Numerous cases of cardiac attacks

Disclaimer: There is NO scientific means to prove or disprove links of any Adverse Events to any Adverse Events. Reader’s discretion needed here to judge for yourself.

This is one of the numerous cases of cardiac attacks with some resulting in deaths, after taking the jab.

Another sharing from a fellow Singaporean, Karen.

Our family has been keeping very Low profile on the passing of our brother age 57 on 6th March 2021. We have been hoping that we will be given a satisfactory reply from MOH on his sudden passing before we voiced out.

My late bro went excitedly for his first dose vaccination on 5th March 2021, but what come along the next day was body discomfort and he was admitted to A&E on the same night .

He was pushed in consciously but after an hour wait, we were told to take a last look at him as the emergency doctor passed him off as serious cardiac rupture and considered dead.

On the night itself, beside his dead body, we were made to decide whether to send him for an autopsy or to bring him back home. That was a traumatising moment as we know that even letting him go thru that cut, the result from the hospital will still be unlinked to the vaccine dose.

So we took the rational decision to bring him home. He left behind his only 17th year daughter whom he is hoping to see her graduate from JC And embarking on her University life.

He worked hard as a grab driver to see thru her schooling days, hoping to see this day but he will never get to see it. He was the so-called FRONT LINE WARRIOR whom has been highly encouraged to go for the vaccine dose , having worried that without doing it, if he ever contracted covid, his income will be affected.

We approached MPs and wrote in to MOH ,hoping that they can investigate on the risk on this vaccine into human body, will there be any form of trigger to lead to a heart attack .

To add on, my late brother has no history of heart problems. Below is the reply from them:

“We wish to share that the Vaccine Injury Financial Assistance Programme (VIFAP) Clinical Panel has concluded their independent review of the case, and based on the clinical information provided by NUH and the relevant clinicians, the Clinical Panel had assessed that Mr Yxx’s death is unlikely to be related to the COVID-19 vaccination he received.”

The takeaway from this whole episode is that whatever happened after the vaccine dose, it will never be linked to it. That is it!


Goh Meng Seng




20 Responses to “Numerous cases of cardiac attacks”

  • Who in Panel?:

    “The MOH has appointed an independent clinical panel of experts in the fields of neurology, immunology and infectious diseases to deliberate and adjudge VIFAP applications. This is to neutralise the subjectivity of the assessments of the seriousness of the side effects.”

    Who are the experts deciding this case?
    According to news, the expert fields are listed above.

    No expert on vaccines
    No expert on heart
    No expert on covid (One can be an expert on infectious diseases and know NOTHING about covid)

    Do you trust those experts?

    When so many things about covid and the new vaccines are unknown, those so-called experts and those unready 4Gs should decide with benefits of doubt given to the victims.

    You want solid proof? No victim will get any money.

    Don’t save a few bit millions and make the victim families suffer even more. The total amount is not even 0.1% of those billions liberally thrown at companies.

    The decision should be simple: Anyone who develop heart problem or stroke needing hospitalization within 1 week of vaccination should qualify.

    Agree or not?

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  • We Demand Explanation:

    “The takeaway from this whole episode is that whatever happened after the vaccine dose, it will never be linked to it. That is it!”

    Most Singaporeans believe what GMS says above.

    The clinical panel MUST EXPLAIN how they can reach a positive decision that a victim indeed die/got hospitalized from a vaccine.

    IF there is no clear pathway to a positive decision, then all experts will take the risk-less path and say no.

    If they cannot do so, then the panel is simply a smoke screen to say NO every time.

    If they cannot do so, they must resign and stop harming Singaporeans.

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  • #06-189 Lau Chee Bye:

    Once a doc at NUH prescribed me medication for cuts and said it’ll cause diarrhoea. He said it in an angry tone of voice.

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  • very obvious no compensation:

    Very obvious, if gagmt docs say it is due to Covid 19 adverse effects….several thousands will hesitate to take the jab.
    Several thousands would not dare to take the risk… the end economy cannot be fully open up, meaning less revenues for the gagmt , less money coming into the coffer.
    Even now the PAP gagmt , is taking a huge risk allowing Indians from India come into Singapore ,be it PR indian or Indian WP workers from India to come in when other countries ban them totally.
    Even our neighnour Malaysia today ban them from going into Malaysia.
    They dare take drastic actions, here our PAP gagmt seem NOT serious in banning them….risking another wave of spreading.
    Coming in or circumvent through another country to come in..these INDIA iNDIANS ..where fake Covid 19 certificates can be bought as reported in social media,our gagmt dont take that seriously.
    After all how many have SUCCESSFULLY claim compensation from the PAP gagmt….despite their high profile ANNOUNCEMENTS OF COMPENSATIONS.
    To my knowledge there is none.
    Maybe social activists, politicians of both side should raise this up after 6 mths since the beginning of the Covid 19 jab.

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  • Dr Tan Tai Wei:

    Suspected “links to the vaccines” are unproven yet. But in other cases, we sign to cover docs’ from blame in order to take procedures or medications that have serious proven but very rare side effects, such as even the common flu vaccine. So why not the covid vaccines, especially in an emergency situation?

