrey Tan should be hauled out to be hanged before more people get sick and died from such meat production !

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Strait Times :Quote -”Welcome to a cashless world: CBDC may be the future of money
    Central bank digital currencies are not imminent, but they are coming

    In a world of CBDCs, all payments would be electronic.ST PHOTO: GIN TAY

    Vikram Khanna
    Associate Editor
    CBDC. Get used to that acronym because you’re going to see a lot more of it. CBDC stands for “central bank digital currency”. How would it work?

    To take a simplified example, let’s say the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) issues a CBDC. It allows individuals to hold deposit accounts at the MAS, and everybody does. Then if I need to make a payment to you, I activate the MAS payment app on my phone, fill in the payment details, designating you as the payeeĺ. The MAS debits my account after verifying I am the rightful owner and have a sufficient balance. It then credits your account after checking your credentials. Commercial banks or other intermediaries are not involved….”Unquote.

    Response : CBDC ? Maybe this is new innovation ?

    For very fast,all those evil conwomen may get the handphone of those going to die people, activate the MAS payment app on my phone, fill in the payment details, designating themselves as the payee , and all those going to die people bank accounts may be wipe cleaned completely.Very easily to do money laudering too ,who knows ?

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  • Look at ourselves:

    For a start, we are not innovative and at the same time we import too many innovative FTs from backward countries that make up large chunk of the workforce in sectors. In Asia, I see only innovation in North East Asia.

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  • Okmyfoot:

    Ask Sharon…

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Stated above :Quote -” I saw a post that KFC has introduced a self driving kiosk to provide food to customers in Shanghai.

    My question is – why does KFC not introduce this kiosk in Singapore?…”Unquote.

    Response : How to make more money from rich customer like Mr Tan Kin Lian if introduce a “driving Kiosk” ? All those grab drivers no more needed and can be removed off .And I am sure grab food riders delivered food to people house git certain fees charges extra. So fast food services will think – isn’t it more better to add costs to Grab riders delivery and earn more that way ?

    And nowadays all those fast food restaurant think burger King and KFC no more provide drinking straws for customer drinks causing great inconvenience no thanks evil b***t Amy Khor Lean Suan running the environment .How do the removal of providing a small piece of plastic straw really offer much help to the the environment afterall everywhere is full of bigger plastic items like plastic tray,plastic box,plastic cover ,……Macdonald is now sendible enough to still offer plastic straw.No wonder Mcdonald is still the winner in fast food .

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    When we talk about innovation, can we also talk on improve our food product labelling .I look at all the food product, surely we can improve on instructions labels on food items to use,to cook,….Maybe we can have an icon with these words NCN,OAUNCN,OCBE..or whatever..where NCN stand for No cooking needed,and OAUNCN stand for item to be Open and use with no cooking needed,and OCBE stand for item open to be cooked before eat ,…..So when we see such icon words on package food item ,we immediately know whether it can be eaten straight away, or if it is a cooking oil item,that cooking oil open can pour onto mee to be eaten straight away without further cooking .Be clearer with instructions on food items so that there is no doubt on its use.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on mothership website :Quote -”….

    S’pore-made plant-based fishballs & fishcake selling for S$14.99 per packet, could help stop overfishing
    Halal-friendly and diabetic-friendly.

    Sumita Thiagarajan | December 06, 2020,….

    As much as Singaporeans love seafood, more than a third of the global fish stocks are classified as overfished, according to a report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in June this year.

    Central Provident Fund Board
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    Sponsored by Central Provident Fund Board
    Find out how to plan better for your home purchase.
    See More

    In Singapore, the World Wildlife Fund has highlighted in 2016 that 75 per cent of popular fish species used in local dishes have been deemed as unsustainable.

    While most of us in Singapore might not feel the direct effects of overfishing, it might indirectly affect seafood products that we consume, such as fishballs.

    S’pore could see less fish & more starch in fishballs
    According to a study by Singapore Management University and CNA, fishballs were ranked as one of Singapore’s top two favourites when it comes to ultra-processed foods.

    However, the staple in hawker food and local dishes is under threat, partly due to overfishing.

    For example, in Vietnam (a country that supplies fish and fish products to Singapore), the supply of threadfin bream, a type of fish, used in fishballs has dropped by 40 per cent over the past three years, reported CNA.

    This leads to an increase in the prices of the threadfin bream, which leads to fish ball manufacturers possibly mixing other type of lower-grade fish, or increasing starch or water content in fishballs.

    A plant-based fish-free alternative
    A company in Singapore, Wholesome Savour, aims to address this environmental issue, with plant-based fish products, such as OsomeFood’s fishballs and fishcakes.

    According to the company, the protein used in the products are not soy, but instead mycoprotein, which comes from fungi.

    The products are also free from gluten, dairy, soy, GMOs, artificial colourings, flavours, preservatives and cholesterol.

    Wholesome Savour also highlighted that their products are diabetic-friendly and halal-friendly…..”Unquote .

    Response : $14.99 for a packet of think 12 fishbalks inside ? Mycoprotein which cones from fungi ? Plant based fish products ? Only all those evil women wing is rich enough to buy and eat it !Pui ! Spend $14.99 on artificial fiahball ? Pui! Pui!Pui! Wonder whether any government grants given to produce such rubbish artificial fish ball ?

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