Special clinics to test covid cases

I read this news report that two people who had symptoms of the infection did not see the doctor.

I suggest that the government should appoint special clinics to test people with symptoms of covid. A list of these clinics should be provided to the public.

These patients should be given priority for testing and kept in a separate location, away from the other patients.

Preferably, these clinics should be set up for the sole purpose of covid testing.

Every person who has a temperate about 37 C and captured in the DIY temperature scanners can be advised to go to the special clinic.

The covid testing should be free for patients with symptoms. It can also carry out testing for people without symptoms for a small fee (which is subsidized).

If we can focus on dealing with people with symptoms, we can relax on the Safe Entry recording (which is costly and large useless).


Tan Kin Lian




11 Responses to “Special clinics to test covid cases”


    Dear Sir

    Normal clinics can do already.

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  • Guilty Tan:

    Stupid TKL should refer to his recent post “Do not worry about mild infection”.

    It could be because of TKL stupid suggestion that this 2 individual felt not the need to seek medical treatment for very mild symptom like flu.

    TKL should be ashamed of himself and realize the danger and harms his irresponsible and careless suggestion could harm the society.

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  • Bad Boy:

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  • The island city is currently busy ‘importing’ C19 cases averaging 50 (approx rounded for ease of calculation) on a daily basis.

    At the rate that it is going, simple math shows that it would import 50×30=1500 C19 infected a month, 1500×12=18.000 a year.

    This means that Sinkies would be living with 18,000 infected C19 in its community, per year and constantly increasing. Since there was no mention of how these asymptomatic imported C19 were treated during their SHN, I assume that they were not treated and left to recover on their own?

    All it took was one lone traveling salesman in Jiling province to infect hundreds of residents and caused a lockdown and mass-testing of 7 million.

    IMHO, it would not be a matter of IF, but WHEN a major local outbreak would occur.

    Oh silly me, I forgot that most Sinkies are immune to the C19, the version of C19 in Sinkies don’t bite as hard as those found around the world.

    So don’t worry, be happy and enjoy!

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  • xoxo:

    It is silly to try to vaccinate the people for c-19 while importing NEW CASES of other strains of the virus that the vaccine may not be effective.

    Importing covid cases is not unlike importing TB which was once controlled.

    Idiots who try to act smart will cause more destruction to the nation.

    4G trained by 3G is a formula for the destruction of good sgs.

    Already,many former nation-building SG-PMEs have become the NEW POOR OF SIN CITY.


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  • Crazy Ah Tan:

    A total of 189 patients – with mild symptoms or are clinically well but still test positive – are isolated and cared for at community facilities.

    Worse than stay home notice.

    If TKL, they can roam the street. Crazy man.

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  • 23 Norwegian Elderly died:

    News of 23 Norwegian elderly who died post-vaccination is rather alarming.

    Vaccination programmes to be conducted in nursing homes should be witheld until WHO has officially declared that the vaccines are truly safe for elderly.

    Risk assessments with due diligence should be thorough in order to raise the confidence level of the public in general.

    Life, though fragile, is precious. A slight miscalcuation could mean death. So be absolutely sure of the safety and efficacy of vaccines which are rushingly produced within just one year of the advent of Covid19.

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  • xoxo:

    A cluster of TB cases found at a Singapore Pools outlet.

    More to come?

    Very reckless gahmen.
    Temperature Screening not consistently applied.
    No screening at such 4D outlets???

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  • Harder Truths:

    Another Pfzir failure

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  • bui ta hang liao:

    I have taken leave from responding
    to this self-proclaimed Expertgoondu

    now bui ta hang liao
    this tan keep on farting nonsenses
    ah tan look into a mirror
    and ask
    who is the Foolishest of them all ?!
    you just looking into it

    I rest my case

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    @ News of 23 Norwegian elderly who died post-vaccination is rather alarming.

    U never highlight these are frail elderly with serious underlying conditions.

    All these elderly are not those in old folks home but in those ” last days ” ward where their organs are so age and ready to failure soon or terminally ill.

    If i m in their position, perhaps a swift death is better than a slow and agony one. Have u visited a coma or paralysed patient ? Have u seen or smell when the service nurse change diaper for the patient ? Not easy for both nurse and patient. Patient dignity wise if concious , day after day.

    33000 administer and 23 died and its ang mo elderly with seriousn illness. We should be looking at Sg instead.

    Seriously if u prefer, go for sinovac or russia one. Even malaysia bus drivers in current canteen i m taking lunch in are saying between colleagues Sg no problem one , better take in Sg then go back to Malaysia. If not go back more scary and more problem. Malaysia 6 months lock down.

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