The relevence of Community Development Councils ( CDCs)

Denise Phua

Personally, I am very glad that issues about the relevence of Community Development Councils ( CDCs) and the ridiculousness level of mayors’ salaries etc got an airing in Parliament yesterday. I believe that I am not alone.

Few points.

I have read carefully Denise Phua’s (DP) response to what Pritam Singh raised regarding the relevance of CDCs and I am sorry to say that I am not impressed at all. I consider her reply as hot air, thick and fast and so suffocating.

Sure, CDCs are doing good work at the district levels but what they do are not rocket science. Any dedicated, committed and competent person or appointed General Manager with a team of equally dedicated, committed and properly paid staff Will Be Able to deliver just as well and I am confident that the results will not be inferior. I want to add here that it is of paramount importance that such teams must be strongly supported by the political establishment and the People’s Association to enable them to do their job well.

Also, it will definitely be much, much cheaper than what our country is paying those much hyped-up pap mayors, thus saving our country and our taxpayers precious sums of money especially in a time like now.

‘Mayor’ is a big title, unfortunately, I am not someone easily awed by big titles. In this present time of pandemic, economic uncertainities and the government having to dip again and again into our reserves to fund its programmes in order to save companies, jobs and families, it is so wrong to lavish, splurge and pamper those mayors with such ridiculous salaries for such hyped up jobs. Anybody who is clear minded enough will have no difficulty seeing through these hullabaloo fog.

I suggest that we do away with those big titled mayors, cut away the much inflated CDC job scope rhetorics, employed some good, serious and decent full-time people who will work closely with the respective MPs, grassroot organisations, community centres, heartland merchants and hawkers etc to do what pap mayors are currently doing and the results may just surprise everyone, expose and crush those pap mayor relevancy and invincibility lalala…



Simon Lim




16 Responses to “The relevence of Community Development Councils ( CDCs)”

  • Sg Mayor is a joke:

    You compare Sg mayor with mayors in US, UK, anywhere. Sg mayors are very highly overpaid and the responsibilities are non-existent. (Simple Singlish – million dollar jiak leow bee)

    London Mayor – Sadiq Khan – world famous. Salary, less than S$300,000.

    The Mayor of London sets the budget and is responsible for making London a better place for everyone who visits, lives or works in the city. The Mayor is elected every four years.
    Setting the vision for London

    The Mayor sets an overall vision for London. He has a duty to create plans and policies for the capital covering:
    Arts & Culture
    Business & Economy
    Housing and Land
    Policing & Crime
    Young People

    Other priorities for the Mayor include higher education, foreign Investment and attracting events and conferences to London.

    London budget: more than S$30 billion.
    (Sg Mayors play with $2 vouchers. What a joke.)

    Simon, your title is off lah. Should be “the irrelevance of Sg mayors”.

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  • PostsCreated 2Enrich cronies?:

    In corrupt countries, ridiculous posts are deliberately created to enrich master politicians and their cronies at the pretext of improving the life and livelihood of the commoners.

    New York and London are very huge enough to warrant the existence of just one Mayor. It’s truly justifiable.

    Is or isn’t a tiny island with 5 mayors clearly a laughing stock of the world? Such unnecessary overlaps are seen as wasteful when the office bearers are astronomcally overpaid. Is this one of the ‘legalised’ ways of raiding the National Reserves?

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  • PAP is Finished:

    One thing I know for sure, the CDC in weatern spore I went to is a poor job matching agency. All they are interested in is to get you to pay $10 for a resume writing course. Which PMET don’t know how to write resume? They just send you for interview to ANY job opening. Never consider the background of the candidate.

    Even if you go for the interview, it last for a few seconds. The interviwers are hostile, unfriendly, brusque, insincere. I’ve had truly sincere interviewers take me out to lunch on the second interview. From my impression, the employers are doing this for show like at the behest of someone else.

    You are better off applying on your own. The CDC’s job bank got one one listing. Perhaps CDC should let those professional HR firms do the job.

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  • Billy ma:

    All these PAP appointments are but just how PAP share the $$$pie with these PAP mps as a hold to keep the cronies tight.

    Every PAP mp is in it for themselves.
    These PAP cronies know there’s tons of $$$ that PAP can & will throw out for them.

