Alarming Employment Landscape Of Singapore

The pandemic has exposed many problems of Singapore, one of which is employment. As more and more locals are unemployed, this is becoming obvious. And we are hearing more and more locals complained that foreigners find jobs easier and faster. So I did a research on two major industry, which are Banking and IT.

These days, we see more and more things failing and productivity dropped to new low. We are told to accept this is the new norm. We are also seeing robberies happening like never before and foreigners committing more crimes. But honestly, I can’t explain why they claimed crime rates are lower than before. Maybe they changed the rules of reporting as usual, when they can’t explain they fix the report.

I found them most of the middle and high management are foreigners. Banking and IT have the most foreigners from a particular country, same problem as “Chennai Business Park”. I looked further to check their Linkedin profiles and found that a large numbers come from unranked and unknown universities. I further checked on many senior FT PMETs holding senior positions and found a strange thing. Many of them were holding junior positions in their home grown but when they moved to Singapore, all become managerial and some straight to senior management. I did not look at other industries, I think this explains the situation at hand.

The complaint these days from unemployed local is that they cant’ find jobs, they also said how come foreigners land jobs faster than them. So if you look at the above, you understand why. When the management are foreigners or new Singaporeans, you know you have to queue behind. Some of the locals very pro white party but unemployed still said that the govt is controlling the inflow. I asked them if control inflow, why still aggressively deforesting and building thousands and thousands of BTOs? They building for aliens to live?

So I am not sure if 61% is happy with the situation, believe 50% of 61% are new citizens, they are of course happy. Singaporeans need to analyse further and further, if you have a job, it does not mean you will still have a job next week. When you are surrounded by foreign management, the likelihood of discrimination may happen. I am saying 100% but the risk is there. Of course to quash all these, the white party and foreigners will cry xenophobic because they have no other reason to explain the truth to you.

Foreigners may cry foul about this post, but can they ask themselves, what would happen if this happens in India? China? Malaysia? Vietnam? Philippines? When the govt imports and replaces their local citizens and give foreigners their lunches… nearly 50% of the population are foreigners, how would they feel when they are relegated to taxi drivers, security guards or social ambassadors? But honestly, karma is a bitch, the way this country is importing foreigners, the new citizens will eventually be replaced and end up as taxi drivers too.

The only winner in this equation is the one who imported them.


Ben Bagus




12 Responses to “Alarming Employment Landscape Of Singapore”


    They promised India to give jobs to their people. SO the only way is to remove locals. In the past, they considered Aussie unis to be local poly level. Now fake degrees also can. It’s a way to keep out the competition from real degrees. Because junior degree holders will compete for your job!

    Foreigners are over the moon because they come from poor countries. They feel they have “made it” in Spore. They help PAP perpetuate the falsehood that Sporeans are lazy. These deluded FTs don’t realise this – if the govt can replace own citizens, then they can replace new citizens with newer ones. FTs are way too engrossed in the new lifestyle.

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  • Police CLOSE DOWN:

    I recall Hollywood celebrities are the ones whom are most unhappy with Trump’s anti foreigner policy. That’s because a lot of these celebs benefitted from the old US immigration rules. As a result they are able to flourish in Hollywood.

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  • oxygen:

    WHO SAYS LEE-jiapore has no “minimum wages”? I am cawked sure, it does. PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomics apply “minimum wage” application looking down from above!!

    If your salary lies above its silent PREFERRED “minimum wage” ceiling, you will be expensed off as excessive costs expense item.

    THERE ARE CHEAPER FOREIGNERS – EVEN IF LOWER GRADE AND DEFORMED PERFORMANCE QUALITY – those retrenched EX-PMETs still favoring the White Party now employed in the food delivery gig economy entirely deserves what they got for “exceeding” PAPpynomic’s prefered “minimum wage”

    This is even though PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomics for over a decade is aware that this dysfunctional unspoken but-not-to-exceed “minimum wage” is wreaking massive dislocation to our economic structure.


    REMEMBER THIS – PAST TENSE TOLD THE NATION IN 2011 – we grew the last 5 years solely by importing foreign labor (quantity and unspoken “cheaper variety)!!

    Prominent private sector economists are well aware of the damage to structural instability of this PAPpynomics unspoken “minimum wage” ceiling.

    S’pore “chronic“ long-term economic underperformance necessitates strategic reforms, not just “consultative reaffirmation”, says ex-GIC chief economist Yeoh Lam Keong

    Even Jason Tillberg, an unknown entity of a New York jogger, wrote a piece in a prestigious investment periodical – SEEKING ALPHA – in 2012 this.

