Foreigners Turned New Citizens Lost Identity?

Recently, I met two persons, one Chinese and one Indian. So while I was talking to the Chinese, I noticed his Mandarin is perfect and sounded like PRC. So when I asked him if he is from China, he said no. Then I asked if he is new citizen, he said no. So my friend and me confirmed he is from China surely.

The next incident is an Indian man, I asked if he is from India, he also said no. When I asked him if he is new citizen, he also said no. But both their accents are foreign.The Indian man is in his 50s and I wonder why Singapore would convert him to new citizen as Singapore complains of ageing population and need for new citizen. So why are we converting an old foreigner for? The observation I had was when I asked them if they are new citizens, they seemed to be in a hazy mode.

Foreigners pretending they are not foreigners or foreigners feeling loss? Honestly, it is a joke right. We have should not have any problem with them because they are imported by our leaders. Everyone wants a better life, foreigners swarming Singapore to have better life, that we can all understand. If we are angry, we should direct our unhappiness to those people who made this FT policy. So the foreigners don’t want to be asked if they are from their country of origin? They felt awkward? Why? So now they have become new Singaporeans, they felt strange? And in the end, they become stateless, they are not from China nor India and not even from Singapore? They are ashamed or they are embarrassed or they felt threatened?

Come on la, they are foreign talents imported by our govt, they are VIP in our country, class above locals, why would they feel so? Our leaders places FTs above locals, locals should be the one feeling odd being the minority in this country.


Michelle Lim




14 Responses to “Foreigners Turned New Citizens Lost Identity?”

  • xoxo:

    They are *refugees* ,economic refugees who come here as FAKE TALENTS by courtesy of the PAPple of Sg who betray the PEOple of Singapore ,the majority of whom voted for them?

    But you are right,these new $(c)itizen$ must coke from somewhere.
    Why are they so ashamed to admit?

    Or,they are really *ALIENS* brought here by PAPple who pay themselves out-of-the-world saLaries?

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  • F.y Ass:

    You last name is ‘ Lim’. I am sure you are not a “Bumi”. Aren’t you a legitimate issue of a foreigner?

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    A group of ladies approached me to help them take a group photo. They spoke in cheerful, very good English actually so I yhought they were locals. Then after I took their photos, they thanked me and walked off talking in Mandarin. That’s when I noticed their Chinese accents.

    But I thought they adapted quite well.

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  • stanalone:

    absolutely right

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  • lojak city:

    Nowadays, where got IDENTITIY!! everything is lojak!!
    Everywhere you go, you hear strange languages and dialects being spoken, just don’t know where the f#*k all those fellas originate from!!

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote -”Poly, ITE grads can train to be hawkers under new programme…
    Adeline Tan
    PUBLISHEDJAN 11, 2021,..
    SINGAPORE – A new work-study programme to help ease the entry of young people into the hawker trade will be launched in March.

    The Work-Study Post-Diploma (Certificate in Hawkerpreneurship), which comes under the SkillsFuture Singapore work-study programme, is the first of its kind.

    Announcing the programme at the second edition of the SG Hawker Seminar on Monday (Jan 11), Senior Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment Amy Khor said: “With the increasing recognition and appreciation of hawker fare, setting up a hawker stall can be considered as a gateway into the F&B sector, and there could be budding food and beverage entrepreneurs who may aspire to join the hawker trade.”

    She said the National Environment Agency (NEA) and SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) will work together with Temasek Polytechnic to launch the programme as a new track under the Hawkers’ Development Programme (HDP), which was started in January last year to equip hawkers with the relevant skills and competencies to run a hawker stall.

    The 12-month programme, which takes in its first batch in March, will be open to all recent graduates from polytechnics and the Institute of Technical Education.

    Participants will undergo a two-month classroom-based training, followed by a four-month apprenticeship and a six-month mentorship with experienced hawkers.

    The programme can accommodate about 50 people over three years, and both mentors and apprentices will receive a monthly training allowance of $500 and $1,000 respectively.

    As at Jan 1 this year, more than 170 people have completed the training stage of the HDP, and 41 of them are moving on to the final stage of setting up their incubation stalls.

    ..lthe number of training places under the scheme will be increased from 100 to 300 places over the next two years, said Dr Khor.

    In line with that, the number of incubation stalls under the Incubation Stall Programme (ISP), will go up from the current 20 to 80 stalls in the next few years.

    The ISP supports aspiring hawkers by providing them with pre-fitted stalls and subsidised rentals for over 15 months.

