Even the Gods weep

Even the Gods weep the departure of 2020 and the arrival of 2021.

In Singapore there will never be a need for a military coup. This is because the men in green have long ago shed their uniforms and started to wear white on white ever since BG Lee, BG Yeo and Rear Admiral Teo completed their scholarship bonds and assumed top ranking ministerial positions in government. So they were the first cohort to have executed this quiet bloodless military coup. Since then it has been standard operating procedure.

The men in white do not need to wear blue to control the men in blue. The Shaman wearing white on white is the Black Knight in charge of both the Ministry of Home Affairs as well as the Ministry of Law. Very quietly and surreptitiously Singapore has become a police state par excellence. From Operation Cold Store to Operation Spectrum to Operation Pofma, the Men in Blue take directions from the Men in White and the arrested recalcitrants are transferred to the Men in Gown and after due process they are transferred back to the Men in Blue to serve their time or pay the fines.

This process has become so seamless that the Men in White can assume the function of the Men in Blue by personally issuing Pofma orders to initiate actions against any deemed recalcitrant, be they politicians academics website operators idealists or poets.

In a world where white is black and black is white the Men in White only wear white on National Day though they used to wear white proudly into Parliament but no longer do so choosing these days to wear grey jacket and tie allowing them to become experts in their world where black is white and white is black. Why wear white when It is no longer fashionable and why pretend to be whiter than white when you are not even off-white?

So through the revolving doors of the ministerial suites and the Perm Secs to the courts of justice, to the clanging prison gates, the borders of Singapore Inc are fastly secured. Since the pandemic tsunami hit, the whole place has become a vast Changi Prison where planes do not fly, ships no longer ply and new train lines are aborted. We do not really know why.


Teo Soh Lung





10 Responses to “Even the Gods weep”

  • opposition dude:

    So after the way too liberal use of Pofma jus before the election its usage has gone down to kosong. I guess even PAP also knows they can’t be using their own little ingenious creation willy nilly even if they want to heh heh heh. Especially not with the vote share drop and another 4 clowns kicked for sure.

    It was widely seen as a rampant abuse of power but PAP is just too arrogant to see it that way until they were taught a lesson at the election. But worry not because arrogance doesn’t disappear with one GRC loss (just look at Aljunied in 2011) and we already have bodoh Vivian saying he forgot about the CPC to start off 2021!

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  • Ban PV:

    Martial Law executed by the men in Green is the Overwhelming SUPER SUPREME Law of the land and no other laws even the Constitutional Law, the machine gun law, no law suit, no POFMA can even touch it.

    That’s why Visibly some ‘men’ are purposefully decorated and rewarded to be controlled as many other men in Green are just the normal ‘joe’ of the land.

    It is the pivotal sword of PAPi existent.

    One day, who knows, you may just need ‘The Few Good Men’ to lead, nobody know.

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  • xoxo:

    It is unethical to make use of TRACE TOGETHER TO TRACK sgs as if they were all CRIMINALS.

    POLICE making use of such TRACER’S DATA goes against the SPIRIT OF TRACING FOR HEALTH RISK REASON.

    SGS BADLY NEED GOOD OPPO sgs to *TRACE* the wrongdoings of the PAPple.

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    Sixty year olds wearing schoolboy uniforms.

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  • Tracey Ching:

    Zhang Zhan, a 40 years old former Chinese lawyer and grassroots reporter was convicted in China for picking quarrels and provoking troubles. She was tied down and forced fed via tubes. Her friends said that she is a naive woman. Sound familiar? Any parallel to your life? Aren’t you afraid? How old are you?

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  • #006-195 Old Coot and Sor Hais:

    Heavens wept for this stupid country. Because people know and yet choose to be quiet.

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  • Realistically:

    @ Teo Soh Lung

    Good observations ……..I totally agree. Woe betide all sinkies, except from the emperor without clothes circle and the wayang-party MPs who are paid more than enough than what they or most of them could earn outside of Parliament…..for legitimising the abuse of power to enable such travesties to continue.

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  • The God of Justice & Love:

    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, “Assist your brother or sister in faith, whether he or she be the oppressor or the oppressed. We asked, “But how shall we do it when that person is the oppressor?” Muhammad answered, “To assist the oppressor is to forbid and withhold that person from further oppressing others. Truly God has instructed me to be humble and lowly and never be proud; no person should oppress another. You will not enter into Paradise until you have faith; and you will not fulfill your faith, until you love one another.”

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  • Harder Truths:

    $G just went down the toilet in a few short months. The citizens will follow suit as the foreigners take this opportunity to steal everything else.

    Make $G Koyak Again.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote -”Reported on Straits Times :Quote -”Indonesian plane crashes into the sea with more than 60 on board

    The Sriwijaya Air plane was en route to Pontianak in West Kalimantan province.PHOTO: AFP

    Wahyudi Soeriaatmadja Indonesia Correspondent…

    33 MIN AGO….

    JAKARTA – Indonesia’s safety agency is set to search the waters today for the 62 people aboard a Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737 that went missing shortly after take-off from the capital Jakarta on Saturday (Jan 9).
    Flight SJ182’s last contact was at around 2.40pm Jakarta time (3.40pm Singapore time), four minutes into its 90-minute journey to Pontianak, capital of West Kalimantan province. 
    Carrying 12 crew and 50 passengers, including seven children and three infants, the aircraft lost more than 3,000m in altitude in less than a minute, according to flight-tracking website Flightradar24. ……

    Transport Ministry spokesman Adita Irawati said the plane had deviated from its normal course and gone in a north-west direction. ….”Unquote.

    Response : Wow,plane deviated from its normal course and gone in a north west direction ? Sound familiar to that previous Malaysia deviated direction plane think MH370 if I remember correctly ? That is why overseas tourist coming to Singapore should take SIA plane to Singapore
    .Though those evil b***t SIA women wing with their evil backside charge SIA ticket price super expensive ,it is still slightly safer than other airlines with their dumb pilots ! So tourist better take SIA plane to Singapore ,change SIA plane to maybe Indonesia and back take SIA plane to Changi,then home from Changi Airport with evil b***t SIA women stewardess with their evil backside ! At least SIA plane are better maintain during covid 19 and unlikely to have major engine failure .For the evil women wing government pump in huge sums of public funds to Changi Airport such that it still has money to build small dinosaur park at changi airport,window light block renovation and build a expensive mini model structure of changi airport display at Terminal 3 level 2,opening new restaurant like Swensen ,….Pui to all government grants spend on supporting private business that should use their own money and not public funds making all people to pay more and more taxes ! And those evil IRAS women wing even just send me a “thank you” SMS for paying my property HDB tax for contribution to “Nation Building” !Pui ! When I am just a lessee of HDB for 99 years and not the landed owner,why should the people need to pay robbery HDB property tax ? Is the gods really weeping or laughing at people stupidity ?

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