    All these PAP mps need to do is ‘be a good boy & girl’, their future & pockets are secured.

    Wait for PAP ministerial statement to close this issue.

    The $$$$ will continue to flow.

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  • Harder Truths:

    A Dummy’s Plan On How To Legally Steal From The Public

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  • KT:

    The 5 “majors” have no shame in enriching themselves with $$$$$$$$. What is/are the qualifications to be a mayor in such a little red dot ? Are these 5 are the only qualified than other our own citizens ? We must create more jobs for our citizens and not create new posts for MIWs to enrich themselves.

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  • opposition dude:

    I read with amusement Denise’s reply to Pritam that she was in charge of 26 districts and that her colleagues were double and triple hatting ha ha ha. 26 districts ah, how about a breakdown of the 26 and where they cover? And does Denise herself personally visit all 26 regularly or just relies on volunteers to do so?

    And also, double and triple hatting too ah? Give more details leh! What exactly are you clowns double and triple hatting at? What are the job scopes, what do you guys actually do?

    Typical PAP response, talk big but no details. Just like one kee chiu xia suay bugger who proudly proclaimed that “80% of jobs went to Singaporeans” but did not even dare give a breakdown when Pritam asked for more details!

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    Simon, the ILLUSION created by a bast**d MUST be kept intact for a Flock of disillusioned sheep CONditioned & CONvicted CONvincingly by the man who Con YOU!!!

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  • Tremendous:

    $600k a year to do the kind of work they do is ridiculous. You need to pay someone this kind of salary to run welfare programs ? Compare the salary with chiefs from other villages. Angela Merk, Mr Xi Jin. You get a long queue of more competent people for a fraction of the sum. Looks like the chiefs arrowed DP to justify the her existence and that of other mayor layers.

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  • left behind:

    CDCs jobs are very difficult which is include finding jobs for unemployed especially long term unemployed. The jobs CDCs is doing now is not enough as we know unemployment rate 4.38% which mean a lousy job. I suggest not to pay incapable leaders too much money, Singapore is meritocracy nation, salary paid must match capability. Money should be use to pay good professionals to make CDCs get its job done, not waste on politician who are good at talking, arguing and politics and not doing the real job.

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  • Flickhsit:

    THese Greedy PIGs and their families has bought a one way tickets to HELL with thir million dollars salary and most will build any PAPIES in HELL to fight all other oppn parties.

    No to worry, even it they have trillion dollars, all these will be taken away from them once they have entered HELL sooner or later.

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  • Flickhsit:

    THese Greedy PIGs and their families has bought a one way tickets to HELL with thir million dollars salary and most will build any PAPIES in HELL to fight all other oppn parties.

    No to worry, even it they have trillion dollars, all these will be taken away from them once they have entered HELL sooner or later.

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  • Hilarious:

    Have you watch how the million dollar mayor told people not to touch his cookies? No kidding, mayors get more than a million from our taxpayer money. And they are very proud of distributing $2 vouchers to people.

    Five mayors – five million. And they are in charge of CDC with an operation expenditure of $50 million. The proportion is so ridiculous. At the same ratio, the London mayor should be paid $3 billion salary instead of S$300,000.

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  • KT:

    The typical cha-boar “major” is trying to defend herself. She might have felt so guilty collecting $660,000 taxpayers’ money yearly in addition to her MP pays. Does she really needs so much money to survive as compared to our cleaners (all types) getting meagre pays. No wonder she dressed up like a movie star in ParLeemen. Money is necessary for survival for 3 meals a day, but the greed for more money is shameless.

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  • 5 Mayors vs 500 TissuePedlers:

    5 Mayors and 500 TissuePacket Peddlers?
    How on earth do both exist?

    5 Mayors and 5 CDCs
    What on earth were they created for?

    5 Mayors and 5 MPs
    Why on earth are such Overlaps?

    5 Mayors and 5 Communities
    When on earth will they share the bounties?
    ($100 Vouchers?)

    5 Mayors and 5*service?
    Who, among them, will emerge Champion?

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  • AristoCATs - Job Creation !:

    The Papaya takes job creation seriously !

    $600k Mayor – is important “job creation”

    Don’t play play !

    More than 39% should know the Power of the Ballot Box !

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