Tackling the Covid-19 Virus

As far as the tackling of C19 is concerned, the New Zealand and the Hongkong governments are exemplary.

When the C19 situations in India started to deteriorate in recent days with the 2nd wave onslaught and their respective imported C19 cases started to rise, they acted decisively to ban all flights coming in from India. No if and no but.

Back home, what about the pap government?

The pap government continued to allow flights from India to land. Their sense of crisis and danger were not heighten enough. They merely required incoming passengers from India to serve an additional 7 days of quarantine and the Straits Times was again, very predictably, sang along the government’s position with headline screaming ’21 day SHN will pick up virtually all cases from India: Experts’- page A2, Straits Times, 22 April 21.

All that took a 180 degrees turn that very same evening.

Last evening, the online CNA news reported that ‘All long term pass holders and short term visitors with travel history to India within the last 14 days will not be allowed entry into Singapore from 24 April 21′- MOH.

I ask if that was not again pap’s political incompetence and impotence on full display at the highest political level, then what is? Can they cover up their impotence on this one? Unfortunately, cannot la.

Singaporeans have sacrificed much and rendered much co-operation with the authorities to enable us to ease up on our CB.

If ever we have to return back to dorscon orange again and impose CB on our people in our fight to contain C19 with even more companies going under, even more people losing their jobs and the government dipping into our reserves again etc, I will remember that our government failed to act decisively to ban flights and/or travellers from India unlike numerous other countries.

I will put the blame 100% on the lack of effective political leadership and incompetence of this government! I believe that many right thinking citizens are likely to come to the same conclusion.

Unless one is dead, there will come a time for even hardcore suckers to wake-up and face whatever unpleasant realities that they have been in denial and that time has come for our suckers.



Simon Lim




15 Responses to “Tackling the Covid-19 Virus”

  • Bill Gates murderer:

    Bill Gates shows himself to be a rich guy with a cruel murderer mind against the poor.

    Bill Gates says ‘NO’ to opening vaccine patents – adds it probably won’t take a DECADE for poor nations to get the jab

    He says the rich (western) world can enjoy the vaccines first. The poor countries can wait 10 years. They die their problem.

    “Gates speaks as if all the lives being lost in India are inevitable but eventually the West will help when in reality the US & UK are holding their feet on the neck of developing states by refusing to break TRIPS protections. It’s disgusting.”

    “The Financial Times just released an article where they let the cat out of the bag – they are not going to open up the vaccine patents because they are worried that countries like China and Russia would be able to cure cancer, HIV and many other chronic illnesses with the technology. It reveals the true barbarity of the for-profit “healthcare” system – it is a systematic way to leverage death into profits, more effective than war could ever be.”

    “this statement says everything you need to know about Big Pharm. thirty years ago my Dad told me that they(big pharm) has the cure for cancer and heart disease, but to save the people wasn`t profitable.–[ China and Russia would benefit from patent exposure, using the proprietary US technologies “for other vaccines or even therapeutics for conditions such as cancer and heart problems in the future.” ]”

    And, finally,
    “Bill Gates Admits on Camera He Made $200 Billion Out of Vaccines SO FAR!”

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  • Smart Nation:

    Either the vaccine has a short efficacy period or it does not protect from the new variants. That could be the reason why the foreign workers are re-infected. May have to repeat the whole process of testing, quarantine and treatment of dorm residents all over again. Are the employers and their agents going to pay for all these expenses since they are the ones that brought them in?

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  • Harder Truths:

    Profits before people. Obviously there is money to be made by the regime. Good relations with that failed country is important. There are too many regime-supported businesses over there in Ah-Neh Land losing $G money that will be threatened if the Ah-Neh is refused entry to $G. Never mind this is a health crisis and there is no cure.

    Maybe it is a good thing if a good portion of the regime voters fall victim to this new curse from karma-kingdom. Too many of them just close eyes and vote. Time to pay the piper.

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  • MarBowling:

    THINK like those 38.76%, Simon can kpkb all day/night LOONG about the INCOMPETENCE of the PAPIGS, Mai Mai Hum will “DO WHATEVER I WANT” to ensure that his PROJECTED 4-6% GDP Growth Rate for 2021 is ATTAINED AT ALL CO$T$, period!

    He and his so-called World Class Ministers will ONLY ACT, unless Boh Pian! The punitive action taken by NZ and HK has FORCED Mai Hum TO “DO WHATEVER I DON’T WANT”! He desperately NEEDS filthy rich foreign traders cum visitors to come to SinKapore to REVIVE his economy. Look around, you can see huge numbers of local folks going around shopping and eating like no body business, though they do take precautions like wearing mask and “practise” social distancing! Most of the businesses and folks are ABLE to do this is because of the Heng Sweet Cake’ GENEROUS $100 billions STIMY CHEQUE which ENABLE and ENCOURAGE LOTS and LOTS OF LOCAL CONSUMPTION. Am not optimistic about overseas trading and business. Most countries are experiencing very sluggish growth in their economy. So die die Mai Hum has to DEPEND on the Ah Nehs to do GREAT STUFFS for his REPUTATION and Helicopter VIEW Forecast!