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  • MarBowling:

    Son of a Gan is damn smart. This joker has managed to convince Mai Hum that he has volunteered to be kicked sideway from helming MOH to Helm MTI come 15 May 2021. Covid-19 has made MOH the HOTTEST POTATO on planet earth. It’s a DEATH TRAP or Kenna Sai position for his replacement, OYK.

    Think OYK should borrow a GOOD MIRROR to Access Himself where the Hell does he stand aftermath 15 May 2021.

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  • Where are you living:

    Which Country are you in?
    Do you think this gov will take responsibility? PAP gov will ALWAYS LIE to get out of the problem.

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  • opposition dude:

    Of course they will never say the vaccine is at fault, the resulting public backlash would be a nightmare. So it’s better to shift blame to something else which PAP are very good at. PAP doesn’t use any common sense these days to ascertain if an individual is safe enough for the vaccine or if the person is on medication for diabetes/high blood etc. It’s just a rush to vacinate as many as possible and that’s it.

    So go get yourself vaccinated but beware of the potential side effects.

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  • GeneVac:

    Unless the Covid vaccines have nil adverse reaction, to say that any injury & death is unrelated after receiving the jab is a vicious lie from the experts panel investigating the case!

    If I have to take the jab as a frontline staff I will get myself a certified medical report stating my fears of jab & ask for an alternative route of administration via nose or mouth.

    Be safe! Be wise!

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  • I have been saying from the onset, that the so-called Vaccine Injury Financial Assistance Programme (VIFAP) is a BS scheme to entice dafts to take the vaccine so that the makers of the vaccine can make tons of $$$. reports from around the world have attested that it is ineffective against future infections and the numerous variants.

    I have also said that regardless of how a victim dies after a jab, it would NEVER be due to the vaccine. It could be due to anything under the Sun and the Moon but NEVER due to the vaccine. If the vaccine caused a victim’s blood pressure to rise (normal when fighting off an infection) and resulting in a burst blood vessel, thus internal bleeding, it would be death from high blood pressure and NEVER due to the jab that caused the blood vessel to rise.

    I heard almost the entire population on the island near the equator has taken the jab, 4 million now? I also heard millisters have all kenna jab, no adverse events meh? All Superman and Wonderwomen meh? Maybe their took Glucose jab? lol

    I say again, get vaccinated you double the chances of dying from Covid 19, don’t get vaccinated, you only have one chance of dying from Covid 19, simple math.

    And the same wayang kulit:

    “The MOH has appointed an independent clinical panel of experts in the fields of neurology, immunology and infectious diseases to deliberate and adjudge VIFAP applications. This is to neutralise the subjectivity of the assessments of the seriousness of the side effects.”

    They can appoint a bunch of kindergarten kids and the result would be the same, NEVER due to the vaccination. Why waste money on so-called experts when their MAIN job is to DENY the link of the vaccine to any injuries or death.

    Political parties running the gahment are known to lie, bo bian, this is politics but this particular party has made it a habit to lie about everything and ironically the dafts took the bait, hook and sinker wholesale.

    It would be interesting to see how many dafts will eventually and finally wake up, when they realised that their loved ones are falling like flies after the jab.

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  • xoxp:

    This is no co-incidence.
    The Vaccine manufacturers did not have the time to test the vaccines properly especially for older people with chronic illnesses such as heart ailments etc.

    Donald Trump is being criticised but no one criticises him for HASTENING COVID 19 VACCINE$?

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  • Whether you like it or:

    mRNA is a ‘strong’ vaccine – to my understanding. It bounds to have severe side effects for probably very small number.

    For this reason, I am going to take traditional method vaccine like Sinovac if I need to be vaccinated.

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  • Harder Truths:

    @Tre Techie

    You can only do so much. At the end of the say people have to be responsible for their own actions. Sad but true.

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  • mike:

    A few points for thoughts which the main stream media are unwillingly to ‘ask’:

    1. Death ’caused’ by covid vaccine is no longer the ‘big’ concern, the larger concern is : will there a need for 3rd dose, 4th dose, 5th dose… ?

    2. Chance of get killed within 2nd dose is low? How about Nth doses?

    3. Do you or must you use the same BRAND vaccine for the Nth doses?

    4. For those who are ‘waiting’ for ‘traditionally’ made vaccines, like sinovac, the global data ‘showed’ that the covid infection rate increased faster than slowing down, so is it a vaccine of it is in fact the virus itself?

    5. When will the children be asked to take vaccines? What happens if they have ‘long’ term complications? We older folks have long term complications ‘still ok’ as we ‘lived long enough’ but what would it be like to have long term complications for younger generation?

    6. Will pregnant mother pass the ‘vaccines’ on to the baby? If the vaccines works, good for the baby! If the vaccines have long term complications so what would that mean for the baby?

    Would the above question be answered?
    Or ‘there is no evidence’ to ‘proof’ that the vaccines will have those ‘invalid’ concerns?

