Is Donald Trump the Antichrist Damien?

Is there a link between Damien Thorn (Look up the The Omen series of movies) and Donald Trump?

I tot of the possible (probable?) connection when I read that the White House is being deep cleaned for Biden, the incoming resident, after after Trump, and dozens of others at the White House,

were infected with the coronavirus over the past several months, and the six-floor building, with its 132 rooms, will be thoroughly scrubbed down. Everything from handrails to elevator buttons to restroom fixtures will be wiped and sanitised, according to a spokeswoman for the General Services Administration, the federal agency that oversees the housekeeping effort.


But maybe more should be done I tot?

Biden’s a Roman Catholic, so he ask the Pope to send over the Pope’s best exorcist to perform an excorcism of the White House to remove any demons that Damien Trump may have left behind. Think racism, divisiness, falsehood, boasting and greed, among others.

That reminded me of Damien, wannabe president of the US of A.

Oldies might remember the Omen and its sequels. The movie series is about Damien Thorn, a child born of Satan. Satan’s plan is for him to be the president of the US of A.

He didn’t become POTUS: the good guys killed him. Or maybe the series got it wrong?



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4 Responses to “Is Donald Trump the Antichrist Damien?”


    TRUMP!!! the modern Cyrus anointed by God!!! period

    7 years of TRIBULATION will follow before the Return of Peace & Joy or End of Time…The CHOICE of The Creator NOT man with their puny minds

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  • Bodoh:

    Over imaginative religious garbage or byproduct of Hollywood oldfart factory, which is the American heritage – too smart for own good.

    In natural language(err, any record of talking s*ake,walking on water etc?nah), to be antichrist(anti anointed) means to be anti government(whoever that is in power or simply against the government body or the politics of man)

    Biblical anti christ means you are against the government of God(the body of government expressed like the ark of noah).

    In principle, and the irony, American politics is antichrist because she elects a strong man into power.

    Unlike the biblical government, portrayed by christ(not to be worshipped like an idol which America is a leading example of religious blindness which has influenced or misled the world, the directive or will from above is to bind the strongman, permanently and in every nation beginning in a chosen or model city(“Jerusalem”)

    When that happens, there shall be no more caesar of the world or a Hitler, putin, ayatollah, Mao, Xi, Trump and Lee.No more religious organisation attempting to influence the course of political affairs

    Then peace and good will towards all men shall be the order of eternity or be our inheritance

    Till then, the “flood” will come. Only the “ark”(as in the days of Noah”) will save nations(symbolised by animals, male and female entering the ark, which is christ).

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    Damien Thorn caused the deaths of his adoptive parents, uncle, aunt, granny, cousin and countless others.

    The best movies are the first two. The Omen and Damien Omen 2. Quite terrifyimg when I watched them as a kid.

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  • Daemons swamping over USA:

    Look out for Joe and Kamala, deities of the radical left hand path. Gay ministers and amnesty for criminals, are only the tip of the iceberg.

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