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times -Quote-”India’s Covid-19 deaths will rise sharply till mid-May: US study
    Some 200,000 more people are expected to die from Covid-19 in India over the next three weeks.
    Some 200,000 more people are expected to die from Covid-19 in India over the next three weeks.PHOTO: REUTERS

    Magdalene Fung
    Assistant Foreign Editor
    SINGAPORE – India on Monday (April 26) set fresh records for new Covid-19 cases and deaths again, as a US study forecast daily fatalities in the country climbing further until mid-May.

    Some 200,000 more people are expected to die from Covid-19 in India over the next three weeks before the daily death toll starts to fall, according to a study by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington in the United States. At its peak – around May 16 – India is likely to see more than 13,000 Covid-19 deaths a day, the projections showed.

    That’s more than four times the 2,812 deaths the country reported on Monday, already another record high. New fatalities have been hitting fresh records every day over the past week. Daily infections also set a new global record for a fifth straight day, with 352,991 cases reported overnight, health ministry data showed.

    The trajectory of countries’ daily coronavirus deaths is considered the best indicator of the progression of the pandemic, although there is generally a 17- to 21-day lag between infections and deaths, according to the IHME study. The projection model’s numbers differ from officially reported figures as they take into account potential under-reporting in some regions and average some data.

    In all, India has reported more than 17 million coronavirus cases and over 195,000 deaths. But health experts say the true figures are likely to be much higher.

    IHME director Christopher Murray said in a briefing on the study last Friday (April 23) that sero-prevalance surveys suggest that India may be detecting less than 5 per cent of its total infected population……”Unquote.

    Response :With corona virus rising everywhere,why is that b**$* Puthucheary never check out which e*** b**$* women wing has “stolen” the two mask auto dispensing machine from the Punggol bus Terminal ? How could there be “free” mask for Punggol resident to collect when thieves has stolen the mask auto distribution machine ? Till now,those thieves never return the mask machine to its original location ! So Punggol residents excuse from wearing mask,can ? And with so much free available space at Punggol bus Terminal,why did the b**$* Puthucheary never call for those free space at Punggol Bus Terminal to setup a $2 chicken rice stall or $2 carrot cake stall ? Or at cheap cheap shoes stall,cheap men trouser,underwear or clothing stall ? All those free available space at Punggol Bus Terminal never fully utilized ? Why ?

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  • Billy ma:

    Allowing fathers & mothers from India on tourist visit is beyond comprehension.

    Now in our own country, family members & loved ones are not even allow to send off those who had passed on.

    Yet PAP see its absolutely fine to allow family members from the most infected country to walk in & out as & when they like.

    And when the infection gets into the community, PAP use this excuse to continue to punish Singaporeans.

    At least 2 weeks ago, news reports all over the world already reported the huge rate of infection in India but here the PAP find that it’s OK to allow them in.

    It’s clear that PAP value others much much more than the life of Singaporeans.

    Like the common excuse ‘the risk is lower than the benefits’.

    We Singaporeans took the risk & PAP reap the benefits.

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  • Baad Leedership:

    Singapore got the government they voted for.
    What’s wrong with collecting more money ?
    Looks like business as usual.

    Who did you vote for ?
    What do you think ?
    Vote wisely.

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  • xoxo:

    Open-legs policy is always dangerous.
    You easily get screwed,dont you?

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  • WP Voter:

    After one year, there is a mountain of information on the virus and disease. Still, most governments are managing the cases rather than managing the vulnerable and weak.

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  • Harder Truths:
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  • Covid Travels Too:

    Harder Truths:

    I think it’s possible to get infected at the airport, inflight or in transit. I know of a family that travelled from US to Germany. Tested negative before departure and on arrival, but days later, whole family kena Covid – father, mother, children, grandparents. How is that possible? There was no vaccine
    available then, but there are new variants today which the vaccines may not protect against.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote -”Indian Covid-19 variant found in at least 17 countries: WHO…

    The explosion in infections in India has driven a surge in global cases to 147.7 million.PHOTO: NYTIMES

    GENEVA (AFP) – The World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Tuesday (April 27) that a variant of Covid-19 feared to be contributing to a surge in coronavirus cases in India has been found in over a dozen countries.

    The UN health agency said the B1617 variant of Covid-19 first found in India had as of Tuesday been detected in over 1,200 sequences uploaded to the GISAID open-access database “from at least 17 countries”.

    “Most sequences were uploaded from India, the United Kingdom, USA and Singapore,” the WHO said in its weekly epidemiological update on the pandemic.

    The WHO recently listed B1617 – which counts several sub-lineages with slightly different mutations and characteristics – as a “variant of interest”.

    But so far it has stopped short of declaring it a “variant of concern”.

    That label would indicate that it is more dangerous that the original version of the virus by for instance being more transmissible, deadly or able to dodge vaccine protections….

    India is facing surging new cases and deaths in the pandemic, and fears are rising that the variant could be contributing to the unfolding catastrophe.

    The explosion in infections in India – 350,000 new cases were recorded there on Tuesday alone – has driven a surge in global cases to 147.7 million.

    The virus has now killed more than 3.1 million people worldwide.

