Big Brother and Trace Together

The government is simply obsessed with tracking our movement. There are cameras everywhere – on the highways, at street corners, bus stops, vehicle waiting and parking bays. There is no way in which we can escape the eyes of Big Brother. Even parking at a loading bay for 10 minutes where there are no available parking lots, just to buy a packet of chicken rice will cost the driver $70 in fine in addition to the parking fee collected at the gantry.

Step out of your flat. Cameras are there at the lift lobby to welcome you. If you turn on your GPS on your mobile, Big Brother will follow you. At the end of the month, Google Map can give you and Big Brother a summary of where you have gone!

Covid-19 has given our government another idea of how to track our movements. So it happily spends millions to develop this ugly thing called Trace Together token and apps. The Minister of Smart Nation being not quite smart, tried to allay our fear that it would not use it to track our movements. That was in June 2020. He has now admitted, though he refused to apologise, that it was an oversight and he has had sleepless nights thinking of how to explain to us.

Well, he came up with the idea that the police would only use Trace Together for very serious crimes and a law to ensure this will be passed soon.

The government thinks we are stupid. What makes our leaders think that critics will be happy with these exceptions? Doesn’t it already control all our movements with the thousands of cameras in public places, our mobile phones and the tracking devices in all vehicles? And why does it think that it is listening to us by enacting such a law? It is an utter waste of tax payers’ money.

Our laws allow the police to raid our homes and offices as well as confiscate all our electronic devices for petty offences. But these are classified as ARRESTABLE OFFENCES, which means that the police are free to raid your homes and seize whatever they want. I missed that term when I was investigated for a silly offence under the election law. So I was totally shocked when the police officers showed me the provision that allowed them to arrest and seize my properties. Yes, I was shocked even though I was a practising lawyer! Never in my life had I thought that commenting on the words of PAP ministers as an ordinary person would allow the police to have access to all the data in my electronic devices. So yes, every person must be aware that the police had huge powers to raid homes and seize properties even if he does not commit any offence. They just have to say they are INVESTIGATING A CRIME.

The Trace Together apps and token are just another device to track our movements. And don’t we ever forget that the government has also the power to arrest innocent people under the Internal Security Act (ISA), torture them and imprison them indefinitely. Do not dismiss this. There are presently about 19 Muslim detainees in Changi Prison.

Why does our government take joy in enacting laws and making devices to ensure that we do not live full and free lives?


Teo Soh Lung




5 Responses to “Big Brother and Trace Together”

  • Police CLOSE DOWN:

    61% of genuine fools want to be called and treated as idiots.

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  • oxygen:

    WELL SMART NATION of trace together is STUPID OF OUTCOME. They screwed it all up and departed from public trust in law enactment transparency.

    So they now try to mend the west wall with bricks torn from the east wall. The tiger will come in from the gap and bite their ar*e from behind?

    If law enforcement is incapable of apprehending serious crime WITHOUT the trace together data, IT HAS FAILED MONUMENTALLY of crime detection and apprehension.

    How come – before the Trace Together application put in place – NOT ADVISED OR RECEIVED LEGAL ADVICE THAT IT IS FLAWED of law application. All sucked in the quagmire of “blind loyalty” of never to question the bosses in a “smart nation” led by a motley fools of incompetent leadership leading to STUPID OUTCOME, irretrievably perhaps?

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  • xoxo:

    Can WP initiate a *TGT*(Trace Gahmen Together) device for us to assess our ministers’ performance?

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  • PAP = Power and Privilege:

    It appears the Chinese vaccine for COVID 19 is only around 78%-79% effective while those from Pfizer and Moderna are 90+% effective.

    PAP made sure its officeholders (and likely their families) and “friends” got the more effective vaccine from Pfizer while Singaporeans have to take their chances with the Chinese vaccine.

    Also, there are NO INDEPENDENT TEST(S) on the effectiveness AND safety of the Chinese vaccine.

    PM LHL said Singapore bought the vaccine early. If this is true then why was it necessary to also buy the vaccine from China? Why did it not just buy ALL the vaccines needed in Singapore from Pfizer and/or Moderna? Cost is not an issue with Singapore’s massive reserves and perennial Budget surpluses.

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  • Harder Truths:

    One day they will put a camera up our ass, to see what kind of shit we are up to.

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