The 4G PAP politicians – Have they failed PM Lee or did he overrate them?

When PM Lee first announced his 4G team of politicians, he was overwhelmingly confident that his handpicked 4G politicians were the best to take over from him and lead Singapore forward.

Despite much concern, criticism and reservation shown by patriotic Singaporeans, he continues to dismiss them and instead chose to lavish the 4G Ministers with even more compliments.

Fast forward to GE2020, when Lee decided to call for an election during the pandemic to supposedly exploit the “flight to safety” psychology of voters, he had stated that “a good result for the PAP would be an endorsement for the 4G team, the party’s strategies and its renewal process.”

As the dust settles on GE2020, the PAP was served their most embarrassing defeat, suffering a 8.63% swing against them when only 1,524,781 (57.5%), out of the total 2,651,435 (100%) of eligible voters voted for them.

This proves that earlier concerns, criticisms and reservations by patriotic Singaporeans were largely justified by the election result, which Lee chooses to ignore.

It shows that the existential view of the PAP, and those of Lee, were in serious conflict with the reality on the ground. This clearly deserves greater scrutiny.

Was Lee blindsided by his trusted advisors or has his 4G politicians failed him, or was the loss at GE2020 a tactical move engineered by Lee?

Of the three prime ministers of Singapore, Lee has the dubious honour of having the worst election records, prompting some political analysts to question if the weak 4G team was a contingency plan to ensure that his successor would perform worse than him, and in the process, erase his dubious record.

If so, then GE2020 does validates this possibility in a sense.

But if this is true, then the question will be asked if Lee is putting his personal ego and pride ahead of the well-being of the country. Question is, would Lee be so self-centered and egoistic to do something this foolish and reckless?

But if the 4G politicians were as good as Lee has been claiming, why then when Lee announced his new cabinet and political office holders on 25 July 2020, why is it that none of his 4G politician was deemed fit or sufficiently capable enough to helm the post of either the Law Ministry or the Home Affairs Ministry, resulting in the same old minister having to continue to hold these two portfolio on their behalf?

To make matters worse, GE2020 actually saw an increase in the number of parliamentarians from 89 to 93. As such, it is indeed puzzling when one wonders if there is really no real talent among the enlarged 4G team that an old politician has to still stand in for them in these two ministries.

If none of the 4G politicians can be trusted by Lee to helm either the Law or Home Affairs ministry, how then can Singaporeans be expected to trust them to lead our country?

At the PAP central executive committee (CEC) elections on 8 November, Lee acknowledged that “people (Singaporeans) had already been feeling the pain from safe distancing measures and the economic fallout, losing their jobs and income, or worrying about their future. At the same time, businesses were also frustrated by the COVID-19 restrictions. The anxiety was palpable, and it cost us votes.”

Again, this shows that both Singapore and the PAP have been victims of individual success.

Singaporeans have been too reliant and trusting of the PAP, failing to make a clear distinction between the OLD PAP, when it was helmed by our hardworking, diligent and public-spirited old guards, and the NEW PAP, helmed largely by scholars, generals and opportunists who are aloof, complacent and self-centered.

Try finding desirable attributes like sincerity, dedication, resourcefulness or humility in the 4G politicians and you will know why the 4G team is so contentious and divisive to Singapore.

As a city-state, every policy must address the fact that we have no hinterland where citizens and families can retreat. As such, we cannot afford becoming another New York City. Sadly, this is something that those politicians still don’t understand.

With more patriotic Singaporeans finding the courage to take the initiative at GE2020 and pushing for an Alternative Government to the PAP, and with more credible and capable alternative candidates stepping up to serve the country, this trajectory of change may be the critical lifeline that Singapore needs to chart our own future forward without the PAP.

It may even help us to avert chaotic street protests like those in Hong Kong or Thailand, when democracy turns dysfunctional and the rights of citizens are violated by unconstitutional change. In this aspect, we need to safeguard our country and constitution against rogue politicians if we want to avert such disruptive politics from happening in our country.

Even Lee Hsien Yang, the younger brother of Lee, has noted that “many of these (opposition) candidates, who are not from the ruling PAP, are caring and authentic, and have impressive qualities and qualifications”. He is also right in stating that the 4G PAP politicians, unlike the opposition, lack character, courage and the willingness to sacrifice for our country.

Despite knowing well how much his late father values the PAP, he, like his father, knows well that there will come a day when the PAP will become irrelevant and Singaporeans will have no choice but to vote them out before they bring our country to its ruin.

