Covid-19 vaccination will prevent infection?

I find MOH lacks intellectual integrity. ( Actually Not surprising after the HEP C saga).

It is already very clear, the current vaccination WILL NOT prevent anyone from being infected.

Vaccination will only help in fighting the virus more effectively, preventing more serious consequences in the event of being infected.

Why would MOH want to give the FALSE impression that vaccination will prevent infection and provide full immunity?


Goh Meng Seng




14 Responses to “Covid-19 vaccination will prevent infection?”

  • Harder Truths:


    It is really a Phase III 3 trial test for a drug no one knows will work or not. That is why we are called Guinea Pigs.

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  • Fx:

    Take or not depend on individual.cannot regret if take,cannot lament if no take.(if I am immortal then no need take)

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  • Nathan Chen:

    When a person is accidentently give 5 extra doses of the covid-19 vaccine and MOH claims no adverse effect. The efficacy of this vaccine is too mild to prevent infection if 5 doses of it have no effect on the person given the jab.

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  • oxygen:

    WHEN STAKES ARE SO HIGH, you can be certain those with vested interest WILL LIE WHOLESALE without blinking an eyelid but with a smiley face.

    Mask – as was told – isn’t necessary fashion statement.

    Or was it me day dreaming?

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  • What say Paul Tambyah ?:

    Suddenly fans here never mention Paul Tambyah? Not a single word.

    Guess he’s not against vaccination right ?

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  • oxygen:

    @ What say Paul Tambyah

    HE IS SILENT and HAS TO BE SILENT, PUBLICLY, on individual preferences on vaccination.

    What say Paul Tambyah ?: Suddenly fans here never mention Paul Tambyah? Not a single word.

    Guess he’s not against vaccination right ?

    Only citing that it would be a good thing IF (CONDITIONALLY of achieving the obviously much-desired outcome) the vaccination leads to lower infection rate dimming out the pandemic spread over time.

    He obviously can’t supply ANY CATEGORICAL ADVICE of suitability/desirability of each individual preferred decision HE HAS YET TO EXAMINE in his presumed care – as each case is different from another and he must know or taken to have known the lack of data even among individual country’s regulatory authorities in supporting/refuting the mass innoculation campaign.

    THAT IS WHY “INFORMED CONSENT” from public/peasantry CANNOT BE MADE MANDATORY- not even doctors can force that on their patients.

    The medical profession is pretentiously divine-annointed to heal illness WALKING ON the proverbial CLAY FEET which melts down at the slightly drench of rain weather change of/in the sick they care for.

    IN LAW OF MEDICINE, EVEN THE CORPSE HAS UNLIMITED PROPERTY RIGHT – the doctor/surgeon general cannot simply walk into a mortuary, retrieve randomly a dead corpse to cut up for medical experiment or organ harvesting for profit without the dead’s prior informed consent.

    IT IS CRIME OTHERWISE IN DEFEAT OF THIS LAW RIGHTS OF THE CORPSE if anyone attempts to unlawfully interfere with a corpse.

    Let alone the medical profession dare-you genocidal imposition of vaccination on any subject refusal (against) to participate.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote -”PUBLISHEDFEB 27, 2021, 10:33 PM SGT
    SINGAPORE – A 64-year-old Singaporean man died from Covid-19 complication on Friday (Feb 26) after he had contracted the coronavirus while living in Indonesia.

    The Ministry of Health (MOH) said on Saturday (Feb 27) the man had been living in Indonesia from March 17 last year and had a past history of hyperlipidaemia, or abnormally high levels of fats in his blood.

    He first tested positive for the coronavirus on Jan 26 while in Indonesia and was hospitalised there the next day.

    He was then medically evacuated to the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) here for treatment on Jan 29. A test taken on Jan 30 came back positive for the virus.

    As he was already an overseas registered case, he was not included in Singapore’s Covid-19 case count, MOH said.

    NCID has contacted the man’s family and is extending assistance to them.

    As of noon on Saturday, there were 12 new coronavirus cases confirmed here, taking Singapore’s total to 59,925.

    All were imported cases who had been placed on stay-home notices or isolated on arrival in Singapore.

    No new cases from the community or from within migrant workers’ dormitories were reported.

    The new imported cases comprised two Singaporeans who returned from the United Arab Emirates and the United States respectively, two dependant’s pass holders who arrived from India and Myanmar, three work Pass holders from Brazil, India and the Netherlands, and five work permit holders from India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

    Four of whom are foreign domestic workers.

    Of the 12 new cases, 11 were asymptomatic and were detected through proactive screening and surveillance, while one, a 40-year-old female work permit holder from India, was symptomatic.

    She started to develop symptoms on Thursday and tested positive on Friday….”Unquote .

    Response :Quite remember this man was flown back from Singapore using huge public funds hiring a private super expensive plane to flew him back for covid treatment in hospital if I remember correctly few months back .That should costs at least few hundreds thousands or a couple of million altogether ! And eventually he died ! It cannot be too far off to assume those Pfizer vaccine has already given to him and doesn’t work ! And fly back to Singapore for what ? Afterall Singapore doctors are not anything super genius that can save covid -19 patient !

