Vaccination of the population

I suggest that the Smart Nation initiative take a bold step to prepare the nation for the vaccination.

Here are the elements of my proposal.

a) Every resident already has a NRIC/FIN number
b) Ask them to provide a mobile number. People who do not have a personal mobile number can use the mobile number of a family member or friend
c) Create a website to allow them to view the date and center for vaccination.
d) Send a SMS to the individual 7 days before the vaccination date.

The Smart Nation office should allow the NRIC/mobile number database to be used for future communication on other issues. This should replace communication by physical mail.

A one time exercise should be carried out to get the mobile number contact of every individual.

I hope that the Smart Nation Office take this initiative to create the NRlC/mobile database now. It can be used for the mass vaccination project and for other purpose.


Tan Kin Lian




17 Responses to “Vaccination of the population”

  • New Variant:

    The sooner they can get the entire population vaccinated, the sooner they get to open up the country for air travel and tourism. However, the vaccines may not be 100% effective. If a new and more virulent strain erupts, then efforts at vaccination would be wasted if it does not protect the population from it. UK is experiencing a rapid spread of the new variant; it has also surfaced in China. Once the country opens up her border to international travel, you are sure to get imported cases of the new variant.

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  • oxygen:

    @ TKL

    WHO said vaccines – at least the current ones – is NOT that silver bullet. You want the nation to be all vaccinated – willing and unwilling OF YET UNFATHOMABLE RISKS – to be vaccinated with a TROJAN HORSE (variant mutated into a far stronger virus overcoming all vaccines currently available now) and each counting the days to join PAST TENSE in involuntary retirement in TERN SUA (never to return)?

    Remember, your covid-19 vaccination is a ONE-SHOT-CHANCE only – you either get protection (its efficacy dwindles very fast) lasting a few months even if it works and if it didn’t, you lost your bet.

    Why don’t you and your entire family jump the Q TOGETHER and be the first heroic bravado in the race to mass vaccination orchestrated by Smart Nation whose achievements are often ending with stupid outcomes. Just too many to illuminate here again.

    The rest of us?

    JUST WATCH YOUR SMILEY GRIN AND CLAP, CLAP, CLAP YOU – just like those who applauded you in HLP’s Hyflux “great advice”.


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    Any point in vaccination when the virus mutates?

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  • oxygen:

    @ TKL,

    PLEASE READ this for your informed education.

    Coronavirus update: UK variant may be more deadly than previously thought; CDC says second dose can be delayed


    The “Trojan Horse” might be lurking around the corner waiting for you as I forewarned and your family (if you and/or your family jump the mass vaccination Q on recommendation and take the “trophy”!

    HOW CLEVER IS THAT of attention grabbing?

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  • Sptupidity is a crime:

    Good thing in the hands of pap inevitably becomes a tool to work for the benefits n interests of PAP n its whole harlem of spineless, degenerated bureaucrats against Singaporeans. What can Singaporeans expect from these greeds ids self incriminated by pap ministers themselves when they didn’t waste anytime to call the GE 2020 in the midst of the pandemic n right after to increase their pays by the hundreds of thousands to countrrbalance with their call to reduce the pays of employees compensating the would be retrenchment si as to glorify the party with no chamge in the medien salary n small change in unemployment. Wnat is consistent with pap is the continued warped rationalization of their blatant violations of their oaths n Constitution examplified by Chun S. Chan on No accountability, nee on conflict of interest in the appt of Lucien personal lawyer of Hsien Loong, Lawrence Wong on not revealing the salary of Loony second wife etc… Strangely Dalan broke away after his humiliation that he had doubts of ISA Detainees’ guilts sine trail in court of laws violating demo tenet that no man is guilty until proven n betraying independence n new nation by using the colonial laws of suppression to rid of adverse critic.

    Trace together supposed to help nation to cobat kthevpandemic is immediately announce to be a weapon not a saver! PaP is a forruner of Trump in political scum as examplified by LKY freak election n Trump stolen election. Difference was fortunately Lky retained n allowed to continue while trump saw thru his political scum at thecexpence of 400000+ deads n top spreader of Covid plus pardon of criminals at a prize. SIN seniors on one hand amen for lky not gven the oppo to show his great talent of righting freak election results becos he won n on the other hand lament to have progon his political scum in white, a devillihbform of white supremacy. The chinese idiot of hanging sheep head n sell puppy meats just like the once scarevof Kangaroo meat for beef n white pap selling yellow bananca!

    Too many parallelism to proven trumpian shits for comfort. US rids their scum but SIN?

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  • Singaporeans R Free Riders:

    Dear TKL,
    You said : “The Smart Nation office should allow the NRIC/mobile number database to be used for future communication on other issues.”
    What you propose will anger all the so called Ang Mo Tua Kee (AMTK) democracy supporters.

    Why ? These group of blind AMTK will cry foul that it violate personal privacy and human rights and what not… blah blah blah blah

    Never mind that the AMTK are the biggest hypocrite on earth just like the yellow bandits CCP.


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  • NotMyProblem:

    I am not sure about any vaccine, be it 50% or 90% efficacy. After vaccination everyone still needs to wear masks for protection, not any of the vaccines.

    Our PAP government already paid for the vaccines, with taxpayers’ money, they need to justify the expenditures. Everyone must be vaccinated and continue to wear masks. Is this back to normalcy?

    Singapore needs until the end of 2021 to complete inoculating the whole population, but other countries took just 2 weeks to complete 5.4 million people.

    The vaccines are only effective for 6 months. So before the whole population could be vaccinated, those who were inoculated now would need to do it again!!!

