Are the endless sexual scandals at NUS symptomatic of something that is more troubling?

NUS said in a statement that Professor Theodore G. Hopf had harassed the student in physical, verbal and written forms

With one scandal after another, l think it is imperative that our Education Minister starts a thorough review of our universities, and get their faculties into order as these scandals are causing us international embarrassment.

At a time when our country is facing severe economic challenges, and when our undergraduates are graduating into either unemployment or interim jobs, how on earth can those entrusted with the future of our children still be aloof as if this is an acceptable new norm?

Despite scoring well in ranking, our universities and Institute of Higher Learning ought to be looking deeper as to why our graduates are not competitively employed against those from unranked/unknown schools in India.

But if our universities are being staffed with “cheaper faculty members” and where their personal integrity is being overlooked, then all these symptoms collectively point to a serious systemic failure of our education system.

Singapore is already caught wrong-footed in our over-reliance on cheap foreign workers to prop up our construction, retail, MICE and hotel industries. But doing the same with our education system is much more damaging as this affects the core of our competitiveness as a nation.

If so, then the future of our nation is already being compromised by those entrusted with the academic development of our children.

This should at the very least attract the urgent attention of our Prime Minister as such systemic failure seriously undermines our social and economic security as a nation. It is more serious that the risk of rising sea levels due to global warming.

Singapore needs to seriously rethink about using “cheap” alternatives to create cheap solutions in areas that will cheapen us as a First World economy. If nothing strategic is being done soon, then we risk facing many “lost decades” when those economic trajectories that are keeping us afloat collapse.

As such, these scandals deserve greater scrutiny as it may just be the tip of an iceberg that is probably more pressing and damning than the projected risk of rising sea water due to global warming in the next century.

Simply put, we can be “finished” by this century, not next century, if we do not get our house in order. Hope we still have political leaders who still believe that Singaporeans deserve better.


Joseph Nathan




11 Responses to “Are the endless sexual scandals at NUS symptomatic of something that is more troubling?”

  • Where all the flowers gone?:

    Well sir, I do think the socio-pedagogical problematique discussed here is neither an episodic anomaly nor a procedural issue, but implicitly systemic to the consciously fashioned political-economy of LKY’s Singapore Incorporated in the following respects:

    i) he sanctioned a novel parliamentary entity known as the CEO-party politician. Non-PAP parliamentarians are excluded from participating in the national corporate sphere of business activity. This is a ridiculous expression of parliamentary ethics. Were not each and everyone of the MPs regardless of party affiliation elected by we the people of Singapore to govern the nation for us in all due respects?

    ii) he sanctioned PAP members of the parliament to receive declared government wages & hidden GLC remunerations simultaneously. And the accounts books of Temasek and GIC are opaque to the citizenry. This is antithetical to the common corporate protocol of transparency to its concerned shareholders; surely if they make use of our CPF savings as their capital base then we the people of Singapore are the rightful and proper shareholders of the Temasek and GIC corporations.

    Hence, Singapore’s political-economy is implicitly prone to business cronyism and unobservable manipulations. I do believe the old guards Goh K.S. and Toh C.C. had warned LKY against his ill-conceived designs to accelerated growth, but they and the other stalwarts were duly dispatched into the dusk during the 80s; neither would they willingly partner him into that subsequent devolution of our once beloved & beautiful Republic of Singapore into this outrageous present state of affairs – elitism, inequality and the disenfranchisement of the sheeples, both the well-educated or the less so, it don’t matter.

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  • opposition dude:

    Too many humsups on university campuses and the law isn’t tough on them to send a strong enough deterrant. For whatever funny reasons known only to the mata and judges we get silly statements of humsups having potential for greater things in life, I hope they don’t mean greater potential for technology usage to become a professional voyeur.

    Does make you wonder where that nonsense about all being equal under the law comes from hor? You let one escape unpunished you set a precedent for all future humsups. After all, if the bugger got off lightly then all future cases should get the same treatment what.

    Look forward to more of this from our universities, humsups don’t stop what they are doing because they have the belief that they will never get caught, just go ask those who have been caught upskirting females in public!

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  • xoxo:

    These LECTURERS/ PROFESSORS ,like their PAYMASTURBATOR are paid too much?

    After stomachs are full,they DESIRE for other things like *PLEASURE*.

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  • gfdgfdg:

    Just make the schools all to be e-learning at home, then this kind of problem all will be resolve for good. Without the need and less interaction with females, there is no way males will do anything sexual to them.

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  • Humsups:

    Lets be honest.

    Not only men like to grab puss* or grab ass.
    Woman also like to be grab ass grab puss*.

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    This HAPPENS everywhere from 1st to 5th world if there is a 4th & 5th world…

    It is the Nature of ‘THINGS”…”Think”… Why does it happen even in the whiter than white party of Elites?…in their ranks and in their place of work taking advantage of the less vulnerable or the willing ones seeking higher OFFICE privileged to have been taken notice of by someone of IMPORTANCE???

    Indian Gurus/Mystical Holy man and Christian Pastors/Priests plus Buddhist monks… Supposedly Pure has been just as BAD in taking sexual advantage to satisfy their Lust while preaching against the sins of Lust…How???

    The victims & OFFENCES should report immediately to the RIGHT parties B4 it goes out of hand…

    There normally are signs in the BEGINNING, but worsen at the end…an early complain will put a stop to the lecherous bastards…Simple as THAT!!!

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  • DavidNeo&IreneVanessa:Morons:

    Singapore is a very repressed about sex. Sex is demonished. So all those pent up desires going to erupt one day – in many ways more than one.

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  • Normal lah:

    Haha … Guys want to be professional PUA ( pick up artists ) or polished their pick up skills. Malaysia 姑爺仔.

    Gals also want to get hitched except must meet their conditions only. If the one appear is her “prince charming” e.g. rich and suave ….someone she wants to gold digged or admired appreciate, open leg also can.

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  • Bad Boy:

    Recent China also have one case 弦子诉朱军性骚扰损害责任纠纷案.

    Anyway , girls must watch “bombshell” movie. Within we have Gretchen character play ed by Nicole Kidman. 猴賽雷!

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    Tecnically, the students are adults. Even if they have relationships with professors in other universities, law cannot say no. It’s just that if the sex occurs in the same Uni, there’s a possibilty of sex for grades…

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  • Nus brownosers needing svoutle:

    The old days in nus r gone. They brownose, they pliagiarise, they lie n they con. They are free riders. So stressed till the have to blow. Rem once a MP istole eats, (twohbjisU) many follow n pride seems the fashion to expose themselves, Now NUS has several cases
    Surfacing. How nany will be akan datang exposure. Bet you pee n poos will have its turn again. Garbage r garbages. Garbages employ garbages! Garbage imports garbages. Soon pee n poo would bevinporting Thais fn get gct on their earning with tpin the us base. Grabages would follow garbages with their urchindscfollowing fast behind. This is what pees n poos billionaiepres dream. AIM with flesh trading will becset up n Singaporeans will be encourarged to invest on AIM Fresh Market ApCorps to become millionaires like the bitcoin spoke woman called ho ho down the chimney.

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