    Singapore’s Economy Is Maxed Out

    To me, “Chennai Business Park” is an anomalous stain of economic disease that must be eradicated. It is POOR QUALITY, CHEAPER, BUT NO FASTER OR BETTER than what was (in windy happy contradiction) sang and dance on the stage of political monkeys prior.

    The Covid-19 pandemic forced in-camping of work roles of Work-At-Home economic activity. Chennai Business Park is not necessary anymore. Disperse them to more highly visible branches closer to customer’s needs SO THAT THE PUBLIC CAN SEE WHAT IS THE REAL ALARMING BUSINESS STATISTICS well-concealed from the public eye in the isolation of “Chennai Business Park” of foreign domination of a FAKE BROKEN ECONOMICS architecture and structure.

    Only then maybe we will change for the better and national survival.

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  • GE2020 Manifesto:

    Like to help everyone recalls PAP GE2020 Manifesto:
    Our Lives
    Our Jobs
    Our Future

    If you think you have been lied to, do not feel bad about yourself. Lying is a necessary part of this profession. Just don’t be so gullible in the future.

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  • xoxo:

    Let this old sg uncle nag (REITERATE) here once again!

    Nowhere else ,whether in developed or developing countries,would anyone witness A HIGHER PROPORTION OF FOREIGN PMEs vis-a-vis LOCALS(REAL SGS MINUS NON-SG FTs/PRs) than in daft *FT-POLICY-ED * $IN CITY.

    I dare take bets on my statement!

    It is not just stupid of daft scholar-gahmen to do such but it is unsustainably n socio-economically suicidal too!

    Father TIME WILL TELL unless the govt corrects its erratic ways!

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  • Harder Truths:

    It has always been predicted that an economic downturn will happen in this decade. Th COVID just made that happen very quickly that is all. There is no Plan B for the government. They only think of what they get out of it.

    You can live or die it does not matter to them. If you make any kind of noise you are arrested by their Gestapo and possibly your family hounded as well. Do not underestimate the evil of these despots.

    If there are too many people now, the countries badly affected will send MORE people here. In the next few years you will see locals disappear form the workforce, as foreigners hire their own and jobs shrink.

    Any group of people who refuse to fight back against an invading army are eliminated. There is nothing ‘special’ about locals. It is that simple.

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    Why India allowed only DBS to buy into an Indian Bank…2 way Trade or 2 way Evil for the Elites

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  • Be aware:

    The own kind employ own kind is severe for many years but no concrete actions except wayang taken to address it. So it ended up Singaporean are deprived many good jobs. Worst is some (or substantial) Singaporean have lost the skill sets.

    The real talent of this country is only limited but you see huge influx of them thanks to CECA. Further the top tier talents are in US.

    The most working (high productivity), truly intelligent (based on IQ ratings) in Asia are North East Asia region but too bad too little able to converse and write in English. Look at the top tech startups in Singapore (SEA, Shopee, Grab, Lazada, Razor, etc) in Singapore – who are the founders? Also look at the top 500 tech startups/companies at Silicon Valley – Nvidia, Computer Associates, YouTube, Yahoo, Zoom etc.

    The productivity is so Low in construction sector and death rates is so high (how about quality?) yet our gov continue to recruit them. White collar too.

    Good luck Singapore. One day you will realise how much CECA has brought damage and you begin to write off the the investments so as not to be blackmailed anymore and restore productivity and quality.

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  • Harder Truths:

    TUMASIK Patriot:
    Why India allowed only DBS to buy into an Indian Bank…2 way Trade or 2 way Evil for the Elites

    No other foreign bank is that stupid.

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    Harder Truths: No other foreign bank is that stupid.

    Yup!!! you are RIGHT!!! and that is why we have IDIOTS @The Helm

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  • hard time:

    Many jobless senior PMETs are having a hard time…

    Many applications but not one interview…

    Many applications for training scheme ..not selected for even one.

    Bias against age….Reality.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    When more than 40% of Singapore population consists of ex-foreigners, that’s what true blue Singaporeans have to expect.

    Of the 61% voters voted for the PAP, 40% are these new citizens.

    In the next GE, just hope those voted for the PAP, who were afraid that PAP would be voted out, to think again. Even all true Singaporeans vote against the PAP, it will still be around with the help of the new citizens.

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