MSM Aggressively Brainwashing Locals To Downgrade To Menial Jobs

One ex-sales director is now happy doing food delivery. One ex-PMET office lady is happy and stress free doing food delivery. One returning overseas Australian graduate very happy becoming hawker with her parents. One retrenched ex-PMET happy doing PHV. Why is the MSM doing these promotions again and again. WSG also promoting downgrade and downgrade and mid career change at 38. So my question is “Where the other good PMET jobs gone?”

Our parents pushed very hard for children to study damn hard over 20 years to have us become food delivery or hawker? In hokkien, they might ask “Tow wu huat sio bo?” So the next question, Singapore always pride itself as first world country full of opportunities and hope. Why now, suddenly promoting all these menial jobs to locals? Where are the good jobs such as Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer, Banking et cetera? Singapore no longer have such jobs? After spending 20 years studying, you become food delivery or hawker? Remember ex-ministers said, you can have degree but cant eat it! Did they see this coming? Or the govt actually planned it?

This is a very sad case for the country, the leaders programming locals to take menial jobs, it is honestly very strange for a country to do this to their own citizens. So where the PMET jobs? Why are they building so many BTOS and deforesting aggressively? If your IQ is below 50, I might excuse you from this. There is periodic and system brainwashing at the media, to put ideas and information into the dumb sheep.

Today, we have Masters and Degrees driving PHV or Food delivery, this is becoming a new norm that Singapore is the country with the best educated taxi drivers, food deliveries and hawkers. This is what local wanted? Good luck mate.


Michelle Tan




26 Responses to “MSM Aggressively Brainwashing Locals To Downgrade To Menial Jobs”

  • xoxo:

    Good,those sgs who replaced their colleagues with FTs are getting back their KARMA.
    THEIR KIDS have to become hawkers or labourers or loanshark runners.

    Who cares?
    You reap what you sow.
    More PME’s kids going to sell mee siam mai hum???

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  • Kurt:

    Many well-educated people are still following the incumbent blindly. I have a cousin who is in his early 40′s, a hardcore fan. The best part is he “Unfriended” and “Removed” me from his Facebook and family grpchat. Who cares, aferall, we hardly met. Not even CNY. Sad for him.

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    In the past, Singaporeans have been brainwashed to think only the academic route leading to office jobs is the only way to success. Being your own boss may not be such a bad thing. The sky is the limit. YOu choose your working hours, how you want to conduct your business etc. Many hawkers drive posh cars and live in landed property too. These jobs do not have the security of a regular paycheck but it’s up to you to drive your business.

    Yes the menial jobs are unglaamorous and dirty. But you don’t have to deal so much the politics and get attitude from higher ups.

    It’s either that or Singaporeans can join cleaning companies, report to FTs and blame the govt for their lot in life.

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  • Tatman:

    All thanks to the heartless and sadistic 61.24% sohai who voted these treacherous PAP in to kill us all.

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  • sad situation:

    Sad situation.
    Where are the good jobs for our educated children ?

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  • NotMyProblem:

    The 61% voters shaking legs at home watching FTs taking their lunches. Isn’t this is what they’ve voted for?

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  • businesses and entrepreneurs:

    //Good,those sgs who replaced their colleagues with FTs are getting back their KARMA.//

    sometimes, the daft sinkies will somehow find reason / excuse what they did was right at the time and many will say ‘bo pian’ (which is quite true since open-leg policy allows businesses and entrepreneurs to do it and more and more of them are either FTs or ex-FT turned sinkies who do not have strong cultural affinity with the daft sinkies ???) ???

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  • oxygen:

    @ Michelle Tan

    Nearly 3 decades ago, I was on holiday from Sydney, waiting for my mates for lunch at Lau Pa Sat in front of what was called OUB centre and met with this strange happening totally unexpected.

    I watched MSM at Raffles Place intercepting lunchtime walking traffic if anyone wants to help to do a 60 seconds “live” or so of media tv clip saying something nice about PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomics to be shown as part of prime time dinner news broadcasting.

    I see no one agree. On seeing me standing in front of some retail shop in OUB centre, one MSM staffer asked me for assistance. I declined because it is ethically wrong (in my mind) to utter some political representation that is instructed or dictated to me – regardless of whether I agree or not.

    So what was my response?

    I asked if I could swear using expletives to decorate the sensationalisation but that was refused by MSM saying that it would be censored and won’t make it to broadcast anywhere.

    I thought that was or will be the end of it.