At the rate the 4G politicians are currently running the country, it is looking like that day may have already dawn upon us.

Whatever the reason Lee may have to stay longer as the PM, he needs to be aware that whatever he envisages, strategize or articulate, he will still need his current 4G team to execute his plan. If their current performance can be used to extrapolate the outcome, then more Singaporeans ought to be concerned about our future.

If Lee does not take drastic action and remove the deep incompetencies within the New PAP, then history may judge him harshly when it ultimately collapses like a “house of cards”.

Like any patriotic Singaporeans, l strongly believe that Singapore deserves better.


Joseph Nathan




23 Responses to “The 4G PAP politicians – Have they failed PM Lee or did he overrate them?”

  • Lanjiaokia-In-Waiting:

    Joseph Nathan:
    Was Lee blindsided by his trusted advisors or has his 4G politicians failed him, or was the loss at GE2020 a tactical move engineered by Lee?

    What you think, Nathan? Like the cable-car, I finish on creating the puppy-tags for you guys and papa will glorify me and THEN……….

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    You seldom find an Idiot picking someone better than himself…it will show him to be a thorough IDIOT…

    So pick a team of worse IDIOT and that is the NET NET Result… a bunch of IDIOTS!!! with an Idiotic LEEder

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  • opposition dude:

    Goondu has made plenty of mistakes since becoming boss. Remember his lousy China joke about pork soup from the tap and free smoke when one opens one’s windows? Or that insistence about Vietnam being “freed” when citizens of Vietnam did not see it that way? And of course, being opportunistic in wanting to hold the election asap and paying the price for it?

    The newspaper can write whatever they want about the 4G but the party basically embarrassed themselves when they were put to the test for this pandemic. Slow to react, slow to close down schools and to implement a lockdown and had to invent the Circuit Breaker term for it instead of calling it DORSCON RED. And oh, telling us not to wear a mask if we weren’t sick to mandatory wearing one when we go out ha ha ha!

    PAP is the type of stupid party which never learns from their mistakes and keeps making them over and over again. The electorate has grown wise from their gerrymandering ways as well as their bad habit of putting some big shit minister to run in a GRC. PAP has got NO guts whatsoever to have a minister fight WP in Aljunied and it will be the same for Sengkang in the next election. So don’t be surprised if more of the 4 Gabras get booted out in the next election. Ng Chee Meng has been kicked so might as well add a few more to join him to lim kopi.

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  • avejoe:

    When pinky is surrounded by eunuchs, who keep chirping what he likes to hear, he simply loss touch with the ground and this mediocre 4G performance is wanting.

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  • oxygen:

    PAPpypolitics IS OBSESSED with STABILITY, CONTINUITY of its political hegemony and longevity in leadership successions.

    The GRC contraption is evidence & secures precisely that – reject were recycled in via the backdoor & politically aligned has protected gateway.

    BUT CONTINUITY AND STABILITY DRIVES yield NEGATIVE RETURNS in a world of turbulent changes.

    Covid-19 pandemic caught them pants down of trapped circumstances worst than even worst-infected economic.

    Didn’t Ravi Menon, MAS Chair told the nation that 20% of our economy is trapped in “deep scarring” for a long time to come?

    Present Tense says economy recovery will take a long time to come and Balakrishnan (FM turned Economic spokesperson) warns of need of economic restructuring ahead (presumably for those sectors moderately scarred and still survivable).

    My own take is that RESTRUCTURING will be continuous for much of this decade OF CONTINUIING PROCESS, regardless of artificial intelligence and newer tech innovations.


    Much of the world’s recovery is FAKE till now at least – once the safety net below, A LOT OF DEEP SCARRING WILL SINK AND DIES OFF swiftly and silently.

    Has 4Gs worked out a game plan yet (if one is feasible of solution space at all??) or are they watching television WAITING FOR MIRACLE STABILITY AND CONTINUITY to mysteriously emerge from one morning’s sunrise over the horizon?

    I AM SURE A LOT OF PAINS FORWARD for peasants.

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  • Singaporeans R Free Riders:

    Hello Joseph,
    Are you another AngMo Tua Kee (AMTK) like Roy?

    Democracy is all good and no evil because Ang Mo is Tua Kee Ang Mo fart is nice ?
    My PAP is no Ang Mo so is not Tua Kee and so is authoritarian ?

    Come leh, all the AMTK yellow banana.
    Tell me:
    1. USA is democratic right ? Why your AMTK Trump is not conceding defeat ?
    2. Taiwan is democratic right ? Why Democratic Progressive Party President Tsai shut down news media that criticize her.