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  • oxygen:

    @ What say Paul Tambyah

    OF LATE IN TRE POSTINGS, i have stated my belief – not claimed proven fact of course – that the bond market read of pandemic containment diminished chance of success is correct.

    That is to say, the current reflation trade in equities – on this presumption of pandemic control will succeed – is likely to prove wrong, regardless of the global roll-out of vaccination of unproven vaccines.

    Success of mass vaccination and containment of pandemic infection will COME ONLY ON CONTROL OF THE VIRUS TRANSMISSION.

    WELL, THAT HAS NOT HAPPENED UNFORTUNATELY even though the weather is warming up in the northern hemisphere – some qtrs claim warmer climatic conditions will hinder the pandemic transmission of virus.

    And what is the reality?

    Here it is.

    Global cases rise for the first time in seven weeks.

    ‘Unrealistic’ to expect the COVID-19 pandemic can be stopped by end 2021, says World Health Organization

    Published: March 2, 2021 at 2:40 a.m. ET


    Dr. Michael Ryan, director of WHO’s emergencies program :Right now the virus is very much in control,

    If the pandemic transmission surged again of new variants immuned to currently available vaccines, ALL THOSE VACCINATIONS completed or in progress now will be futile of outcome for its recipients, maybe worst as their bodily immune response have already been compromised/expired already.


    Being the early birds in the vaccination queue might turn up an adversity of detriment disadvantage later.

    Who knows as of now??

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  • oxygen:

    JUST READ THIS – Japan reported A Japanese a woman in her 60s died from a brain haemorrhage three days after receiving a Pfizer coronavirus vaccination, the health ministry.

    The linkage, if any, is still being examined.

    Woman dies from brain haemorrhage in Japan days after vaccine, but link uncertain.

    This is NOT speculation, Japan only started vaccination most recently this late February and the source of news information comes from Japan’s health ministry that itself is suggestive of possible link if the departed has no prior risks of brain haemorrhage association in medical history.

    The long-term effects of all currently available vaccines is still a BIG UNKNOWN RISKS YET UNTESTED over time and sample space of subjects.

    Just imagine the reality of this statement from Japan –

    Tomohiro Morio, a doctor advising the Japanese government :The brain haemorrhage that is suspected as a cause is relatively common among people from their 40s to their 60s,

    WHAT IF THIS UNKNOWN unknown or unknowable and indeed the vaccine is a Trojan Horse triggering brain haemorrhage in those vaccinated – THIS WILL BECOME A TIME-BOMB AND THE MORTALITY CLOCK TICKING.

    Exactly the ADE that professor Delores Cahill warned of secret lab test on animals -ALL DIED.

    Is there anyone in the world of medical science challenging professor Dr. Delores Cahill till now???

    If so, what was Dr. Cahill’s responses in reply?


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  • Sure or not:

    U sure old man from Indonesia taken vaccination ?

    It could be also be the other way.
    Perhaps it’s exactly he refuse to take due to his underlying conditions that’s why he passed on. Indonesia so good ? Vaccinate foreigners first instead of his locals. Or are u referring to vaccination while he’s in critical condition.

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  • Sure or not:

    Please lah once u kena , no need to vaccinate. Just focus on recovery. Once recovery u will have the antibodies.

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  • Si Mi Lan:

    Si Mi Lan.
    As that PAP IB fellow – PAP mandate strong – stated those want go vaccination go those dont want to just dont go. Gov also never make it mandatory. Whats the issue here ?

    Smoking plenty of side effects. Can developed nose lung cancer or increase the probability of developing cancer. All this are proven with real cases plus statistics. Yet smokers still smoke until it happens.

    So are all those drinkers who spoil their livers. They still drink like there’s no tomorrow.

    After the CNY 5 chaps who died in car explosive accident, do people stop driving / stop speeding or avoid that particular road ?

    After the explosion that killed foreign workers in some factory, everyone resign ?

    Good or bad. They decide themselves.

    Anyway HK today also have a death case. Old man died after vaccination with China vaccine.

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  • @oxygen

    Had this happened in Sinkieland, the experts at MOH will make sure that it is not linked to the C19 vaccine, wanna bet?

    Anyway, like I said before, the vaccine is not full-proof that once taken, one would be immune to the C19 virus.

    So when you take the vaccine, you actually DOUBLE your chances of dying from the C19 (directly or indirectly), kenna C19 you die, kenna the vaccine side-effects you also die.

    So the million dollar question: Why take the vaccine and DOUBLE your chances of dying?

    What do you think?

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  • oxygen:

    @ TRE Techie

    FULLY AGREE WITH MUCH OF YOUR THOUGHTS – you at least DOUBLE or in a state of worst risks aggravation – if you vaccinated.

    Any surprise that

    The :In America, 32 per cent of people say they are likely or certain to refuse a vaccine. But Australia is not America: our leaders have not spent the past year downplaying the pandemic.
    In Australia, several studies put ‘hesitancy’ at between 15 and 27 per cent.
    That sounds high (although it is low by world standards).

    I believe, globally, the average refusals in each country varies from 20% to 40% range – even though they do NOT belong to anti-vaxxers camp.

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