    No, about half an hour later, MSM staffer seeing me standing alone still waiting for my mates, MIRACULOUSLY pleaded for my assistance – urging that they want to capture this media news clips for tv and they are all hungry, desperate to finish the job, go back to office and have their lunch to then edit the content.



    My mates arrived and I asked if anyone among them wants to help since I am unwilling (it is morally wrong of public mind deception if I did because the subject-matter is not my own mind thought).

    MOST SURPRISINGLY WAS THAT MSM didn’t notice my attire and accent was slightly different from locals – I WAS STOPPED AT RAFFLES MRT STATION EXIT and my hoversack was checked by security who asked if I am a foreigner!

    That encounter left me a very dimmed view of MSM. If this happened in Sydney and gone public, the news channel can be as good as shutting down for good.

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  • Nathan Chen:

    The trend is irreversible. It’s too deep rooted and entrenched. Locals will lose more than jobs. They will gradually lose Singapore. They are almost second-class citizens now. They will become aliens soon enough in their own country. The die hard local PAP voters deserve it every inch up their ass, for putting the PAP in power, election after elections. Let The PAP’s destruction of Singapore run its course. It’s irreversible. The decline of the PAP will also be irreversible.

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  • Jman:

    This is a misconception that this narrowing of top jobs is entirely the doing of MIW and the MSM is out to push locals down the job ladder.

    This is a global phenomena brought about when all of us buy more and more from fewer and fewer companies like Alibaba and Zara. And this is the end result – just fewer companies with fewer good jobs.

    This is the unreasonable and ridiculous expectations many of us have. We want our cake and eat it (in low prices). And when jobs disappear because of our personal acts, we blame the Govt.

    And it takes some leadership from the larger economy govts to break the market power of companies like Alibaba which will bring some better job stability for more jobs in the coming years.

    This is the reality of humans – selfish and quick to blame others. Shame on humans. Disgraceful to blame others like this also.

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  • Singaporean got no talent:

    So you see Singapore has no Talent/Singaporean are not talented. This is the message I get reading the news recently. A 19 yr old CEO managing a S$25M startup company, read further he is the son of an indian foreign talent, if you read carefully, the startup consist of 3 overseas and 1 local partners. But very brief 1 line and no mention of the local name.

    This is what the local newspaper are grooming/brainwaste our mind.

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  • opposition dude:

    Brainwashing doesn’t quite work anymore because people these days are smarter than PAP. Just ask Sengkang as well as the 9% that swung to the opposition last July. All PAP can only do is run these types of silly reports and hope that the dumbest of the dumb believe in them.

    Because PAP likes to deny that we are all living in the real world with the high cost of living all these jobs won’t be able to ensure you are able to support your family. There is light at the end of the tunnel of course, just wait for the next election when more of the younger generation are able to vote.

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  • Dun Bluff Mi U Tink I 2pid?:

    For those 61.24 who voted for the Pappy and lost their jobs to the “FT”, good riddance!

    For the rest who voted for Oppos and lost their jobs to the “FT”, soldier on! You can see that SK GRC are not lost sheeps!

    You have studied for at least 19 years from the age of 4. Thus you are NOT in any way inferior to the “FT”. Who knows if their degree come from some Uptron ACL or degree mill..

    3 years – Nursery, K1, K2
    6 years – Primary 1 to 6
    4 years – Secondary 1 to 4
    2 years – Junior College
    4 years – University

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  • Python 5:

    if being food delivery driver is so fascinating, why don’t those PAP running dogs and boot licking whores at that prostitute wh**e house at Braddell go quit their full time day jobs as dogs and whores to become food delivery drivers too??

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  • strength in number:

    //This is a misconception that this narrowing of top jobs is entirely the doing of MIW and the MSM is out to push locals down the job ladder.//

    who created the open-leg policy ? and how come got 158th ranking ? how come got ownself-check-ownself and 4 = 5 and selected = elected ?? surely this does not come in a vacuum ??

    open-leg policy has no effect (as in cause and effect and the potential abuse of work passes ??) on jobs (top, centre, bottom ??) as per strength in number (as more and more FTs start to overwhelm (as in critical mass) the environment due to open-leg policy) ?

    //This is a global phenomena brought about when all of us buy more and more from fewer and fewer companies like Alibaba and Zara. And this is the end result – just fewer companies with fewer good jobs.//

    aiyoh. so global phenomena and fewer good jobs hor ?? so open-leg policy from many chat-ba-lang countries can suddenly create more good jobs for daft sinkies or it has the effect of competing away good, not-so-good and all kinds of jobs from daft sinkies lor ????

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  • xoxo:

    M$M= Main Stream Meddlers?!
    Meddling with half truths and lies.
    Thats their job?