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote -”Malaysia reports 4,275 new coronavirus cases, highest daily infection rate

    Saturday (Jan 23) was the 10th consecutive day with more than 3,000 daily cases for Malaysia.PHOTO: AFP
    PUBLISHEDJAN 23, 2021, 6:42 PM SGT
    KUALA LUMPUR (REUTERS) – Malaysia’s health authorities reported 4,275 new coronavirus cases on Saturday (Jan 23), the highest daily infection rate so far, raising the total number of confirmed cases to 180,455.

    The South-east Asian country also reported seven new fatalities, bringing the total number of deaths to 667.

    Saturday was the 10th consecutive day with more than 3,000 daily cases. The daily number of infections surged past 4,000 cases in three of those days including on Saturday.

    The whole of Malaysia, except for Sarawak state, has been placed under a strict partial lockdown called movement control order (MCO) until Feb 4.

    The last time MCO was imposed was on March 18 last year when the daily cases stood at 117….”Unquote.

    Response : Malaysia corona virus will soon become like b**$* Indian country spreading like wildfire ! How come ST never monitor Indian beasts corona more regularly ? All of them scare to go to Apuneneh country to investigate ?Pui!

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    I remember a few here this site always often repeatedly wrote ” they will die for sg “.

    Alas i believe this is it , now is the time , this year is their moment to hold true to words and carry out their promises.

    This few muz step up, come forward and take the vaccination. You will be doing a huge deed for Sg and maybe the world.

    After vaccination if normal, u will encourage and motivate Sg people , giving them assurance and peace of mind.

    If unfortunate mishap, u will help to prevent Sg people from taking the sub standard vaccination.

    捨生取義 , 你所願也!

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  • The C19 variants are getting smarter by the day. Now it also knows how to lay low and avoid initial detection. Its incubation period seems to have also increased beyond 14 days, 14+10=24 days.

    In New Zealand, a 56-year-old woman who recently returned from Europe tested positive 10 days after completing a compulsory two weeks in managed isolation, although she had noticed symptoms several days before getting tested.

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  • opposition dude:

    Don’t trust PAP for anything, not after the revealation of the mata being able to use the Tracetogether app for crimes which was so conveniently left out all this time.

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  • Mr Tan should have been invited to lead the C19 task Force. Under his charge, Sinkieland would have achieved Herd Immunity by now with more than 80% the island city’s residents infected and 20% dead.

    This is surely better than the present LEEders just applying Herd Immunity strategy to the Workers’ Dormitories, right?

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  • 5526:

    What if the traveler bring in is covid 20.this November brand?

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  • Another Approach:

    Jab all the front-line workers only. Make the rest of the population wear to conitnue wearing masks and social distancing instead of vaccination. Incoming travellers and foreign workers must all be tested at entry points and quarantine for two weeks before rejoining the rest of the population. Meanwhile, wait it out for the crisis to be over.

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  • Whos paying the bill ?:

    So many imported cases ?

    If foreigners whos paying the bill ?
    Taxpayers again ?

    If feign poor or no money , how to force them to pay ? How to chase payment if they are deported ?
    Can claim their gov ? What happen to the bill ?
    Locala cannot hide but foreigners write off or swept under carpet ?

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    How come there is little news of the results of Pfizer vaccine effects on a person who previously has corona vaccine but deemed as “recovered”? Does it work on past cases and improve ex corona virus person health too ? Is there improvement or no effect ? Why few reports on such areas?

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote -”India’s unusual Covid-19 vaccine problem: Plenty of shots, but few takers

    Only about 56 per cent of people eligible to get the Covid-19 vaccine in India have stepped forward.PHOTO: AFP
    PUBLISHEDJAN 27, 2021, 7:23 AM SGT
    NEW DELHI (BLOOMBERG)- Most of the world is struggling to secure enough Covid-19 vaccines to inoculate their populations. India has the opposite problem: Plenty of shots, but a shortage of people willing to take them.

    As India rolls out one of the world’s biggest inoculation programmes, some healthcare and other frontline workers are hesitating because of safety concerns over a vaccine that has yet to complete phase III trials. As of Monday (Jan 25), only about 56 per cent of people eligible to get the shot have stepped forward in a nation with the world’s second-worst Covid-19 outbreak.

    Unless the inoculation rate significantly increases, India will fall far short of its target of inoculating 300 million people – or about a quarter of the population – by July.

    That will setback global efforts to contain the virus and snuff out optimism that a recovery is taking root in an economy set for its biggest annual contraction in records going back to 1952.

    “At least 40 per cent of doctors here are unsure and want to wait,” said Dr Vinod Kumar, a resident doctor at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences of Patna, in the eastern state of Bihar. “Carrying out a vaccine trial on us when India is short of doctors, healthcare workers doesn’t make sense.”

    While vaccine hesitancy has surfaced in places like Japan and Brazil, and China’s candidates have also faced questions over data, the scale of the problem in India is by far the biggest.
    …..”Unquote .

    Response : “Most of the world is struggling to secure enough Covid-19 vaccines to inoculate their populations. India has the opposite problem: Plenty of shots, but a shortage of people willing to take them.”

    Don’t forget to get e*** b**$* woman Amy Khor Lean Suan,Indranee Rajah,Halimah Yacob,Puthucheary,K Shanmugam to try the India vaccine if MOH procure those cheap unproven India vaccine . It cannot be right if all the ministers and rich civil servants try all the good pfizer vaccine but the rest of us are given other vaccine! Be fair,give everybody Pfizer !Stop importing more Induans b**$* to Singapore too ! Pui!

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