    Under Democratic Progressive Party President Tsai Ing-Wen (蔡英文), day in day out DPP brainwashed the people that Taiwan has freedom (自由), democracy (民主) and human rights (人权).

    So, why ah, tell me why Democratic Progressive Party President Tsai shut down news media that criticize her.

    3. When Democratic Tsai is opposition, Tsai/her DPP party said 萊克多巴胺(Ractopamine)is poison and unsafe for consumption.
    Tsai/her DPP party strongly opposed KMT from allowing USA beef from entering Taiwan.

    4. When Democratic Tsai is now the President, Tsai/her DPP party said 萊克多巴胺(Ractopamine)is not very poisonous and is safe for consumption.

    Today year2020 Tsai/her DPP party strongly supported the import of USA 萊克多巴胺(Ractopamine)pork into Taiwan.

    民進黨」過去大動作「反瘦肉精美豬美牛」 尷尬了…怎跟支持者交代?【平論無雙製作人嚴選】2020.08.28

    Where are all the democratic nut like Oxygen, Roy, Ravi, Dr chee?
    All gone into hiding ? Dare not answer my questions ?

    Calling Calvin Cheng and all PAP supporters to print out my post to share or share on all social media.


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  • NotMyProblem:

    @Joseph; do you think LHL actually picked people better than himself?

    I actually wish to see the whole of PAP disappears in the next GE.

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  • xoxo:

    4G n PM Lee are one and the same piece of shit.

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  • FlickShit:

    If the CEO has poor leadership and no foresight, no matter who you put then in the Board of Directors, the company will still go bankrupty. Don;t blames this on the members. it is the CEO taking in only YESMAN to curry favour and sweet talks,

    And the these bunch of idiots will just sing and dance along with super salary, fames and power.

    So the only way to save the company is that the CEO and the whole bunch of idiots (BOD) must resign and leave the company.

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  • Abuse of Power is Rot:

    Despite the voters having spoken to deny Ng Chee Meng a seat, why is he still in the CEC ? Does this not mean someone voted out by the People can still be running in the next election?

    Pap should listen to the people and not use ncm anymore.

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  • A Page from History:

    When he ascended to power he surrounded himself with his peers and buddies. The senior and more experienced statesmen were ignored and sidelined. Not the wisest thing to do for an inexperienced and young king. His peers gave him bad advice; his kingdom divided and fell into decline. The rest is history (1 Kings 12).

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  • Merobok:

    Talent spotting is an art! Apparently, the PAP hierarchy is totally devoid of this talent! They believe that a high salary will naturally attract top talents into the PAP and in the course of it, just like “lucky dip” they may find a good fit in the making of a minister.
    The other habit is to rely on the recommendations made by party officials or friends or to use sons and daughters of Ex-PAP ministers or members!
    The opposition has nothing to offer except talents who come forward with dedication at heart and the interest of the nation.
    We have seen the PAP 4G ministers in the making and most Singaporeans just shake their heads!
    There are talents around and it is only recruiting them not with a high salary but a vision of nurturing Singapore into a better nation for all…..poor and rich including our talents from abroad!
    Hope the next GE will see such changes!

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  • DeLorean:

    Abuse of Power is Rot:
    Despite the voters having spoken to deny Ng Chee Meng a seat, why is he still in the CEC ? Does this not mean someone voted out by the People can still be running in the next election?

    Pap should listen to the people and not use ncm anymore.

    Why does Ng Chee Meng still get a seat after losing a GRC but Yeo did not.

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  • Robin:

    Really Terminal air port…batman

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  • Certificate dynasty craves $$$:

    What does it profit a man if he does gain dominion over the whole world only to lose his own soul in the afterlife?

    The whole crony-capitalism gang is in on the take Joe. Secret salaries and remunerations the likes of which is manifest blasphemy to anything that goes by the name of parliamentarian democracy. Just as long as they can play “soft dictator” to “guide” sheeples to obey and pay up in the most expensive island city ….. just press grannies & grandpas to mop up the lowest paying jobs in this aberration of “first world economy”. A neurotic government run by narcissists.

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  • What is Wrong?:

    The decline started with the 3Gs and became more stark under the 4Gs – massive flood, MRT breakdowns, lift breakdowns, falling concretess, power outages, information breach, Hep C deaths, dengue, TB, workplace accidents, violent crimes, suicides, unemployment, Covid -19 “explosion” in dorms, and what else? Did they turn their attention elsewhere and neglect the country? Have they become complacent? Or, have they lost interest in the country, but for some reason,are still staying on?