    Dr Khor also said support has been given to hawkers to help them digitalise, in the form of a new module launched by NEA and SSG titled Adapt to Change – Digitalisation for Hawkers under the HDP.

    The module, which began its inaugural run last month, is taught by Nanyang Polytechnic’s Asian Culinary Institute.”Unquote .

    Response :Need a diploma to become a hawker ? Still has e*** allowance between $500 and $1000 to get during the course ? This extremely mad e*** b**$* woman Amy Khor Lean Suan must be send to IMH to examine why her e*** brain is so wi**** ? Spending public fund digitalise the whole country jetting up all future food prices for everybody to pay bringing in more foreigners to get hawker diploma ?Pui !

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  • Youtube Immigration Ads:

    We are blasted by countless Ads on youtube by soliciting foreigners to migrate to sg.

    What money is funding these ads directly or indirectly?

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  • Harder Truths:

    Barbarians at the Gates. I look forward to more entertainment from the new arrivals, so fondly embraced by the local balls carriers.

    When you bring the barbarians into your home then be prepared for them to turn it upside down and back again. Once they wreck everything they will leave and take anything of value with them. What they cannot take they will destroy out of spite.

    We also have an opposition that cannot even open its mouth for important things

    A nation of a majority of stupid people need to learn the hard way.

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  • Harder Truths:

    I urgently request every person on this forum to read this about the China vaccine before taking it.

    Quotes from this article

    ‘Tao Lina, a vaccine expert from Shanghai, analyzed the vaccine’s instruction manual and found numerous issues with it. Tao found that there are a total of 73 local/systemic conditions listed in the “adverse reactions” column, and called it the “most unsafe vaccine in the world.”’

    ‘Dr. Sean Lin, a former U.S. Army Research Institute virology researcher, points out that the efficacy of the Sinopharm vaccine on Chinese people has not been properly studied. Phase III trials of the vaccine were conducted in foreign nations. Lin notes that this is problematic since racial differences have implications on immune systems. As such, a vaccine tested on other races might not work as expected on ethnic Chinese. He also says that it is irresponsible for Beijing to be inoculating millions of people with the vaccine without any valid data from its initial stage of development.’

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  • Merobok:

    These new citizens have not lost their identity but purposely transform themselves into a state of amnesia!
    They are guilty of the fact that they had entered into a society where the cohesive society(except the 60%) has now realized that their livelihood has been threatened by these people! They are guilty that they have not done NS and that includes their children
    So, act innocent and stupid so that they will not bear the brunt of being finger pointed!

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  • bullshit is bullshit, so dont:

    They probably know the problem in Singapore, they started to feel that locals maybe targeting them, so they prefer to lie.

    Many new citizens become old citizens will suffer the same fate unless they are as rich as Haidilao. If they take PMET jobs, they will eventually be replaced by foreigners imported. This has happened to many foreign PMETs who became citizens end up driving PHV too. Many PRs are doing PHVs in Singapore but actually have landed properties in Malaysia or India. They have no plan to convert to locals seeing the situation.

    We cant fault them, the immigration policy is top down from Pinky and his 4G clowns and supported by 61% voters.

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  • Fake degree also got away:

    Still remember an indian woman using fake degree to work in government job. She was exposed but got away from the law. Quickly she converted to Sg citizenship.
    I met a PRC man who became citizen and bought a 4 rm flat in Simei. Later brought the whole family from China who became PRs. Father, mother and in-laws all here.
    There are many Sg citizens holding dual citizenships esp Australia. They rent their whole HDB flat out but live in Australia. PM LHL is sleeping and incapable of his leadership.
    I was pissed off by the bad attitude at Courts Tampines staff taking temperature and info. Later She could hardly speak English and when I looked at her name tag, only to realise that she is a Vietnamese.
    Yesterday saw the CEO, Courts interview and he bears the name of a Vietnamese with accent.
    ABC discount store managers are all Filipinos.They all wera T-shirt with Manager printed on.
    I met FILIPINO Grab driver holding PR status. I also met another FILIPINO comfort driver that needed guidance to get destination.
    They are many filipino working as teachers at the HDB void decks child care center. According to them salary from $2.5k to 3k, twice yearly bonus amounting to $2.5k to $3k
    Still remember DBS indian PR’case but got away with a warning! likely CEO was an indian and now local citizen. So many FT indians employed in DBS.
    Kudos to PAP’s policies. Shame on PAP! Congratulations to PAP’s supporters!

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  • Basement:

    I think they knew their being fool into this cuntry.

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  • Homeless Cat:

    The Foreign Convert will learn before long that the grass is not only dying on this side, but that the green he or she saw was fake.

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