Increase in community and imported cases

Recently, there were daily reports of a few community cases and a larger number of imported cases each day.

Most people are concerned.

I believe that there is no need to worry at this stage. Here are my reasons.

* Most of these cases are mild, i.e. asymptomatic. They are detected due to compulsory testing.

* The actual spread is quite low.

* The World Health Organization reported, from data that they have analyzed, that the “secondary infection” is low. This mean that a person who is infected have a low chance of passing the infection to another person.

There may be a few cases of super spreaders, but they appear to be quite rare in Singapore.

We only need to worry if the number of symptomatic cases (i.e. with fever or cough) is large or the spread of the infection gets out of control. We do not need to worry too much at this stage.


Tan Kin Lian





7 Responses to “Increase in community and imported cases”


    Stop responding back on any of TKL post to indicate to this silly old man that he is an annoyance to the community.

    He should begin to be taught and learn that he is a nobody and no one cares of his view or suggestion.

    Those few that responded could be himself or from TRE.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote -”Covid-19 vaccine will not be reserved for Singaporeans who choose to wait and see: Lawrence Wong

    Singapore’s aim is to get everyone vaccinated as soon as it can.ST PHOTO: ALPHONSUS CHERN

    Linette Lai

    SINGAPORE – Supplies of the Covid-19 vaccine will not be reserved for people who choose to hold back when their turn to get the jab comes, said co-chair of the multi-ministerial task force tackling the pandemic Lawrence Wong on Tuesday (Jan 19).

    Instead, the vaccines will go to whoever is next in line.

    This is because Singapore’s aim is to get everyone vaccinated as soon as it can, said Mr Wong, who is Education Minister.

    “For those who choose not to take (it) up, it’s your choice. But we will roll out and push out the vaccines regardless,” he added.

    “If you want to wait, you must accept the consequence that perhaps if you wait… and you want to take it up later on, we may not have a ready supply.”

    Singapore’s nationwide vaccination effort is now well under way, with priority going to healthcare staff, as well as those working in the aviation and maritime sectors.

    It has received several shipments of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine to date, and expects to get more vaccines from other manufacturers in the coming months.

    If everything goes according to plan, the country will have enough vaccines for all citizens and long-term residents by the third quarter of this year.

    Addressing reporters at a press conference to mark one year of Singapore’s battle with Covid-19, Mr Wong noted that Singapore pushes out each batch of the vaccine as soon as it gets a fresh supply.

    “We are not trying to hold back or ration the supply – it’s not in Singapore’s interest to do that,” he said. “Our interest is to get as many people vaccinated as soon as possible.”

    Added Health Minister Gan Kim Yong, the task force’s other co-chair: “We are not going to reserve some for you if you decide not to be vaccinated.”

    If the scientific evidence indicates that vaccines significantly reduce the risk of transmission, the Government could make changes to existing rules, Mr Wong said….”Unquote

    Response : “and expects to get more vaccines from other manufacturers in the coming months.” ???

    Do all the Ministers get the expensive good Pfizer brand while the rest of us will be getting other cheaper sub standard vaccine from other brands? Asking us not to choose,not to wait,is it right not to give everybody Pfizer the better standard from reputable Pfizer brand name ? We are not rejecting vaccination but MOH are taking their own sweet time to send us the official letter to take free vaccination .If no letter from e*** MOH ,how to know where is the location,exact time,queue number for free vaccinations ? Cannot just walk in like that ,right ? So it is government that is slow to get MOH to act and not because we refuse !

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    If you have an issue with the points raised by Tan, by all means, raise it, why get so personal?

    If I think that Minister Wong is an idiot, of course, I will have my reasons for saying so and you are free to agree or not agree with me, its your right. If you don’t agree, then you are entitled to follow up on my comments and say why you don’t. If your reasons are valid, I may eventually see it your way and not call him an idiot in future, right?

    If TRE were to only publish articles that our readers like or agree with, then it would be a boring place where no one can learn anything from each other, dio bo?

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  • xoxo:

    This is to be expected.
    Ask the scholars WTF are they thinking if they think at all?

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  • left behind:

    A small number of people infected by covid-19 may spread to many people. Small number of people lives and well being should be a concern because people lives and well being matters. They are people in blood and flesh it can be you and me suffering covid-19 like them. Nobody should say it does not matter. Importing covid-19 people should stop and we should aim for zero covid-19 case. A few years later when the condition become better, we can always open up then. We need to get to zero covid-19 case and resume our normal life in the mean time.

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  • Trains and 0Buses:

    Trains and buses could be the hubs and spokes of Covid19 cycles. They are the mammoths right before our eyes that block our sight.

    Looks like virtual meeting is the safest way to communicate during pandemic, avoiding commute of the masses as much as possible.

    Educational institutions should conduct HBL for at least 2 weeks after CNY. That being the window period. If there are no new cases or clusters, then back to normal.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote -”Czech trainers teach dogs to sniff out Covid-19
    They sniff at six vessels, each containing a piece of cloth with scent from patients with Covid-19, negative donors, or fake samples.
    They sniff at six vessels, each containing a piece of cloth with scent from patients with Covid-19, negative donors, or fake samples.PHOTO: AFP
    KLINY, CZECH REPUBLIC (AFP) – In a puppy training centre built inside a shipping container located in a Czech mountain village, Renda, Cap and Laky are being put to the test.

    They sniff at six vessels, each containing a piece of cloth with scent from patients with Covid-19, negative donors, or fake samples.

    “Good boy!” exclaims Ms Lenka Vlachova, a trainer working at Prague’s fire brigade, as jagdterrier Renda sits down by one sample, wagging his tail.

    The team of puppy trainers are working on their own time and report a 95 per cent success rate in Covid-19 detection in samples of human scent.

    “The study is designed to verify dogs’ ability to detect Covid-19 and generate a method enabling the use of trained dogs in combatting the pandemic,” project head Gustav Hotovy told AFP.

    “The method should also work with other diseases, even more lethal than Covid-19,” Mr Hotovy said.

    “In the end, we should be able to detect a huge number of people in a very short time with a trained puppy,” he said, speaking in the snowy village of Kliny near the German border….”Unquote .

    Response : So puppy is better at detecting corona virus ? So if the puppy get infected,and this infected corona virus puppy mingle with a lot of people and will all its surrounding people contract corona virus too ? And this puppy keep mingling with more people ,will it not continuous spread corona virus around but nobody suspect it to be the corona virus puppy spreader as it is a puppy .And will this puppy mingle with cat,and will it not spread to cat ?Like that,when will it end ? It will only end when the whole world everyone catches corona virus and die . Don’t forget to haul out all those e*** women wing b**$* puppy lookalike face like Amy Khor Lean Suan,Josephine Teo Li Min,Indranee Rajah ,Halimah Yacob,Tin Pei Ling, Grace Fu,Puthucheary,Shanmugam,Teo Ser Luck,Lee Bee Wah,Penny Low,Chua Mui Hoong,….and train them to sniff corona virus .Will save a lot of money !Pui !

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