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  • Harder Truths:

    You cannot fail a despot. He commands they obey. How can he expect such minions whom have never had to work for anything in their life but say ‘yes’ to him be good at anything else?

    Will sane parents keep the child in a wheelchair because they are scared the child may fall down? How can the child function like that. Success comes from failure.

    The Despot has never tried, he has never failed- so he has never succeeded.
    Do we expect him to know that? Do we expect his followers to be any different?

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  • Sugar coated dictatorship:

    DeLorean: Why does Ng Chee Meng still get a seat after losing a GRC but Yeo did not.

    I think PAP does not really understand why sengkang fell and west coast plan did not get the bites they wanted.

    The reusing of NCM is a supports this theory.

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  • Billy_ma:

    The ways & manners lhl fought with his own siblings reflect his true person & character.
    That’s to sum ‘a mean nasty piece of shit’

    Then you multiple it when he runs the country & what you have is ‘a mean nasty piece of shit hundred times over’

    See how the moment the old man died, he starts the fight & tried to utilise his power to silence his own siblings to get his way & to graphics everything he wants.

    This is also how he rules the country.
    And he gets weak people to run the place with him.

    These weak people are doing it solely & only for their own personal interests & goals.
    The many results so far reflect the quality & true nature of these PAP dudes.

    GD Star Rating
  • AristoCATs - "System Works" ?:

    AristoCATs chimed –
    “ownself check ownself”
    “the system works, what?”
    US General Electric (GE ) –
    Successful org – Check
    Impeccable leaders – Check
    Gold-standard governance – Check
    Internal Leadership University – Check
    Continual Leadership Renewal – Check
    Fast forward to 2019 –
    GE was at the bottom of the heap.
    What happened?
    Internal Rot?
    Another Reminder – There is no “Sure Thing”.
    More than 39% should know the Power of the Ballot Box !

    GD Star Rating
  • Spermints:

    The best actor goes to …. :

    The nominees are ….
    1. Ivan Lim. Still no findings publicised about him.

    2. Lawrence wong. The cry

    3. Jo Teo. The cry

    GD Star Rating
  • Spermints:

    Why is HSK suddenly not in the news as much as CCS?

    Will CCS be the chosen one?

    Holy shit!

    GD Star Rating
  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on the TISG :Quote -”Jamus Lim, K Shanmugam send Winter Solstice greetings and talk about tangyuan
    One says he grew up loving the unfilled kind most, while the other notes that they are eaten to symbolise unity and togetherness

    Photo: FB / Jamus Lim0

    Obbana Rajah

    December 21, 2020….

    Singapore — Both Jamus Lim and K Shanmugam wished those celebrating the occasion a Happy Winter Solstice on Monday (Dec 21).

    The winter solstice, hiemal solstice or hibernal solstice occurs when one of the Earth’s poles has its maximum tilt away from the Sun. It happens twice yearly, once in each hemisphere.

    The Dongzhì Festival or Winter Solstice Festival is one of the more important Chinese and East Asian festivals celebrated on or around Dec 22 (according to East Asia time).

    Traditionally, the Dongzhi Festival is also a time for the family to get together. One activity that occurs during these get-togethers is the making and eating of tangyuan (湯圓) or balls of glutinous rice, which symbolise reunion.

    In his post, Sengkang GRC MP Associate Professor Lim said: “As a child, I grew up loving the unfilled 汤圆 most (I know, I was a strange kid), although I’ve since gravitated toward the sweeter versions.”

    He added that he should eat the same number of glutinous rice balls as his age but joked that he will cheat and call the large one a multiple of 40.

    “Our little one is still a tad too young to partake, but my better half definitely enjoyed her share,” he said.

    On his own page, Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam wrote: “Today is the winter solstice, the day with the shortest period of daylight.”

    He said that “many Chinese friends celebrate Dongzhi on this day”. He added a photo of tangyuan (glutinous rice balls) and noted that “they are eaten to symbolise unity and togetherness”. Mr Shanmugam wished everyone “Happy Dongzhi”. /TISG

    Please follow and like us:

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    Tags: K Shanmugam, Jamus Lim”Unquote.

    Response : What happen when opposition and main Party has become united as tangyuan and tune to the same mindset ? Everything may be covered up and swept under the carpet.You don’t shoot me and I don’t shoot you ! You covered up for me and I cover up for you !All the reserves all disappear off also nobody knows .

    GD Star Rating
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