    The WHO acknowledged that its preliminary modelling based on sequences submitted to GISAID indicates “that B1617 has a higher growth rate than other circulating variants in India, suggesting potential increased transmissibility”.

    It stressed that other variants circulating at the same time were also showing increased transmissibility, and that the combination “may be playing a role in the current resurgence in this country.”

    “Indeed, studies have highlighted that the spread of the second wave has been much faster than the first,” the WHO said….

    It highlighted though that “other drivers” could be contributing to the surge, including lax adherence to public health measures as well as mass gatherings…”Unquote.

    Response : All those Indians beasts like to go to UK,USA and Singapore and spread their corona virus there and eveeywhere round the world ! Yesterday ,I was at the zoo and saw some Indian women beasts .Wait till all the zoo animals catch corona virus from those Indian beasts ! China Panda has just finished mating and release from enclosure .Singapore zoo + River Safari cost $50 altogether for rediscover voucher so expensive ! And river safari boats shut down except Amazon boats which costs $5 per trip.Pui ! And Night Safari costs from $37-$47 onwards depend on which night and timing from 7pm to midnight is so short ! Pui!

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote -”Singapore sends two planeloads of oxygen cylinders to India to aid its Covid-19 response

    RSAF aircrew specialist Ng Kok Wee securing oxygen tanks in a C-130 transport aircraft at Paya Lebar airbase on April 28, 2021.ST PHOTO: JASON QUAH

    Shabana Begum..

    SINGAPORE – Two planeloads of oxygen cylinders are on the way to India from Singapore, to help the country address its unprecedented oxygen crisis arising from a second wave of Covid-19 infections.

    The Republic of Singapore Air Force is transporting the 256 oxygen cylinders on board two C-130 aircrafts from Singapore to West Bengal, India.

    Second Minister for Foreign Affairs Maliki Osman on Wednesday (April 28) reaffirmed both countries’ strong bilateral relations, adding that Singaporeans stand in solidarity with India in its fight against the pandemic.

    “This is made possible because of the existing close relationship between our two peoples, our governments, and our countries,” he said at the send-off at Paya Lebar Air Base.

    Dr Maliki, who is also Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, spoke when handing over Singapore’s humanitarian assistance to India to High Commissioner of the Republic of India P Kumaran.

    This initiative, arranged at short notice, is testament to the close collaboration and partnership across multiple agencies on both sides, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement on Wednesday.

    Sending oxygen cylinders to India is part of Singapore’s many relief efforts and contributions to bring humanitarian relief to India.

    The country of 1.3 billion has to date recorded over 17.6 million Covid-19 infections and over 197,000 deaths. Health experts said the death toll is probably far higher.

    Medical equipment, including oxygen-related supplies, were also sent from Singapore to India on Sunday.

    On Saturday, the Indian Air Force airlifted four cryogenic tanks from Changi Airport. The tanks will be used to transport oxygen in India.

    In his speech on Wednesday Dr Maliki reiterated that Covid-19 is a transboundary threat.

    “It (the pandemic) gives no regard for country, nationality or race. This is exactly why we must work collectively to support each other.”

    Dr Maliki thanked the government of India for continuing to work with Singapore throughout the pandemic, and keeping supply chains open and essential goods flowing….”Unquote.

    Response :Aiyo,like that cost a whole ton of public money to help b**$* dumb India country .Singapore should send Hyflux Olivia Lum,chemist ,to show dumb India how to seperate Hydrogen and oxygen elements from water .There ,you have oxygen easily rather than keep sending oxygen tanks regularly ! How come con people court never seize Olivia Lum massive hidden wealth with mareva injunction and why Olivia Lum no need to go bankrupt and go to jail ? Can billions of debts of Olivia Lum no need to go bankrupt and retain her massive wealth like Lim ok e*** b**$* family ? Pui!

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  • Whose fault?:

    Crazy and stupid politicians in rich countries (you know who) hoard 1 billion doses of covid vaccine. They think that will save them. They allow covid to explode in poor countries. Now the covid explosions are flying into the rich countries. Their vaccine hoards cannot help them.

    Soccerbetting2: Reported on Straits Times :Quote -”Indian Covid-19 variant found in at least 17 countries: WHO…

    The explosion in infections in India has driven a surge in global cases to 147.7 million.PHOTO: NYTIMES

    Coronavirus: Canada’s vaccine hoarding will prolong the … › health › coronavirus › canada-s-…
    Apr. 14, 2021 — COVID-19 will continue to be a pandemic until equitable, global vaccine rollouts are put in place, experts say. Vaccine hoarding is slowing …

    Rich Countries’ Vaccine Nationalism to Backfire as Covid … › news › articles › vaccine…
    1 day ago — For months, developed economies have hoarded Covid-19 vaccines and the … Vaccine Hoarding May Backfire on Rich Nations as India Reels.

    Rich nations ‘hoarding’ a billion doses of excess COVID … › news › covid-vaccine
    Feb. 19, 2021 — Surplus of vaccine doses sufficient to vaccinate the entire adult population of Africa, according to campaign group.

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  • Sam:

    Isn’t ttsh Roy use to work there?

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