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  • flickshit:

    They show you to downgraded your profession and meanwhile they import foreigners to take over your jobs.

    This is the PAP’s dirty tricks to con you to be a beggar and foreigners to be your boss that will vote for PAP in every election.

    Don;t you see it.

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  • Another PAP's good deed:

    These retrenched sgs’ can apply for job at value $ or ABC discount store as food stacker, cashier or sweeper working under Filipino Manager so that they can be screwed anytime and take instruction.
    I am happy to see all these coming despite watever said the FTs population will continue to grow and flourish.

    Good karma for all the PAP’s supporters.
    2021 for all local to work under FTs.

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  • Pinky is useless anyway:

    I find a lot of chartered accountants driving PHV and not mentioned many ex professional PMET managers also.

    I recently went into Linkedin to look at the profiles of many management in ICT and banking, 70% are foreigners and when I checked their education and jobs previously, mostly unknown degrees and some even junior posts before they land in Singapore becoming managers.

    Then I asked some of my friends, they told me they only hire their own skin and native as managers and below them.

    So discrimination is very obvious in Singapore, ironically against local bornt. Most of these incoming PMETs who landed senior positions mostly converted to new citizens, at least PRs.

    So this strategy of importing and converting is by PAPPY for sure. And when we complain, they cry xenophobic because they have no official reason but excuses to defend.

    This FT policy benefits the white party only, even they are converting new citizens into MPs and MPs of foreign descent even changed name to sound local.

    61% will continue to lose jobs also… but honestly it is too late. The numbers of foreign bornt already crossed 50% if you consider the PRs and the converted.

    The kiasi and kiasu have caused our local bornt and next generation a lot.

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  • Pap has the mandate:

    1) 61% Singaporeans voted for PAP Government, so they deserved what they got right now

    2)Singaporeans are gutless and NIMBY in nature.

    3) Singaporeans are happy to become the second or third class citizens in their own country. While Foreign workers are first-class citizens in Singapore.

    I worked hours 8 hours (A country with minimum wage) a week only, my relax part-time job monthly salary is the same as an average Singaporean working a full month. I am able to buy an apartment in the city fully paid. You study so hard to get up the ladder of landing on a high value paid job and now Singaporeans wasting the number of years studying (ROI) and all come down to being a delivery and PHV worker. What happened when a machine with technology is able to do these deliveries faster and driverless Vehicles come true. What is going to happen to these low paid job workers? Eat grass?? Goodluck to Singaporeans and their generations to come in Singapore. I have definitely moved on greener pasture.

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  • Two systems one country?:

    Sinchiapor Inc. the 4th most corrupted global crony-capitalist regime tweaks and calibrates us straightforward singkie sheeple society for its party corporate stakes according to its own whims and fancies – Workers of the world come labour in Pappy kingdom!

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  • talkcork:

    Coordinated effort by MSM to promote downgrading to menial jobs is good thing for many.

    The reality is who is going to pay for high cost of living and ever going higher priced BTOs?

    Singaporeans are easily programmed by MSM to accept their fate?

    Singapore is also trying to repair pandemic lousy performance by buying articles on SCMP, Bloomberg etc that now it has turn from Zero to Hero. Even going to the extent of saying it is as good as Vietnam and Taiwan.

    Singapore govt is good at marketing and bs to mass using MSM and foreign media to program the “feel good” and its image.

    Singaporean needs to be more analytical and aware all these are covers and reality is we are sinking. And massive import of foreigners and boosting GDP will eventually sink too.

    Too many people in this island and you expect all locals to become food delivery?

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  • Sg jobs abundant right?:

    Why many Singaporean unemployed + unemployed.

    Many recruitment agencies, HR, hiring managers are foreingers right? These falsely say Singaporean aren’t qualified right? Because they want get their own kind, maybe cheaper but actually not much experience too. These new recruits learn on the job, low productivity, talk a lot do less.

    Singapore has unqiue experience develop Singapore from dirt poor to very rich in very short time, Singapore also has unique suitation where there are abundant jobs but many local PMET citizens are unemployed + underemployed!

    Let’s continue the low productivity and quality work done by the workers and let’s see how.

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  • Observer:

    Hope the money creators can make MNCs to prioritize jobs, promotions and business opportunities for Singaporeans, especially those who worship Abraham’s GOD and support Israel.

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  • Fort.:

    70s at least still got pasar Malam.

    Now,like also gone

    The Way of the dodo,Robinson

    For example..

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  • You voted for it:

    61% voted for this. No problems at all.

    61% want to be grab delivery.

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