Minister and mayor gave wrong information

A friend got a letter signed by Edwin Tong and Mohd Feisal Aliman, the mayor of South East District, asking him (a really fat cat share investor) to collect CDC vouchers worth $50. Apparently they tot he was poor and destitute.

He had some queries about whether his helper could collect for him (the form wanted the i/c card number of the collector), and called the number provided: 6241 19xx. It was a private number that had nothing to do with Siglap South Community Centre. The letter said 6241 19xx was the number at Siglap South Community Centre to call.

No one can reasonably blame a cabinet minister for this mistake, even though said minister signed the letter. But surely one can expect more from a mayor who earns more than the mayor of London?


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2 Responses to “Minister and mayor gave wrong information”

  • xoxo:

    Hahaha! Rich sgs *living*(for official records only )in 3-room flat,go to polyclinics for subsidised medical care but impoverished jobless/former PMETs living in OLD condos or even LANDED houses (forced by low capping of combined family income in the past) are getting neglible subsidies?

    So,the $50?

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    The issue of tissue packet peddlers’ presence all over the country is not an issue at all?
    If CDC is efficient there’ll be no tissue packet peddlers.

    Some of the recipents of CDC vouchers have to travel very far because the nearest Community Club does not belong to their constituency. Their own constituency Community Club can be as far as 5km away.

    Why can’t they just have a smart system wereby the recipients can collect at the nearest CC regardless of which constituency they belong to.

    A SMART NATION Indeed!

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