Cabinet ministers must work as a team

It is important for the cabinet ministers to work as a team. They should discuss the challenges facing the country and use the resources of their ministries and civil servants to deal with these challenges.

It will be very bad if the ministers work in silos and each minister looks after his own KPIs (key performance indicators) to achieve a good score and earn a better bonus given by the prime minister.

This silo approach will be bad for teamwork and bad for the country. It will produce wasteful and inefficient outcomes.

There was a recent challenge arising from the decision of Heng Swee Kiat to step down as finance minister and prime minister designate.

How does the prime minister address this challenge? If he works with his ministers as a team, he will get all of together in a cabinet meeting and ask the questions:

a) What are our key challenges arising from this event?
b) What is the strategy to address these challenges?
c) Who are the people best suited to manage these strategies?

This does not seem to be the way that the challenge was addressed.

Instead, we now learn, from the interview given by minister Ong Ye Kung, that he received a telephone call from the prime minister and was told that he has to move to be the health minister. They spent 45 minutes to discuss what was expected to be achieved in that ministry. In other words, the minister was told by the prime minister about his KPIs.

This is a bad way to manage a team and a bad way to manage the tremendous challenges facing the country.

This is the way that I read the situation. I may be wrong and may have interpreted it wrongly.

Anyway, I am concerned for the future of Singapore and for our future generations.


Tan Kin Lian




4 Responses to “Cabinet ministers must work as a team”

  • NotMyProblem:

    @Mr. Tan; Do you remember the case of “Trace Together App/Token is only for contacts tracing. Period”, but later the minister to told that the police can use the data collected?

    Remember also the value of HDB flat only can go up, but later someone said the value become zero nearer to the 99-years lease.

    Another one was the Health Minister-to-be said “.. anyone staying in one place long enough would assume the risk profile of that place.”, later the Task force banned flights from India and its neighboring countries.

    Isn’t this each minister working solo situation?

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  • Chalee:

    No more Disney cartoon on TV ready.But,

    Lucky got parliament.

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  • MarBowling:

    So Ong YK is moved to the Hell Ministry following a phone call from PeeM Mai Hum. There wasn’t any prior discussion by Mai Hum with the rest of his other World Class Ministers. Macham like a football. Earlier he was kicked to be Minister of Transport and now kicked over to the Hell oops Health Ministry to take over from Son of the Gan who has moved upstairs to be Minister at MTI. Apparently, the rest of the Ministers have PRIOR KNOWLEDGE and are AWARE of IMPENDING changes EXCEPT Ong YK! Holee smoke.

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  • xoxo:

    Maybe TKL would like to go back n work for them.

    Or a PACK OF wolve$?

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