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  • Bernard:

    A simple layman point of view:

    Why not mandatory to be vaccinated?
    Evil at work to incite fear in grabbing Power, Greed and Control.
    God gave us LIFE – Evil using fear on drafts and ball less to wayang at God’s children. Only those who Fear God and no other men, women or beasts including wolf in sheep clothing have nothing to fear. KAMAR is real. Change is inevitable. God bless

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  • oxygen:

    @ Bernard

    NOBODY KNOWS DIVINE is male or female, do you? So how can vaccination outcome be left in the hands of “God”? Even corpse has rights – it is private property. How can life/health risks be decided by another “ghost” of fiction than personal choice?

    Bernard: A simple layman point of view:

    Why not mandatory to be vaccinated?
    Evil at work to incite fear in grabbing Power, Greed and Control.
    God gave us LIFE – Evil using fear on drafts and ball less to wayang at God’s children. Only those who Fear God and no other men, women or beasts including wolf in sheep clothing have nothing to fear. KAMAR is real. Change is inevitable. God bless

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  • Data on the no of coincidences:

    Has MOH collated informaton on the number of ‘coincidences’?
    When my sister was hospitalised after the jab arising from chest pain, the attending doctor immediately say “not related to the vaccine”. From the cases occuring, it is clear that the vaccine trigger side effect, some serious like heart attack. Each time the conclusion is that it is not related to the vaccine and to exclude heart attack, patient has to go through a series of costly tests and scan, made worst by excuses of queue in hospital for test that patient tests and scans are delayed at both the risk and cost to the patient. For any side effect experienced, MOH should give importance to expedite, take immediate action and nail to exclude any potential risk even if it refuses to admit that it is triggered by the jab nor bear any financial cost to the hospitalisation.

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  • oxygen:

    IN ANY CRISIS MANAGEMENT, information is of strategic value of survival fight. Players will always seek to exploit advantages or feed distortion, deception via carefully crafted disinformation.

    There is no moral nor trust around.

    Once power politics or politic speaks lied to peasants once, that source and related parties SIMPLY CANNOT BE TRUSTED AGAIN – except if one wants to risks untold fatal consequences to themselves.


    At the moment, the evidence based on data available globally is contradictory of mass vaccination claimed beneficial containment of the pandemic and its spread. In some places it seems to hold down infection fate for a while, then a sudden up burst of infection cases. Other jurisdictions report infection rates escalated in proportion of its population vaccinated i.e. has no obvious positive outcome.

    Mining entities operating in isolated remote locations ( with much reduced risks of social distancing spread inadequacy) reported difficult manpower management. Pogo mine in Alaska has such difficult issue adding to massive costs overrun in the last qtr.

    In other context, medical doctors RISKING THEIR PRACTISING LICENCE, in Israel reported massive cover-up of vaccine-related death and officialdom all DIAM DIAM DIAM. Govts around the world all DIAM DIAM DIAM in denial of truth and reality.

    ONE – in my opinion – CANNOT BE BLISSFULY BLIND OR OBLIVIOUS to warnings of these medical doctors.

    The Israeli People Committees April Report on the Lethal Impact of Vaccinations

    DYOR – do your own research.

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  • oxygen:

    SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING IN INDIA now and what I wrote YESTERDAY above?

    Media reported this -

    While India is desperate for oxygen, its politicians deny there’s even a problem.


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  • oxygen:

    MUST HEAR ….this U-tube presentation from a Canadian nurse from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

    And assess for yourself whether she is truth telling or lies.

    Nurse in Halifax speaks out on Covid lies… Powerful Statement
    Posted by Kane on May 1, 2021 9:22 pm

    Me thinks she kicked Ray Dalio, the top-gun billionaire fund manager, from
    Bridgewater Associates IN HIS BALLS who famously said

    The Great Reset. You’ll Own Nothing and Be Happy. World Economic Forum Commercial / AD. Davos Group

    Just google this weblink below from this Canadian nurse at around 16 minutes mark.

    The 1% rich and powerful wants to reset the world via exploitation of the pandemic rout?

    HOW MANY RICH AND POWERFUL allows their family and siblings to take the real vaccine WHICH IS OF DOUBTFUL EFFECTIVENESS OF STOPPING RE-INFECTION AND MAY ACTUALLY “cultivating” variants/rejuvenation of the same virus and transmitting SILENTLY on to the unsuspecting masses in repeat cycles??

    Why are there so many vaccinated case turned asymptomatic but tested positive now? Is the prior tests/clearance reliable of conclusion?

    If not, why forced the rest of the peasants to vaccinate WHEN VACCINATION ROLL OUT RATES IN COUNTRIES LIKE CHILE is near the top in global ranking BUT SO IS THE CONTINUING INFECTION SPREAD ESCALATION such that mining operations got gravely affected and OZ embassy does NOT allow their staff to return to work office but work virtually only?

    The virtual posts include full embassies where all staff are working remotely, such as Mexico City and Santiago, Chile. A number of embassies are not taking appointments, including the Federated States of Micronesia, Mongolia, Ghana and the high commission in Nigeria.


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