How many foreign workers have returned?

(ST, Jan 24) “Only 50% of Malaysian workers have returned since border reopening”.

“Only about 50% of Malaysian workers have returned to Singapore for work since cross-border travel resumed five months ago.

Various trade associations told The Straits Times that industries that rely heavily on employees from across the Causeway, such as renovation and food and beverage (F&B) services, are still struggling to cope with the manpower shortage.

Mr Sky Tan, president of the Singapore Renovation Contractors and Material Suppliers Association, said: “Only about 50% of the Malaysian workers are back to work. Many of them were planning to return to Singapore only after Chinese New Year because of the high quarantine cost here.”

A Covid-19 test and 14 days in a dedicated stay-home notice facility in Singapore costs $2,125, which is payable upon application and is non-refundable.

Renovation firms were one of the hardest hit as about 80% of their skilled workforce is from Malaysia.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, many of these workers used to commute daily to Singapore for work.

Food and Beverage Management Association president Kung Teong Wah said Malaysians make up 35% of staff in the food and beverage sector.

The service and cleaning sector is still facing a huge manpower crunch, as “Singaporean want to do only white-collared jobs”.

Though salaries are 20 to 30% higher for locals, the take-up rate for those positions previously filled by Malaysians are still low”


Leong Sze Hian





4 Responses to “How many foreign workers have returned?”

  • Proof:

    “Though salaries are 20 to 30% higher for locals, the take-up rate for those positions previously filled by Malaysians are still low.”

    Here’s solid proof that cheap foreigners are driving wages down for Singaporeans.

    Don’t insult Singaporeans by saying they don’t like these jobs. What they don’t like is the low pay. You pay $1 million, even the elites will take it up. Even you will ask your family to take it up.

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    The Flow of Cousins between the causeway is the NORMAL thing for close kin Leong Kor does NOT matter really, it is THOSE across the seas that is Worrying

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    There were many insincere offers, like a seafood restaurant chain offering $2500 for a management trainee but had no intention of paying that salary. There’s another one who offered $3k for dishwashers. Recall? Anyone got hired at that offer?

    I personally applied to be a part time waiter. The job agency asked me to pay for my uniform and asked me to buy black leather shoes with lace. If I’m applying for a dishwasher job, I have to buy my own boots. I’m not sure these places will even pay me, so why should I spend first?

    Why are these bosses lamenting about lack of takers? Will they work for their own offers?

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  • Harder Truths:

    This is a good thing – it will teach $G regime-lovers what happens when they vote stupid people into power and bet the economy on foreigners and foreign business for almost everything.

    Banking, housing, construction, hawker, education – etc. etc. – tell me one occupation besides NS where the FT are mot the main drivers. And they will never give good-paying jobs to locals. They will never increase salaries to make it worthwhile for other jobs.

    Effectively locals are priced out and phased out from jobs and this will not stop here.

    Will the regime change? No. It is still full citizen replacement regardless of the facts.

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